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How to make a pendant

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Collecting stone as a hobby

 Many people are interested in collecting attractive little stones, sea glass, seashells, and these types of stuff when they go on a trip. For some, it has become a hobby. Some people just collect it and keep it as a piece of decoration or just keep it somewhere. They are so letting it remain for an extended period untouched can cause it to get dust. But instead of keeping them away, they can use all of them to make a nice piece of jewelry. Some people don’t know the process of making a pendant. But you don’t need to worry at all. You can make a polished stone if you follow some simple steps. You can definitely try and wire up to make a simple pendant. Also, if you are looking for diamond pendants in Dallas, then Diamond Exchange Dallas is the best place to go. They have custom diamond pendants.

The wire wrapping technique

For using the technique of wire wrapping, you don’t need to know a lot of things. This technique is popular, and the output of using the technique is you get a wider side than the middle part. After you complete the process and make a polished stone, you can add it to a bracelet, necklace, or any other jewelry. You can also make a diamond pendant necklace. Maybe you will not find a perfect stone and cannot make a precise pendant as the stone may be small or large. But it is definitely okay if you are facing difficulty in shapes. The stones may be irregular in shapes. But there is also a very interesting fact if the stone is not perfectly sized as per your convenience. The thing is that these kinds of imperfection make a piece of jewelry more interesting. Among all the processes, if you are up for a project, then the quickest and fairly easy process is to use the wire-wrapped technique and make the pendant necklace. Moreover, this simple pendant can also be used as a gift, and it will be more effective if the gifted person is attracted to the pendent. They may love the pendant if that seems meaningful to them. Gold diamond pendants are expensive.

Requirements for the wire wrapping technique

 In case you don’t have the required materials or tools to carry out the process, then you don’t need to worry at all. There are no exclusive tools required, so you can find all the stuff in the local jewelry store. For wire-wrapped pendants, the most convenient options for wiring are Steel, Copper, and Aluminum. If you visit any electrical shop or hardware shop, then you can see the wires hanging in the store. So now coming what the materials and equipment you need to make a simple pendant are.

Materials that are required are:

  • Stone-or any other material of the pendant
  • A wire of 24-gauge
  • A Necklace chain

The required tools are  

  • Cutters for wire
  • Nose pliers of round shape

These are required things you can easily find in your local shops and start making the pendant. Now, after you got the stuff, you need to follow some steps so that you can successfully complete the rest of the process.

Cutting the wire-The base start 

So the first thing you need to do is to take two 24-gauge wires and cut them. The two wires should be minimum of 5 inches long. Depending on the size of your stone, the wire will be required. A normal stone with a little weight that is 0.5 inches wide and has a height of 1 inch will require a 24 gauge wire. In case you have a heavier stone, then you need to use a 22-inch gauge wire as that wire will have less thickness. So the thickness will look good with the stone, and it will not loosen up easily.

Making the wires one-sided by twisting them 

So for this process, the first thing you need to do is take the two wires and hold them from the center. After that, you need to cross the wires, and following it; you need to twist them together instantly. Now it may seem challenging to make the twist. But the process just requires two fingers only. One is your index finger, and the other one is your thumb finger. Now with that two-finger, you need to grab the wire as close to the intersection, and then you need to twist your wrist. You need to properly ensure that both the wires get twisted around each other. Sometimes in this process, only one wire gets wrapped in a coil around the other one. The diamond cross pendant requires a high twist. 

So after you complete the twist, you will see that one side of the pendant is completed. People who are new to this will suffer the first few times as twisting needs a little practice. With the flow of time, you will learn the proper way of twisting the wires. But for these pendants, it is not essential to keep everything perfect and work everything fine as these are in a natural state, so they always remain in free form. 

The stone in the wire needs to be lined up

So in this step, you need to grab the twisted wire section keeping along the stone side. Then place the stone between the wires and make sure the wires get fitted underneath a wide point. It needs to be properly done so that the stone doesn’t slip out. Also, for keeping the wire in a secured spot, make sure to add or subtract some twisted parts from the sides.

Make the basket base by twisting the wire

 Now for doing that, you just need to twist the wire on the opposite side. This part is done to secure the falling out of the stone.

Complete the twisting part of the other side

So after completing the first side now, you need to also complete the other side’s twisting. So twist the wire keeping the same length as that of the previous side you have done early. In case the stone has not even sides, then just get the correct length and line it up with the stone. The twisting part becomes easier if you do the twists by removing the stone temporarily.

So as soon as you complete the process, you will see that a wire basket is formed for your stone. Now check everything of the twists and make sure if the stone fits within it. Just make sure that the wire twists go up each side. It should also be appropriately checked and made sure that the stone doesn’t fall or slip of the base part. 

Securing the stone

 First, get a grip on the stone by holding it properly. Now you need to bend both the pair together by taking wire from each of the sides. That means both from the front and the end part. The stone in the Diamond circle pendant is lovely, so it may get distorted when it falls. So securing a stone is important. 

Twisting the wires together

Now for securing the stone, just twist the pair of wires at the same time from both the front side and backside. It should be ensured that the twisting of each of the pairs is at least an inch. Now the work of the extra wire is to hang the pendant. As a result, you don’t have to buy any hanging wire. Rather making that extra wire will work out.

Securing the wires

 At an angle of roughly about 90 degrees, you need to bend one of the wires that are twisted. After doing that, wrap up the other twisted wires at least twice. The benefit of doing this thing is that it will help keep the wires tight around the stone.

Trimming the end 

Now you just need to trim the wire that is just twisted in a stable spot. The trimming needs to be done on the back or at the side of the pendant. This is done to keep the wires out of sight of the whole jewelry piece. For a diamond heart, pendant trimming should be done carefully. 

The completion of the wrapped loop 

For this step, you need a tool which is the round nose pliers. With this tool’s help, at the topmost part of the pendant, you can form a loop. Now from the pendant’s topmost part, there needs an extension by wrapping the twisted wires around. Now the wrapping is done around one of the sides of the pliers keeping it as close to the pendant. You are now taking the twisted wire. You need to wrap it two times from around the base of the previous loop you have made. It is done in the spot where the other length of the twisted wire has been already wrapped. Now finally, you need to trim the end part in a spot at the back part where it won’t be visible.

Adding a chain by adjusting the wire

Properly adjust the wires in order to make sure that the stones remain secure. If any of the wire gets loosened during the warping process, you can use the nose plier tool and make them tight. For that, just get a hold of a single wire, not the twisted ones, and holding it between the jaws, just apply a slight twist with the pliers. There will be a small kink applied to the wire from a motion of the plier. And that will help the wires to tighten around the stone.

So finally, your pendant jewelry is ready. Adding up a chain will make it look more generic and good.

Other than this method, there is another method used by taking jump rings.

Jump rings

For opening a jump ring, it is required to know that here you need to use two pairs of pliers. The first caution is never to open a jump ring by pulling off the end part. By doing so, the shapes may get distorted, and as a result, they will look bad. Also, once the shape gets distorted, it is really tough to retain its original shape. There is a diamond letter pendant that also has a hard shape to maintain its originality. 

Now the process of doing it with the jewelry pliers is:

  • Firstly you need to hold the pair of pliers from both sides of the slit.
  • After that, start twisting the pliers gently in the opposite directions.
  • This twisting will help in opening up the gap.
  • The second step is done in order to close the ring.
  • The process is similar, just the reverse; that is, you just need to repeat the steps.
  • So twist the ring in the opposite direction keeping it in motion.
  • The ends will be together again after the process is completed.

The Loop and Bailing technique

For using the Bail and loop method, you need to make sure that the loop’s total size is larger than so that it is enough for the thread. This method is used mostly for a necklace that is made in the home. Now gently, you just need to squeeze the bail. Along with that, you need to shut down with prongs from each of the sides, which is the hole of the pendant. Diamond’s initial pendant uses Loop and Bailing. 

Many ways of fixing pendant 

So actually, there are many methods of fixing jewelry pendants on your threads. Some pendants have a hole going from inside them, and some have a loop at the topmost part. The pendant consisting of a hole goes from either front or back. And also, some pendants have a hole running from the bottom to the top or vice versa. And those are known as drops.

Also, In order to fix the thickness of the pendant, there are a variety of ways. Such as if the pendant has a large hole, then a loop can be made through the thread. This is done to let the pendant hang correctly without any sight look. So if you want a real diamond pendant, then no other place guarantees authenticity than Diamond Exchange Dallas. They also have men’s diamond pendants.





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