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How to buy Diamond stud earrings

By February 17, 2021No Comments

Why Stud earring is a beautiful piece of jewelry

Diamond stud earrings can be one of the finest accessories you can own. It is one of the versatile pieces of jewelry that you can have. The pattern and design of a stud earring are very much unique. In the whole set of jewelry, the earring looks very conservative in terms of design, and the gemstones in the earring get the main attraction. The stud earring has a different look, unlike the dangling or hoop earring. In case you are not even in the perfect dress, the stud earring will help you look gorgeous. For having a complement in your style, Diamond stud earrings work the best. It can fit the luxury look and can have a glazing effect that can make you look perfect. 

Few essential things to know before purchasing stud earrings

There are some essential things you need to know before going to purchase a diamond stud earring. Firstly it is imperative to keep your style. As style will represent your personality, your taste for jewelry so having a unique and own style is needed. The second thing is fixing a budget. Now people mostly get scared when they think of a budget. They think diamonds are very expensive, but actually, it is not the case at all. The price of any Diamond jewelry depends on the carat weight of the diamond. So you can have less carat weighted diamond jewelry, and it can have a great look, of the rest of things are perfect. 

Matching the stud earring with a wardrobe outfit

The other factor that is also important is to pre-select any wardrobe which matches fine with your earring. That is not a mandatory thing, but it really helps you to adjust your whole outfit. Other than that, all the factors will work fine if you follow proper tips and take suggestions from experts. 

Fixing a good budget

The first step that is very important before purchasing diamond stud earrings is setting up a budget. Having a proper budget is necessary for any kind of diamond jewelry. As your budget will determine the quality, type of metal, and the size of earrings you can get. But there is always a suitable price for any kind of earring. In case you are looking for a premium or a quality earring, then you can look for it from a price between $250 to over $21000 for a pair. Also, you can get a mid-ranged earring from any local store. 

Best way to filter through online

Looking for an earring by visiting many places may be hectic for you. For that, you can look up any type of earring online. There are many options for you to choose online, and moreover, it’s just in the click of your hands. There is no rush in shopping online. Diamond Exchange Dallas has the best online diamond stud earrings. Other than diamond stud earrings, some people also choose gold stud earrings. Also, there are online jewelry shops that have filter options on their website. So you can easily check all the filters and put your requirements as needed and move ahead with purchasing the ring. You can set the desired range in the option and look for the available earrings in that set of price. 

Carat weight: Creating major pricing difference

Another thing that affects the price is Carat weight. The more the diamond in an earring, the higher the price of the diamond. Other than that, the difference in the price of carat weight is massive. As for a 0.25-carat diamond, the price of an earring is around $280. For stud earrings, the price is almost the same, a bit more actually. Again, if you just want to increase the carat weight to 0.5, then the price should be around $560 as per standard calculation. But the case for pricing is not the same. The average price for a 0.5-carat diamond is around $700. For diamond stud earrings, it is a little more expensive, like $750 to $800. So, in that case, you can clearly see for the increase of 0.25-carat weight of the diamond in an earring, the price goes up and becomes more than double. Now a premium and luxury earring can cost you thousands of dollars. Normally any high-quality and premium diamond will be of 1-carat weight. So the price will also go up. But as for assumption, you may think the price for a 1-carat diamond stud earring will be around $1500. Your assumption is entirely wrong. The average price, not even the exact price, for a diamond stud earring, is $2600. 

For pricing, just you need to know one more thing: the price is for one pair of earrings, which means there are two earrings. So the combined weight of the two pieces of earrings is or 1 carat. Other than the carat weight, the cut can be another important factor too. The cut of a stone actually determines the carat weight. The cut of an earring can make the earring look larger, and that means the increase in carat weight. The better cut includes the promising and exclusive cut, such as the princess cut or the marquise cut. Earrings consisting of these cuts have a considerably higher value. 

Choosing the carat weight: Which one is suitable for you

The carat weight actually refers to the weight of the gemstone. In short, it indicates the actual metric weight. The carat weight for stud earrings is a little different from the normal earring. The starting of a carat for stud earring is from 0.10 carats. So it should not be less than 0.10. And the maximum range of carat for a diamond stud earring is 2.5 carat. But it may be higher than 2.5, but the price will be outstandingly more. There are some high category brands which can provide you earrings with 4-carat weight. But the price for that will be too much, and also there are other companies which offer earrings of such carat weight at a very reasonable price. Diamond Exchange Dallas is one of the companies that can provide you any carat weight as per your need. Also, their pricing range is very suitable. They don’t charge any extra amount in the name of other fees or service charges. Moreover, they are verified sellers, so there is no issue with the loss of weight for any earring. 

The ear lobe problem for an excessive carat weight

Another important thing to notice while looking at carat weight. Some people have sensitive ear lobe, and wearing a heavy earring may be a problem for them. Other than that, excessively weighted earrings can cause some damage to your ear, and sometimes you may even feel pain in your ear lobe due to it. So for those people, they always prefer a small earring which is of less carat weight. Also, in case you are purchasing stud earrings for a child, then it may be perfect if you look for less carat weight and stay in the range of 0.10 to 1-carat weight. 

The consideration of clarity and color

There are various types of hues when it comes to Diamond. The color includes yellow, pink, blue and black. But the fact about diamonds, which many people don’t actually know, is that colorless diamonds are the most expensive ones. Any kind of flaws, which can include discoloration or even inclusion, drastically reduces the price for earrings and especially for stud earrings to a great extent. If you are looking for unique colored diamonds that have an edgy catch and have a decent look, you can go for the earrings consisting of the flaws. 

Clarity: The important factor

The clarity of a diamond actually determines the quality of the diamond. The perfect clarity, the better the price of the earring. Diamond Exchange Dallas is the best store to buy diamond stud earrings. So if you are looking for Diamond Studs in Dallas, then you can visit them. There are certain letter grades to determine the clarity of a stud earring. The range of clarity for a diamond stud earring is from flawless to included. In case you are looking for a gorgeous diamond that has a perfect look. But it includes hidden flaws, which is impossible to notice in the naked eye then you can go for the I1 or I2 clarity range. This range is very budget-friendly if you are looking for stud earrings. Having a flawless clarity diamond may become very expensive for you as the price of pure diamonds is very high, and also, forgetting everything fine with huge carat weight, you need to have a great amount of budget.

Exploring the cut and shapes for diamond

A diamond gets the signature sparkle from the facets and the cuts of the stone. A proper cut allows the diamond to get refracted in light and catch all the gloomy and wonderful refraction of light. The cut of a gemstone has a specific grading. The grading is ranged from Excellent to Poor. The cut for stud earrings depends on the sparkle you want in your diamond when light is refracted and the size of the diamond. The grading of cut actually depends on the amount of light that gets refracted when light falls on the diamond. In the case of stud earrings, there are some exclusive cuts in high demand and a high price. Marquise or princess cut consists of excellent cut, and they also tend to appear larger with a large surface area. The carat weight also gets increased for those cuts, which results in more price and more weight to hold in the ear. Other than those, there are cuts such as the round cut and brilliant cut. These cuts can also offer maximum sparkle, and they also have angled facets around the crown part. 

Finding a perfect setting

For Diamond stud earrings, the setting is a very important part. It is very crucial to choose the perfect setting. Diamond stud earrings are made of precious metals such as platinum, gold, and sterling silver for both men and women. Diamond Exchange Dallas has stud diamond earrings for women & men. These models vary from gender to gender. Most of these earrings models are made for the female gender. Other than the metals, there are also various shades of gold, such as white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. These shades really make the earring setting look unique. Generally, the setting styles for studs are basically bezel settings or prong settings. There are generally three to eight prongs in a prong setting. The prong basically holds a diamond close to the earring. The reason for that is the prong can help to pass the maximum amount of light in between the stone, and thus it can create more sparkle. In the case of a Bezel setting, it usually forms a complete ring all around the edge of the stone. This setting is, in fact, one of the secured setting types for precious stones. 

Choosing the correct accessories

When you are choosing diamond stud earrings, it is very important to take accessories into consideration. If you are willing to wear your stud earring with other jewelry, you need to think of the metal type because the metals of other jewelry greatly affect the potential pairing with the stud earrings. It is important that the other jewelry match with your stud earring; otherwise, it may seem a little bit off. The bracelet’s setting, ring, and necklace can have a match with the stud earring, and all of them will look completely fine together if they fit in the same setting. Some stud diamond earrings look versatile. It includes a simple-round cut, prong set. These diamond stud earrings having this setting can be easily worn, and it goes with any kind of outfit also with formalwear. 


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