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Diamond Buyers Dallas TX – We will give you cash for your diamond jewelry!

By September 30, 2020December 8th, 2020No Comments

Thank You for visiting Diamond Exchange Dallas. Are you looking to sell your diamond jewelry? Are you wanting to get the best cash back for your diamond goods? Well we can definitely help you! If you are looking for honest diamond buyers Dallas TX that will give you the best money back for your valuables then you have came to the right place. To get top cash for your diamond jewelry call Roderick at Diamond Exchange Dallas or fill out the contact form. GIVE US A CALL TODAY @ 214-755-1806

Honest Diamond Buyers in Dallas TX offer you Cash!


The reason we give the most value is because we know how much an actual diamond is worth. Your normal “cash for gold” store does not have an expert eye for the value of a diamond. They are more interested in the weight and carat of your gold and almost always underpay you for your diamonds. The reason we know this is because we often acquire and buy diamonds from those types of stores after a customer has been underpaid. We however have an expert eye and professionally evaluate every diamond we come in contact with. We have been cutting, polishing, customizing, selling, and buying diamonds and jewelry for over 25 years. We are jewelry and diamond buyers Dallas TX.

Types of Diamond Jewelry that we buy:


We will buy all types of diamond jewelry. One item that we see quite often is an engagement ring from an old divorce. Those will typically get the most cash because the center diamond is typically worth a lot of money. Other types of jewelry that we buy are earrings, designer jewelry, Rolex Watches, diamond tennis bracelets, etc. One thing that we will buy, however, it does not pay much are the little diamonds found in the setting of a ring or jewelry. As diamond buyers Dallas TX we always inform our customers whether or not it might not be in their best interest to sell. Many times we can only offer our customers a little more than the weight of their gold because the small diamonds are not worth much.

What to expect during your visit to Diamond Exchange Dallas

When you come into our office you will see all of the diamond cutting tools and machines we use to cut and customize diamond jewelry. Also, we have many high powered microscopes that we will let our customers use to get a closer look at their diamond goods. As diamond buyers Dallas TX we can use your current diamond jewelry as a trade in to upgrade or purchase your next diamond piece. Keep that in mind versus flat out selling to us. If you would just like cash for your diamond jewelry then that is what you will get! We hope to see you soon at Diamond Exchange Dallas. GIVE US A CALL TODAY @ 214-755-1806


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