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Custom Jewelers Dallas TX – We custom design one of a kind diamond jewelry on site!

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We are experts with over 25 years experience of custom diamonds and jewelry. Maybe you are looking for a custom engagement ring for the love of your life or have other plans, we can design any type of jewelry. We have on-site diamond cutting at our custom jewelers Dallas TX office. When you deal with Diamond Exchange Dallas you eliminate the middle man because we are diamond wholesalers. We are direct diamond importers do not have to mark up our prices like normal jewelry stores. Since our main business is importing and cutting diamonds makes us the ultimate custom jewelers Dallas TX, You give us an idea of what you want your jewelry to resemble and we will customize it. We have been customizing diamonds and jewelry for over 2 decades. Fortunately we are very talented and can work with you – and your vision, ideas, drawings or whatever you would like. We can create custom engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or whatever else you would like.

Custom Jewelers Dallas TX | Custom Diamond Jewelery

Custom Jewelers Dallas TX

There is nothing that makes you feel better than wearing that dreamed about fancy necklace, ring, bracelet or watch that you have longed for. If you decided that now is the time that you step up to the plate and get something done about by custom jewelers in Dallas TX then contact us. We have tremendous experience and we are also at wholesale price. We have built a huge referral base but now we are letting the cat out of the bag by launching our website Diamond Exchange Dallas which allows customers to find custom jewelers Dallas TX. The CEO of our company is from South Africa where the actual diamond mines are. We import diamonds from South Africa all the time and sell them the jewelers in Dallas TX and surrounding cities. We have customized thousands of different jewelry pieces in our days including rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earring, an even Rolex watches. If you have your own loose diamond and need it set in a specific ring we can tailor that to your needs. If you just tell us your ideas on the way you want your custom jewelry to look, then we will take your idea and run with it. Custom Jewelry Dallas TX

Contact Us to talk or to discuss in more detail or Call 214-755-1806 and ask for Roderick.

Custom Jewelers in Dallas

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