A diamond tennis bracelet makes a wonderful gift. Think about giving your love one a diamond tennis bracelet for Valentines Day.

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What is a diamond tennis bracelet?

The tennis bracelet owes its name to the popular tennis player Chris Evert. She made this piece of jewelry popular after her famous match back in 1978. Some people may think that this is a bracelet one wears during a game of tennis, but this is not entirely true. The best thing about this bracelet is that you do not have to be a tennis player to wear it. The beautiful bracelet has diamonds arranged in one or multiple rows. Chris Evert lost her dear bracelet during one of her matches in 1978. She requested for the match to be paused so she could find her jewelry and the entire event was live on television. Since then the name “tennis bracelet” has become popular among diamond lovers.
Diamond bracelets were worn by both men as well as women even before Chris Evert made it so popular. However, the diamond industry met a new demand for lightweight jewelry after the famous player accidentally lost hers during the match. The modern-day bracelet is usually a sleek and sophisticated piece of jewelry mostly made out of gold or platinum.

How can you assess a good quality bracelet?

While the quality of diamonds used is really important in calculating the overall quality of the bracelet, the quality of metal used is also important. This kind of bracelet usually pairs extremely well with platinum and both white and yellow gold. You could also wear a rose gold tennis bracelet and look extremely elegant. All of these metals are very durable for regular wear. At Diamond Exchange Dallas we can offer you a 5 page GIA gemologist appraisal to support the quality.
Take a close look at the diamonds either with your naked eyes or with high end magnification. The diamonds in this bracelet may not be certified like that of an engagement ring because the costs are very high owing to the challenging task of numerous diamonds. This is exactly why you must buy it from a reputable diamond merchant like Diamond Exchange Dallas that has tremendous online reviews. Check the diamonds for brilliance and see that the stones have life and sparkle.
Finding the perfect fit may not be so difficult. A comfortable bracelet adds elegance to your outfit. So, find one that fits you perfectly. Wear the bracelet and check to see if you can slip a finger between your wrist and the bracelet. If you can do so easily then this is a perfect fit.

When is a good time buy a tennis bracelet?

These bracelets are excellent for gifting to your loved ones throughout the year. They make for perfect gifts during weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and so many special occasions all year through. This could be an ideal gift for an office promotion or even retirement. Besides these, you could also gift it to your child as a graduation gift or your best friend at the birth of her child.

What is the cost of a diamond bracelet?

Tennis bracelets very tremendously in price! Diamond Exchange Dallas has diamond tennis bracelets that start off at around $1000 and can cost as much as $20k or more! We have a large selection in stock and we can also make a custom tennis bracelet. The best way to find out our prices in to stop by our jewelry store in Dallas and meet with us. We have many sizes and styles of tennis bracelets to choose from. Let us know where you would like to be budget wise and let us do our magic!

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How Tennis Bracelets Got Their Name

The style of tennis bracelets had been around for decades before the game, but Chris Evert took the bracelet to a new level of popularity. She was known for her style on the court and for being one of the champions of the game and at the height of her game, she was the number one player in the world.