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How to tell if a diamond is real

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diamond is real or fake

Investing in a diamond always happens with dedication. Everyone has an emotional attachment towards their ring. So an emotional purchase is always dedicated to loved ones. But finding the right one, the original one, is a difficult task. It is really hard to justify between a real and fake diamond for a normal buyer. There’s expert in every field who have trained to distinguish between a real and a fake diamond. It is obvious that some people may fall into a loss and not even understand that he bought fake diamond jewelry. Faking a diamond is also a complicated matter as there are professional scammers who work fully to create fake diamonds. But don’t forget, on the other hand, there are also experts who know the difference between fake and real diamonds. So in order to justify between them for a normal buyer, there are certain tips and tricks that need to be followed.

 Fake diamond counterparts are common nowadays. People hardly realize the difference between both of the quality. Nowadays there are some of the gemstones which have a strong resemblance same as diamond. So it is hard to understand that gemstones such as white topaz, white zircon, and white sapphires have the same quality and perfection as diamonds. In fact, some experts who are not well trained also can not differentiate between those gemstones and diamonds. So there needs very professional to handle this, and for that, our company Diamond Exchange Dallas has highly trained professionals who are distinguished in handling these situations and therefore determine the difference and provide the exact result. So below are some methods that you can follow to differentiate between real and fake diamonds.

The water test

This is a very simple test to ensure that if a diamond is real or not. The process is very simple. First, take a drinking glass and fill it with water but not full. You need to fill ¾ portion of the glass with water. After that, you need to carefully put the loose stone inside the glass. So gently drop it in the glass. Now here starts the test. The real diamond will not float in water. That means after you drop it, if the diamond completely sinks in the water, then the diamond is to be said really.  

The Fog Test

This is another interesting procedure of finding out whether the diamond is real or not. It is a very simple and interesting process. All you need is to follow the simple steps that we are going to describe. At first, take the diamond ring and place the ring between your two fingers. Give a light breath on the diamond layer. After some time, you will observe that there creates a light fog skin over the diamond. If the layer over the diamond vanishes quickly, then the diamond you got in your ring is not real. But on the other hand, if you find that the layer is not vanishing and the mark is placed for a longer period of time, then the diamond is real. This fog test works better and is ensured by the experts. The expert advises cleaning the diamond properly before performing the fog test. Make sure there remains no oil in the diamond. Otherwise, all your hard work will go in vain.

The Transparency Test

There are different methods to find out the difference between real and fake diamonds. The fake diamond is available in the market, which people blindly mixes e=with the real diamond. For this reason, we are helping you to identify the real diamond for your betterment. For the transparency test, you will require a newspaper. Make the diamond lose from your rings or ornament. Put the diamond upside down in any portion of a newspaper. If somehow you manage to read the letters of the newspaper from below the diamond placement, then definitely you are holding a fake diamond, i.e., just a stone. Because a real diamond will never let you read the letter of newspaper easily, it will show blurry if you put the real diamond instead of the fake diamond.

The Floating Test

If you want something easy procedure to test the reality of diamond, then the floating test suits you. It is one of the easiest tests among all other tests that you find easy. From the name, you probably got an idea that what its requirements are. For the floating test, you need a glass of water. Make sure you have loosened your diamonds. Throw all the diamonds in that glass of water for the test proposal. Observe the movement of the diamond that you threw. If the diamond drowns all way to the bottom of the glass, then you have got the real one. There is a good reason behind this, and it’s very simple to understand. Real Diamonds are heavy in nature, so, obviously, it will get down to the bottom of the water. A fake diamond always floats on water. To see how easy this test is for understanding real and fake diamonds.

The Fire Test

Don’t you want something to dare to do in your life? Now put a hard reason behind every dare you do. Have you ever played with fire? Then now is the time to do so if you are very desperate to test your diamond for it is real or not. Fording the fire test, the first thing you need is the lighter. Heat the diamond for 30 seconds and drop the plasma stone in cold water. The real thing is you need to observe every single transformation. If you are holding a true diamond, then nothing changes you will observe in the diamond, but if it’s fake, then you will find small pieces of stone and nothing else. Real diamonds never deform in a billion years.

Using a Diamond scale

This method is not available to everyone as everyone does not have access to a diamond scale at home. But you can find a diamond scale in your local jewelry store. They will easily weigh your diamond for you. The test result will show something based on weight. The weight of a fake diamond is more than that of a real diamond of the same shape and size. So in case, a diamond is weighing more than the original, you can pre assume that it is a fake diamond? The reason for the weight being more is the cubic zirconia, which is a synthesized material, and it has fifty-five percent more weight than the real diamond. Another way to identify using the weight method is to use the grading report of weight. All the diamond has a grading report which has a registered record. But to identify between both of them is tough if you don’t have two stones of the same shape and size.

Black Light Test

In this method, the fluorescence of the stone will turn blue if the diamond is placed underneath an ultraviolet light. But the process is effective with only about one-third of diamonds. An to know the difference between a real and fake one by using this method is that a fake diamond will never look blue when placed under ultraviolet light or black light. But this method being suggested is not the most effective method to carry out in order to identify the difference between a fake and a real diamond.

They are properly checking the mount and the setting of the diamond in a ring

If a diamond is already placed in a ring, then by looking at the setting and mount in a ring, a real and a fake diamond can be identified. A diamond is so exclusive and an expensive thing it is obvious that a real diamond will be placed in a ring in a high-quality jewelry store. A real diamond does not suit any style, as with an expensive diamond comes an exclusive style. So platinum, white gold, pave, yellow gold, or side stone setting is used for a real diamond. These are really expensive and unique materials, and that is why these settings are used for a real diamond.

Also, to check if the setting is proper as described or not, you can look at the markings inside a ring. For example, there are certain notes that are used to indicate the type of gold used, such as ten carats, fourteen carats, and eighteen carats. For as the marking P.T. indicates that the metal is platinum. There are some numbers that indicate both gold and platinum, such as five hundred and eighty-five, seven hundred and seventy, and nine hundred and fifty. And in order to identify a fake one, if you see the engraving has a C.Z. stamp, then the stone is cubic zirconia, and thus, it is a fake diamond. A real diamond is always very optimistic. It is not easy to judge and thus, it is also very expensive. A diamond stone has multiple states that show it forms in various ways.

The shattering method used by heating up the stone

Diamonds are made of extremely strong material and are inconsistent with heat or even high heat. In order to carry out the test, firstly fill a drinking glass with cold water. Now use a set of plyers, or you can even use a fireproof glove to hold the stone. Now heat the stone constantly for forty seconds with the help of a lighter. After that, directly drop the stone in that cold water. Now come the solution and the result if the diamond is real or not.

If the stone splinters, then you are pretty much confident that it is a fake diamond and thus made of weak materials. No reaction will take place in the case of a real diamond. This method is a reliable method to test the strength and quality of a diamond. The test is accurate as cubic zirconium or any kind of weak material will crack or break if heat contraction and expansion occurs. For example, you can think of a glass or Pyrex dish, which is generally used for cooking. If you take the dish out of a hot oven and try to wash it as soon as possible, then it will definitely shatter the dish, and this happens due to the sudden change of temperature. The thing with diamond is as diamonds are among the strongest materials on this planet it is certainly resistant to extreme heat tests. The heat will be dispersed quickly, and the diamond will not be affected by any kind of temperature. A fake diamond is not clear in all states, and as many stones have a unique quality, so it is very hard to differentiate between real and fake diamonds. Our company, Diamond exchange Dallas, has the Best diamond engagement rings.

The home test using Refractivity

A light beam will bend or refract when you experience any kind of sparkle in a diamond. When the light strikes on the angled surfaces, which is the lower end of the diamond, then the light is refracted and bounced back through the table of the diamond, which is actually the flat top surface when seen by a naked eye. So, if a diamond has a well radiant sparkle, then it is termed as brilliance.

There are fake stones that will not show any kind of refraction, such as the Cubic zirconium. This stone will not refract light as well. They will have no brilliance, and even if they do have brilliance, the amount is very less. There are some other tests that are included in a refractivity test.

The read-through effect of a newspaper

For carrying out this test, place the flat stone side down onto a page of a newspaper in a certain area that has a lot of lettering. You need to ensure that there is no shadow of people or objects casting on the diamond and make sure the lighting is bright enough. Now to observe the test, you need to look carefully at the letters. If the letters are a bit blurry and you are able to read hardly, then it is a fake diamond. Now in the case of a real diamond, the facets will refract the light into multiple directions rather than forming a straight line. And for that, you cannot see in between the paper, and you will not be able to read any of the letters. All of this happens due to the refraction of light on that piece of paper.

This method is most effective for loose diamonds. If the diamond is not loose and rather fixed in any kind of setting, then you can use other methods or can have your diamond reviewed by an expert.

The Dot testing method

In case you don’t have any kind of alternative of using a newspaper to carry out the test, then the Dot test is an excellent one for you.

Firstly place a white piece of paper on a plain surface and draw a small dot by using a pen. After that, you need to put down the stone on the Dot, and you need to keep the flat part down. Now carefully look down onto the paper through the pointed end of the diamond. If you notice any kind of circular reflection inside the gemstone, then you need to consider the diamond as fake. On the other hand, if you don’t observe any reflection or don’t see the Dot, then you can consider the diamond to be real.

As previously, we have said that a true diamond will bounce back in different directions instead of forming a straight line when the refraction of light takes place. A true diamond has extremely good refractive qualities. So that is why you will not be able to see any letters or dots through a real diamond or natural diamond.

The sparkle testing method

This test does not require any equipment. The only thing you need is your eyes. Firstly hold the diamond in question under an ordinary lamp. Clearly, watch how the light gets reflected off the stone. Do you see optimistic shimmers of white light rebounding off your diamond? Do you see colorful nimble reflections as well?

Because a real and natural diamond always reflects extremely well. The most amazing fact is that they provide exceptional sparkle. Diamonds also reflect light, which is colorful or fire, and the fashion is magnificent.

If you compare a real diamond with a fake one, then you will definitely come to know the difference. Like cubic Zirconium, you are definitely to notice a major difference in the colored and white light sparkle that the real diamonds reflect and the fake ones don’t.

We don’t have any fake diamonds. Our diamonds are graded and have GIA certification, and we are amongst the top dealers when it comes to diamonds and any kind of jewelry. So it is pretty evident both real and fake diamonds can be identical. So we need to be very careful.

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