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How to clean diamond studs

By March 27, 2021April 3rd, 2021No Comments

clean diamond studs

Diamond studs are suitable for all gender

Everyone likes to make diamond jewelry or stuff made of diamonds as their wardrobe. It is a kind of addiction but in a beautiful way. It looks matched and gorgeous to any outfit. It is suitable for any kind of dress and is perfect for any occasion. It conveys a message that represents the style and goes perfectly with any kind of wardrobe. Actually, Diamond speaks out exclusiveness. It has a versatility that has a great impact on the total outfit. Diamond jewelry is unisexual. It is not only made for a female. Many male people passionately wear diamond jewelry. Some choose diamonds as a collection. They collect varieties of diamond jewelry, starting from rings, necklaces, earrings. The most popular are diamond rings and diamond earrings. While choosing diamonds, you need to choose bigger diamonds as they are significantly worth it. Whether the diamond is small or large, all the diamonds are popular. For stud earrings, small stones are most popular. People love to wear small diamond stones with stud earrings as they look more suitable and compatible. Almost every people’s wardrobe is filled with stud earrings, and it is a great choice for everyone. Although buying any jewelry looks fine and buying stud earrings is fine, the only problem you might face is keeping it in good condition.

Should you visit jewelry stores on a regular basis to clean your jewelry? 

There are many people who are seen to send their diamond jewelry for regular maintenance. Some give it to the typical jewelry store, and some go to the experts. Regular cleaning in any jewelry shop might be expensive. As there are not many people who can afford to clean it to the expert, a huge amount of money is required. Other than that, there is another way to keep your diamond clean. It is by keeping your jewelry clean on your own. There are cost-effective ways that will clean your diamond jewelry fine and give you a perfect cleaning. Detergents can also be used for cleaning simple diamond earrings. So cleaning is necessary for expensive diamond earrings. The output of expert cleaning is generally more. If you go to the local pawn shop or clean it yourself, then you can get a satisfactory output. It may be productive and less costly cleaning at home. You can clean your diamond stud using some regular household materials. There is a variety of cleaning methods that you can use to clean your diamond stud earring, and also there are some tips and tricks that you can also use. Other than that, you need to know some way to keep your stud earring clean and tarnished; otherwise, it will get dirty. It will help you get professional cleaning with a very less amount of money, and if you have all household items, then no money will be required. 

How important is it to clean your earring? 

You need to consider cleaning your earring as you want your earring to look beautiful all the time. There are certain reasons for keeping your earrings clean; otherwise, they may be harmful to the skin also. There are micro bacteria that are generally not visible without any microscope. So, to remove these in-built germs, it is required to clean your diamond stud earrings on a time-to-time basis. The vvs diamond earrings also have some clarity which also needs to get cleaned. The bacteria usually thrive as the nutrition always keeps rendering on the piece of jewelry. So it is essential to keep your earring and jewelry look hygienic so that there is no entrance of germs and your earring looks clean. Always there is some germ in between the earring, so it is most of the time not clearly visible. Other than that, if your earring looks clean, then the setting also looks great. It is necessary to use proper solutions for cleaning diamond earrings.

The importance of cleaning Diamond Studs

The most common reason people buy Diamond earrings is that they keep sparkling. The main reason that diamonds are more attractive is due to the glossy feature. The best way to clean real diamond earrings is from Diamond Exchange Dallas. So in case, the diamond is set aside for some period of time, then there falls to dust, and the shining feature doesn’t look good at all. So that is why cleaning is essential. Nobody wants any kind of luster or dullness over their diamond rings. So Diamond stud earring needs to be clean every time otherwise they won’t look clean enough. Other than that, if your earring has the treatment done previously, then there may be some issues for the spot to be visible. So in that case cleaning is very important. In case of any jewelry is treated, then it is essential to clean it. As to minimize the risk of highlighting the spot of treatment, it is essential to clean diamond earrings often—basic necessities to clean your diamond stud earrings.

Steps to follow to use cleaning agent properly and get an effective solution

There are some steps that you need to follow for cleaning your stud earrings. Other than that, there is some cleaning agent that works effectively for cleaning stud earrings. So choosing any of the cleaning agents and any of the processes is efficient.

Firstly you need to take a small container or bowl and fill it with water. After some time, you need to soak the jewelry in that water. Be careful don’t soak your jewelry in a basin or even the sink. As the jewelry is an essential piece and it can get lost by falling in any plughole. So it is necessary to soak it in a bowl-type container where the work is done, and also, no damage to the jewelry has occurred.

The second essential thing that is required to clean the earring is a toothbrush. There is a jewelry brush that is specialized to clean stud earrings. Other than that, there is some fine-haired brush with a soft hardness that can easily wipe out the dirt and pollutants from the earrings. But one thing to keep in mind is that there is some hard brush which, if used, can severely damage the setting of your earring, and the jewelry may lose its attractiveness. For a toothbrush, it is recommended to use a child one. As an adult, a toothbrush can cause damage to the earring and also hamper the style.

Should you use an adult toothbrush or baby toothbrush for cleaning your Diamond studs?

Now, after cleaning it perfectly with the help of a toothbrush, it is essential to rinse it nicely. For rinsing your jewelry, it is required to use warm water. It does not matter which cleaning agent has been used. But it is a must to rinse your jewelry which helps to wash everything directly or indirectly. Rinsing is to get a proper wash that removes any kind of germs or dirt, and along with that, it helps the wife of the cleaning agent too. It is ensured that there remains no cleaning agent attached with the stud earring. Another important reason why rinsing is so much necessary is that if there remains any kind of cleaning agent attached with the jewelry or the stud earring, it may cause irritation to your skin, and also there maybe some kind of infection also. You can get irritation from disinfecting earrings. So it is always necessary to rinse your jewelry and stud earrings properly so that no extra stuff is attached to them. 

 Wiping off the water-The last step after rinsing your Diamond Stud 

Afterward, cleaning with water, it is time to wipe off the water properly and make the stud earring dry. So for that, it is required to take a soft cloth which will easily dry off the earring and also with the help of smooth cloth a good polish can be achieved. There is a unique jewelry cleaning cloth available in the market for a meager price. Other than that, if you depend entirely on home-based stuff, then you can easily wipe it off with any microfiber cloth or old rag. For instance, the better and more preferred material for cleaning your jewelry is microfiber, which is very soft and doesn’t damage your earring, thus giving it a perfect shine. You need to be a little careful and wipe the earring with caution due to the soft and tiny cloth; there may be some threads that can get attached to the piece of jewelry. Other than that, if you want to use a rag, then you need to ensure that it is made from absorbent material or woven stuff. It will help give a smooth and perfect cleaning that can ensure the best cleaning for your piece of jewelry.

A place to clean your jewelry

Many people uncertainly don’t know the perfect place or a stable place to clean diamond stud earrings. For that, some either damage their earring and other than that there are some cases where one lose their earring for not finding a good place. Not all place is suitable for getting a smooth and perfect cleaning. Not all places are even meant for cleaning. So it is obviously required to select the correct place to put your ring and clean it. Otherwise, there might be some severe damage that may occur to your earring, and also, there may be a possibility that you might lose it. For a hassle-free cleaning process, there are specific steps that you need to follow. They are described below:

  • The first thing for cleaning is to choose a flat surface. In case the surface is a bit sloppy or the surface is unstable, then there is an excellent possibility of losing the tracking of your jewelry. Any moving car or any type of vehicle should never be selected as a place to clean your earring.
  • Selecting a dark background is recommended for a better cleaning experience. It is much easier to see a piece of jewelry or an earring in a dark background rather than a white background.
  • It is always told not to place any cleaning setup or not to clean your earring beside the sink. Not only earrings, but any kind of jewelry also should not be cleaned beside any sink. Many cases are seen to lose their earring or ring due to any uncertainty, your jewelry may fall in the plughole, and you might lose your precious jewelry forever. There are a lot of victims of the plughole.
  • Choosing natural daylight is the best while cleaning your ring. If not possible, then just ensure that there is sufficient light that helps to keep the trace of your earring. Other than tracing your jewelry, one more important thing is that you can clearly check whether every dirt gets removed from it with insufficient light. For stud earrings getting every dirt off enough light is required as the piece of jewelry is small in that case.

What cleaning agents can make your stud earrings look good?

Nowadays, there are varieties of cleaning agents available in the market. Using a cleaning agent is the best way to clean diamond stud earrings. In case you want to lose grime or dirt, you will find plenty of options to clean your jewelry. There are many earring cleaning solutions available in the market.

You can clean jewelry with peroxide, as it works best for most cases. The cleaning agent is described below: 

  • Washing liquid/detergent: You can add a small amount of washing liquid and mix them with water taking it in a small bowl. Now, after mixing, you just need to stir it well so that no bubbles remain in the bowl. After the bubble gets dispersed, you can put your stud earrings or jewelry in the solution, and thus, it is ready for cleaning.
  • Proprietary cleaning solution: There are many jewelry stores and some specialized ones to find your cleaning solution to clean your jewelry. The proprietary cleaning agent works excellent, and thus you are sure to get a good cleaning. Just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and read the instructions carefully before using this solution. You are sure to get good results after using this solution.
  • Bicarbonate soda or detergent: There are two ways to ensure the cleaning one is by soaking the earring, and another way is by rubbing hydrogen peroxide or alcohol by immersing the stud earring in it.


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