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How to clean diamond earrings

By March 15, 2021May 18th, 2021No Comments

Buying Diamond jewelry -A significant investment

Purchasing diamond jewelry is definitely a big investment. Sometimes people just buy and let the diamond remain as it is. Little do they know that the piece of jewelry gets dirty over time? Other than that, sometimes there rust occurs when not taken care of at all. Whether the jewelry is gold or diamond, it doesn’t matter because every piece of jewelry needs to get cleaned. A refreshment is needed, and thus the jewelry looks new as beautiful. The sparkle of the diamond gets away with time. So in order to retain the glassiness of the piece of jewelry, there needs proper cleaning.

How important is it to clean your Diamond earring? 

Cleaning is efficiently done for bringing any piece of diamond back to its original look or, more precisely, back to life. It really helps to keep any diamond jewelry look more dazzling. Diamond earring needs an exquisite hand when it comes to cleaning. The clarity of vvs diamond earrings also looks great. The stones need to be processed differently than any other jewelry. Other than that, Gold jewelry also needs smooth cleaning to retain the old color of gold. The whole cleaning process is, in fact, very critical, and thus it needs an expert to handle the whole cleaning process. So cleaning diamond earrings is a mandatory thing that you need to do to keep your earring sparkling. 

 How to clean your diamond earring ideally?

For an ideal cleaning of a diamond earring, it is quite evident that it needs an expert, but other than that, if you want to carry out the cleaning at home, then there are certain steps that you need to follow accordingly. It may seem like a tricky task, but it is actually quite exciting and straightforward in reality. There are some unique methods that you can apply and gain the perfect cleaning of your diamond jewelry. It is basically for diamond stud earrings, but other than that jewelry, you can apply them for big-size diamonds too. So the best way to clean diamond earrings is to follow all these steps. The steps are described accordingly. 

  1.     Taking warm water and keeping your earring there

Firstly take a small-sized bowl with a shallow look and fill it slowly with warm water. After that, put your earring in that bowl. One thing that is needed to ensure is the placement of the bowl. Generally, it is required to place the bowl on a smooth surface, which needs to be flat on the shape for doing this step. The reason behind this is also very reasonable. To reduce the spillage of water and completely avoid the risk of loss of the flat jewelry surface is required.

  1.     Adding soap or washing liquid that has no odor

 In this step, you need to add few drops of liquid or washing soap that have no odor. The drops will be plain drops. It is required to ensure that the solution which is chosen has no extra dyes or any kind of additional fragrances. The reason for avoiding these things is that they can cause damage to the diamond earring. So there is definitely a potential risk of losing your diamond earring if you are not obedient to the steps.

  1.     Leaving the earring for nearly around 30 minutes after mixing the solution properly

This step needs to be done very carefully. For any kind of jewelry, there needs certain care when mixing the solution? But when it comes to diamond jewelry, the mixing needs to be given extra care. It is essential to ensure that the jewelry doesn’t contain any dirt during the rise and lifting process when put on the surface. Now the mixing needs to be done smoothly and gently with enough patience. The process needs to be continued for a certain Period of time. Afterward, the earring needs to be left for an hour after the successful completion of mixing.

  1.     Rinsing the earring and cleaning it off with a dry cloth

Before patting the earring with a clean cloth, it is required to rinse the earring properly with warm water. For cleaning it is suggested to use a new piece of cloth. Using a fresh cloth will ensure that there is no possible contamination of dirt and no other smell can be transferred to the diamond earring. So it is essential to avoid any kind of transfer of dirt and use a new fresh cloth so that the process remains smooth. 

  1.     Suitable way to get off the residue is by using a toothbrush of children’s

Generally, a diamond rush isn’t so much necessary. In case there remains some extra dirt, or if you can spot some dirt that is quite noticing, you can use the toothbrush of children’s and give a quick rub. Other than the children’s toothbrush, any other brush that is soft and bristles can also be used to clean off any dirt on the earring. Actually, the dirt is not visible most of the time. So there may be some dirt that can be found in the crevices of the earrings. So proper brushing is required in order to vanish those little spots. You need to be very careful about that; you need to brush the diamond earring very gently. Any hard bristle of the brush can dislodge the diamond, and sometimes unwanted scratches can also be seen due to that. 

Process of cleaning white and yellow diamond earrings

The above method, which is described in detail, is applicable for all kinds of diamond earrings. Sometimes, some extra things need to be taken into consideration while cleaning of diamond consisting of some other colors than the regular color. But in general, whether the piece of jewelry is white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or rose gold, all the cleaning process is the same. Unless you are not engaging the cleaning process with any kind of fragrance or anything of dye solution, the cleaning process is pretty much the same. One thing that is very important when using cleaning products. There are many cleaning products of jewelry or earrings that are very hard at work, which means they have some extreme chemicals. So, in that case, one thing to ensure is that you need to read the label of the products very carefully. You need to check the ingredients that are put in the product and then proceed with the cleaning process. All of this is applicable for diamond earrings as well as other pieces of jewelry too. 

Hard cleaning can cause damage to your earring

Actually, the cleaning process being easy is also a little complex. No one wants to intentionally damage their own jewelry by just cleaning. Yes, with cleaning, one can cause damage to their jewelry. Especially when it comes to diamonds the things are more complicated. Diamond is the hardest metal you will ever find, but it is also sensitive too. All types of metal do not suit every solution. There are certain side effects that are seen when unpredictable solutions react, and as a result, the metal gets damaged. So checking the side label of every item is necessary, and thus it will reduce the potential of damaging your diamond earring. 

How certain should you clean your diamond earrings?

It is recommended to clean your diamond earrings once every week. Not many people wear their rings daily, so for them, once every three weeks or once every month is fine. But for those who use their earring on a daily basis, it is required to clean them once per week because earring catches dirt and oil fast than other jewelry. Now the cleaning per week can be done by you and thus it should not be a problem for cleaning them. But in the case of an expensive piece of earring or any other expensive jewelry, cleaning should be done by professional cleaners twice every year. Diamond Exchange Dallas has the best Diamond Earrings in Dallas. So you can come to Diamond Exchange Dallas to choose amazing engagement rings from them. They are also experts in cleaning too. There are certain benefits that you can get if you clean your earring or jewelry with professional cleaners. Firstly, you are sure to get a very well cleaning, which is done by the experts very precisely. Another advantage that you will get is that free checkup. Sometimes it is seen that a piece of jewelry is kept out there for a long time. So when it gets dirt and spots, the damages don’t seem visible, and thus if you clean at home, you will not be able to fix the damage. So in case you go to a professional cleaner, they can give you a repair checkup, and thus, if your earring has certain damage, they can fix it too. 

Cleaning supplements that you can use to clean your diamond earring

What supplements can you use to clean your earring?

Among various methods of cleaning diamond earrings with water and other solutions, some special solutions are used, particularly in cleaning an earring. Plenty of cleaning supplements are available there in the market that can be used for cleaning expensive gems. The supplements that are used for cleaning are:

Ammonia: The solution can be made by taking one tablespoon of ammonia with two tablespoons of liquid soap. Both of them should be mixed with one-fourth amount of warm water. The process for cleaning earrings using this ammonia supplement is simple. You need to add a few amounts of the solution on a normal soft cloth and smoothly rub the earrings until the smudge gets out. Another way is to soak the earring in water for around 30 minutes. Soaking in water is not necessary unless spots are entirely removed from rubbing. The process of cleaning is done by gently removing the smudge using a microfiber cloth that is used to shelter the head of the toothbrush. 

Dish soap: Any dishwashing liquid can take a major effect on the cleaning process of an earring. After taking a required amount of liquid in a bowl, you need to take a soft cloth and rub it to the earring and remove the smudge. After finishing the mixing with the solution, you need to rinse the earring with cool water and afterward take a microfiber cloth and dry it. 

Hydrogen Peroxide: First, you need to take a bowl and pour some solution of hydrogen peroxide. Keep the earrings in the solution for around ten minutes. Afterward, rinsing off the earring needs to be done, and then it needs to be dried using a microfiber cloth. There are many earring cleaning solutions that you can use to clean your earring. You can clean jewelry with peroxide. 

Bicarbonate of soda: Firstly, you need to make a paste of bicarb, and the water which is taken in the solution needs to be thick. That paste and the solution need to be added to the earrings. After that, the earring should be left there in the solution for around ten minutes. Afterward, the earring’s rinsing should be done, and a toothbrush should be used to remove the dirt and remaining stain left in the earring. 

A little reminder of steps for cleaning diamond earrings:

  • Firstly all the materials and supplements should be taken together and kept in a safe place. 
  • Secondly, it is required to fill up the bowl with a sufficient cleaning solution.
  • After that, you need to keep the earring in the solution for about 10 minutes.
  • As soon as the earring is removed, you need to scrub it using a smooth toothbrush. 
  • If there still remains some dirt, you can again immerse it in the solution again. 
  • When the earring gets fully clean, then it is required to rinse with warm water. One thing to be careful about is not to clean the earring in a sink. In any case, if the earring falls, then you will ultimately lose it unless you search them in the drains. 
  • In order to get extra sparkles, you can dry them and store them in a warm place to keep the earring safe. Also, you can polish them so that the brightness of the ring remains stable. 

For getting proper sparkle, there are some steps you can follow.

  • You should avoid wearing rings when you are in certain activities such as sports, gardening and when you are busy doing heavy works. Otherwise, you may get dirt in your earring. 
  • Always keep your earring in your preferred jewelry box. 
  • Use clean water most of the time to clean your earring.  




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