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How much are diamond earrings

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Is Diamond earrings a financial commitment? 

Buying a set of diamond stud earrings is a significant investment. In a general sense, diamond earrings are a major financial assurance. The base price of diamond earrings is esteemed to be around $500. But the maximum price for a single pair maybe $36,000. But the expensive price tag is not placed unusually. There are a lot of factors that go into the pricing of such expensive earrings. But always, it is not determined the right way. Sometimes it is charged extra.

The carat vs. price comparison for Diamond earrings

Actually, the price of diamond earrings varies from vendor to vendor. The average cost of diamond stud earrings is around $280, which is 0.25 carat in total. The average price for 0.5 carats is nearly $700. The price for 1 carat Diamond Stud earring is around $2500. The total carat weight is the combined weight in carat for both earrings, one set of earrings.

Factors that are needed to be considered for Diamond earrings

The price of diamond stud earrings is set considering some factors such as carat weight, diamond qualities, and the style or setting of the diamond. If you are really interested in getting the best product for the best price, then you can visit Diamond Exchange Dallas. They offer a lot of beautiful diamond earrings, and they offer the best deal you can get in Dallas. If you are looking for diamond stud earrings in Dallas and want to buy from a reputed vendor, then you go to Diamond Exchange Dallas. In case you want to get a deal, then you can look for diamond earrings in Dallas. They also have Real diamond earrings for women or girls and men or boys.

The various grades that create price differences

The introductory price of a diamond gets affected by its carat weight and clarity. These features bring a significant change in the pricing of a diamond. The difference in price between a 1.5-carat diamond earring and a 1-carat diamond earring is massive. A diamond with a higher cut with excellent perfection is way more costly than a diamond with a standard or good Cut. The same differences are also found in the case of other features such as color, clarity, and cut. In a general sense, it is always assumed that the higher the grade, the more the cost is the diamond piece. But in the case of diamond earrings, the pricing difference for the slightest feature is enormous. But for precious metals like rose gold, yellow and white are prices in a similar range. Also, there are yellow and white gold diamond earrings. In the case of gold, the typical difference is observed, which is 14k gold less priced than 18k gold. The most precious metals priced at a very high range is platinum.

Trusting in vendors for stud earrings

The major part that plays in the pricing of a diamond stud earring is the vendor from where you will purchase. The difference in offers for a diamond earring takes place for many factors, including certification, diamond quality, and overall costs. In the case of cheap stud earrings, you may lack when it comes to quality. So better not a take a bet on it and not make a sacrifice there. So before making this kind of big purchase, it is necessary to do your own research and gain specific knowledge about the vendors’ pricing and quality and the diamonds.

Why don’t vendors provide certification?

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the vendors don’t have certification for their diamonds, and mostly it is seen for the companies who sell online. So don’t purchase blindly, as accreditation is an essential thing when it comes to diamond jewelry. But there’s a particular reason for the companies to not add certification. The reason is studs are a cheaper product but adding a two-step certification may cost the diamond some additional charge and take out the affordability for the diamond earring to purchase. However, it may be beneficial for the consumers who can purchase and remain satisfied.

But there are some problems and concerns that the consumers might face, and they are:

  • The trust from the vendors about the diamonds and its quality which they are selling.
  • Comparing diamonds from different vendors to check the quality, but as no third party is there, they might be comparing the same diamond at other vendors.
  • Trusting in customer reviews is not enough, and also customer reviews at different vendors may be the same.

The most crucial factor that plays in the pricing difference in the case of diamond earrings is the grade of a diamond. Diamond grade a significant role and a major role in creating a price difference for diamonds. The diamond grades are known as the four C’s, which is recognized as the universal way to compare diamond traits in detail. Another kind of earrings, which is the diamond hoop earrings, is also prevalent. The four C’s grading also determines it.

It is not essential to get the highest grade’s earring in the case of a diamond earring. The highest grade is only necessary in the case of a diamond engagement ring. But for an earring, it does not matter at all. The reason is straightforward, as, in the case of earrings, the in-depth details are not observed, and the price is not so much as the engagement ring. The four C’s are described in details below:

Carat Weight

The primary and perhaps the first thing that comes into consideration for grading a diamond is the carat weight. The carat basically describes the weight of the diamond. Many people go for the larger diamond earring sets because they think the more the quantity, the more attractive the earring looks. But in the case of a diamond earring, it is not true at all. Big diamond earrings are not the best option. As the piece of jewelry will be in your earlobe, so the larger diamond or smaller diamond doesn’t matter at all. Any piece of the diamond is noticeable in the earlobe. But before you need to the weight of each carat. Below there are some carat weights for rough

Diamonds with the size measured in millimeters. They are:

  • The carat weight of 0.25-carat diamond is equal to 4mm.
  • The carat weight of 0.50-carat diamond is equal to 5mm.
  • The carat weight of 0.75-carat diamond is equal to 5.75mm.
  • The carat weight of a 1-carat diamond is equal to 6.5mm.

One thing to be noted is the carat weight of 0.50 carat means that the diamond carat weight for the whole set of the earring is 0.50 carat. It does not mean that each piece of the earring’s weight is 0.50; it’s the total weight for the two-piece of an earring.

Clarity Grade

This is another critical factor for determining the price of a diamond. The clarity is based on the number of flaws a diamond may have. The clarity is actually the quality or the current state of the diamond. There can be black spots or cloudy regions on a diamond piece. There are overall 11 grades for clarity. The 11 clarity grades are divided into five grades to understand the clarity grades more easily. They are:

  • The first one is the FL grade, which is the flawless grade. Another one in this first-grade category is the IF, which is internally flawless.
  • In the second category, there are basically two grades, which are the VVS1 and the VVS2. They are termed as very, very slightly included and categorized into two parts.
  • After that, in the third category comes the VS1 and the VS2. They are termed as very slightly included.
  • The fourth one in this category is the SI1. Another one in this same category is the SI2. They are known as slightly included.
  • In the last category, there are three parts to determine the clarity of the diamond. They are I1, I2, and I3. They are just termed as included.

Among all the categories, it is evident that the first one in the class, which is the flawless grade, is the best grade for clarity. There are no inclusions at all in the flawless clarity grade. The final grade, which is the I3 part in the last grade, is the easiest one to see flaws. Our recommendation always stays with the best. The only problem is that it is not easy to purchase the best all the time. Flawless diamonds are not easy to get. They are rare and quite expensive. Other than the excellent clarity grade, there are some other recommendations for finding a good clarity diamond.

Our recommendation other than the flawless clarity grade is the VS2, the SI1, and the SI2. These grades are also very much popular. The clarity in these grades is also very good. Their flaws are not so much noticeable on earrings.

Color grade

Diamonds’ colors are ranged from D to Z. The color grade actually defines how colorless a diamond is. The grades D to Z have a color in between slight yellow or brown. The colors of a diamond actually do not matter so much in the case of earrings. As in the case of earrings, it will match skin tone, metal from any other additional piercing, and the hair color is also there too. So it is not necessary to purchase a colorless diamond. But still, many people are interested in the best scale and the perfect scale, which reflects the originality of a diamond. So, in that case, our recommendation for diamond earrings will be with H or I grades so that the diamond will appear a bit white. For a diamond earring, a white-colored diamond is entirely okay. But there will not be any higher price for high-grade scale diamonds.

For the color grade, it is not required to look for grade D. As for earrings, the white color also looks perfect, and most people prefer this color grade. It is also very hard to get a pure white diamond to match the D scale grade, and it only looks good for an engagement ring. The price also goes higher for a D grade diamond earring.

The Cut Grade

In the case of any diamond jewelry, perfection is what everyone looks for. So it is necessary to have diamond jewelry with a perfect cut. The Cut grade actually defines that how much Cut is ideal for a diamond. In this case, there is no specific alphabetical grade. Instead, the grade is determined on the basis of Excellent to Poor. The Diamond cut does not relate to the diamond’s shape, such as pear-shaped or round shaped. The Cut of a Diamond is defined as the amount of flawless diamond in jewelry.

A perfection in Cut for a diamond is essential. As in the case of a good cut, light can easily travel around that diamond piece, and as a result, a fantastic sparkle can be noticed in a diamond. If the Cut in a diamond is poor or average, then lights will not travel around that piece of diamond. As a result, there will be no sparkle, and also, the diamond will look mostly lifeless. So our suggestion will always remain with the best Cut. So our recommendation is to buy diamond earrings with excellent Cut or at least an outstanding Cut grade.

Lab-created diamond earrings

It is imperative to know about the production of the diamond before purchasing any kind of jewelry. The origin of the diamond is a significant factor to consider. The main difference between lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds is that lab-created diamonds are produced artificially by various chemical reactions. On the other hand, mined diamonds are the natural diamonds extracted in a diamond mine. The lab-created earrings are cheap diamond earrings. As per recent sell statistics, a lab-created earring cost around $800. At the same time, a mined diamond earrings can cost you up to $1400.

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