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How much is a tennis bracelet

 tennis bracelet

What kind of jewelry is a tennis bracelet? 

The bracelet, which contains gems or diamonds of small size and all of them are interconnected by a precious metal that is also thin in size, is generally known as Tennis Bracelet. This type of jewelry has an elegant look. They are usually made of 14k gold. However, some of them are made of 18k gold. They are generally made of sterling silver or platinum. In previous days the name of the tennis bracelet jewelry was different. The tennis bracelets were known as line diamond bracelets. This name didn’t fade; till now, this name is widely used. Many people who are going on many occasions ask for the line diamond bracelets instead of asking for the tennis bracelet. This bracelet has gained a lot of popularity as people are engaging with this jewelry more and more. Other than that, this jewelry has been quite noticeable in many public events in the widespread of its function and origin.

A little history of a tennis bracelet

The origin of the name “Tennis Bracelet” is really historical. It was actually named from a Professional Tennis match from the US Open in the year 1987. A popular player named Chris Event lost her bracelet while the match was going on. So the officials came and paused the game as the event was not in progress anymore. The interesting fact is not only the officials, and the event management team were in search of the bracelet, but also all the people in the place of the event searched for it. This searching was not done behind the camera. It was happening on camera, and all the viewers and spectators were watching it on TV. The popularity of Chris Event was very enduring. She is a superstar and along with playing tennis. She was also known as a fashion icon too. She had a noticeable choice for her diamond style, which is the eternity bracelet, and the name of it was The Ice Maiden. The tennis player had a huge love for fashion, and this bracelet is a reminder of her. Afterward, that day, the tennis bracelet’s naming was made, switching it from the name of line diamond.

The popularity of this bracelet was outreached so much that instantly people placed an order for this jewelry. All of the jewelry stores received a request to bring out this Tennis Bracelet, and customers were hectic for this jewelry. After many long years from 1987, people of this Decade started to get inspired, and they liked this jewelry, the Tennis Bracelet.

Where can you get a Tennis Bracelet?

As with other jewelry such as Diamond jewelry or Gold jewelry, you can get a Tennis Bracelet from any local store. But you cannot rely on this exclusive jewelry in any random store. To ensure good quality and for ensuring the best collection of Tennis bracelets, you need to go to reputed vendors. You should check out the ratings of the store and also the certification of their sales. Also, ensure that the vendor is experienced and they are there for a long time. As for jewelry, always go for the vendors who have much experience in the jewelry field. So it is required to check beforehand buying the tennis bracelet. The tiffany tennis bracelet was in great demand recently. 

Diamond Exchange Dallas-the best place for tennis jewelry

This company is a very reputed place where you can easily trust to buy any jewelry. With many years of experience and passion for jewelry, they are placed amongst the top vendors you will be out there in Dallas. Starting from diamond jewelry to its accessories, any kind of jewelry is available in their store. They also have a wide range of collections for gold jewelry and bracelets. Whether the jewelry is expensive or less priced, any kind of jewelry has a collection of all types of them. They also have a lot of chain collections. If you are looking for Tennis Bracelets in Dallas, you should surely go to Diamond Exchange Dallas. They have the best sample and collections of the latest Tennis bracelets out there in the market not only that they have bracelets for both the gender that is tennis bracelet womens & mens.

Taking over the competition-Diamond Exchange Dallas

Actually, the thing with Diamond Exchange Dallas is that they are in the competition of providing the best price out there in the current market. Other companies are not much in the competition as for all of them it is not possible to provide a satisfactory price for their jewelry. So Diamond Exchange Dallas is, in fact, without any doubt the best company to offer the best price. The tennis bracelet price in Diamond Exchange Dallas is very affordable. Diamond Exchange Dallas also has a tennis chain bracelet in stock. They have a cheap tennis bracelet of great quality. 

Buying a tennis bracelet online is a good option

Other than the physical stores, there are online platforms from where you can get tennis bracelets. Diamond Exchange Dallas also has its online website that offers many features, including a filter option from where you can get the desired bracelet in your price range. The filter option carries many things, such as the color of the bracelet, the bracelet’s style, and the weight of the bracelet. These things are featured in the filter options, and thus you can choose your wanted things and cross-check all the options. So purchasing online is also a relevant option. They also have lab diamond tennis bracelets and which are available in the market for the best price. 

What will you get if you buy a Tennis bracelet through Diamond Exchange Dallas?

There are some advantages you will notice if you purchase through Diamond Exchange Dallas. You will see high-quality pictures of tennis bracelets and all other jewelry from our website. That will help you differentiate between other companies, and you will get a rough idea for every piece of jewelry, including a tennis bracelet. You will find it helpful to compare and choose between all the jewelry. Other than that, when it comes to the tennis bracelet prices, you are sure to get the best price if you purchase through Diamond Exchange Dallas. Also, when it comes to the collection, you will find an enormous collection of various pieces of jewelry. In short, if you are looking for the best diamond tennis bracelet and also a gold tennis bracelet, then you can surely visit Diamond Exchange Dallas. Another popular and wanted jewelry item is the tennis bracelet necklace. 

Styles for Tennis Bracelet

As for every piece of jewelry, there are many styles. Tennis bracelet also have their own style. Actually, the style of jewelry represents many things. The price and the quality of jewelry depend on the style of the piece of jewelry. So for the Tennis Bracelet, there are many styles. They are described below.

Channel setting: There are two rows coated in a thin metal placed in the middle that holds the diamond. It is placed safely and securely. The reason for this is to protect the diamond from the outside part and which enhances the sparkles.

The Prong link setting: Each diamond features prong baskets consisting of two to four sets. One advantage of this metal prong is that light can easily pass through the diamonds. The benefit of this is that it helps to shine the bracelet from all angels.

Half bezel and full bezel setting: In this setting, you will notice a small number of circles or bars coated on each side of the bracelet. By doing this, the benefit is that it holds diamonds apart and makes them stay in place. , Most people love this setting, and this is an ideal setting.

Tennis bracelet for a reasonable price

All of the settings are suitable for a tennis bracelet. There is no lack of quality and look for every setting. All people like this setting. The price of all the settings is almost the same. Though some of the settings may vary in price, most of them are the same. The price of a tennis bracelet starts from around $1000. The price can go up to a maximum of $100,000. The pandora tennis bracelet is also a popular tennis bracelet. Another one is the Swarovski tennis bracelet which many people also want. Actually, all of the pricing varies from time to time and depending on availability. Other than that, the price depends on many factors such as the type of metal, the toughness of the metal, the number of diamonds in it, and the size of the diamonds. 

Is the actual measure of tennis bracelet measured in carat?

The diamonds in a tennis bracelet are also measured in a carat. It depends on the total carat weight of how much diamond it is holding. There will be fewer diamonds if the carat weight is higher as each of the diamonds are of a big shape and takes a few to get your wrist filled up. Most of the tennis bracelets are around 7 inches in size. So as 7 inches is a little big for some people, they need a small bracelet if their wrist is smaller. If the bracelet’s size becomes small, then the price also gets reduced to a certain extent.

Reason for tennis bracelet for having fewer diamond

One thing you will notice about tennis bracelets is that most of the bracelets are engraved with fewer amount of diamonds. Also, the diamonds are not of higher clarity. Most of the manufacturing companies use diamonds with low color and clarity, which is actually that not much of a deal. When the diamonds are in a small quantity, you can get low-quality diamonds as it does not matter so much. It does not matter so much because the imperfection or quality is not visible in the naked eye.

So the factor that affects the price of the diamond is:

  • The type of the metal
  • The rarity of the metal
  • The quality of the diamond
  • The type of the diamond
  • The amount of the diamond

The factors which affect the pricing and the quality of the diamond are described below:

The Clarity: The higher the clarity, the more expensive the diamond becomes. So for a tennis bracelet consisting of a flawless diamond will cost way more than a bracelet with normal quality. A diamond with less clarity will not have a much glossy look, but a little benefit is that it will cost less. A little inclusion with less money-how does it sound? Well, the differences are not so much and are not visible in the naked eye when it comes to the clarity of tennis bracelets. Among many clarity differences, the most common and the best one for tennis bracelets is VS1-VS2. The best when it comes to value is SI1-SI2.

There is some quality difference when it comes to diamond tennis bracelets. They are:

Flawless: This one is actually a pure diamond bracelet, and when it comes to price, it is very much.

The Internal Flawlessness: The IF category also suits tennis bracelets. The price is almost the same as Flawless, just a little less.

Very Very Slightly Included: The VVSI is divided into two categories. Both of them are good in clarity.

Very Slightly Included: Most of the recommendation comes for this type as it is price friendly and gives great clarity.

Slightly included: The best-valued clarity for a tennis bracelet is the SI one.

Included: The Included clarity is sub-divided into three more categories. The I1, I2, and I3 are three categories but not of them are of good quality.

The color: Actually, there are no color differences in a diamond. The color quality for a diamond is ranged from a range of D to Z. The colorless diamond is ranged in the D category. There is not any color found in the case of diamonds. There is certainly light color with a yellowish shade. The other categories are ranged in the H-I range, and they are available for the best quality. The F-G category is of the best value, but they are not colorless.



















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