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How to clean wedding ring

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From day one, after you have made your purchase, the first thing you want to ensure about your wedding ring is the cleanliness of your ring. Watching your ring sparkling and having a dazzling shine in your ring is the most mesmerizing for you. The occurrence of such a thing will happen only when your ring is freshly polished and cleaned in a perfect manner. The bling of the wedding ring can be maintained naturally. And on the other hand, there’s always an option to clean your ring by giving it to the local jewelry store’s professionals. But as it is the matter of cleanliness, it’s the least you can do yourself if you educate yourself about that matter. You are not professional, but the fact is in order to keep your ring shining and keep it clean, you will visit the jewelry store once in two weeks or a month. And by educating yourself about how to clean your ring, you can clean your ring regularly and thus maintain its beauty.

If you look at the general terms of your daily activities, then you will find out that there are many ways your ring gets dirty. Multiple cosmetic residues, layers of oil, debris, dust, and many more unwanted particles can cause damage to your ring, and slowly, the brightness of your ring starts to get shady. Moreover, if the lower part of your ring is dirty or if either way, your ring is dirty, then it may form bacteria, and this causes irritation in your finger. Other than that, the metals may start to get discolored, and several scratches may be observed in the stone. So it is an essential duty to keep your ring clean and free of germs. Moreover, it is always not possible to get your ring cleaned from the jewelry shop. If you can’t easily restore shine in your ring and dislodge the surface properly, then going to a jeweler for cleaning and removing hard layers to compress debris and dirt out of the ring is the most effective way to carry out the process.

The fundamental way to start cleaning your ring is with the help of dishwashing soap. Some consider cleaning in this way. Some other kinds of stuff are needed, such as warm water, a toothbrush with a softer bristle, gentle cotton cloth, and a bowl. The first thing to keep in mind is to steer home cleaner and sanitizers, which is harsh, but it can cause more damage than good. From our previous experience, we have seen that some of our clients did follow the steps correctly and kept their ring very smooth and clean till now.

When the ring looks dazzling and remains just smooth as from purchase, the first week will not last for long. Many times the first week is the last time you may find your ring beautiful as new. Unfortunately, the thing is whether the ring is exclusive or a normal one, wedding ring, engagement ring, or any kind of ring it will get dirty and slowly it will start to lose its brightness. For this reason, we have five basic ways so that you can clean your ring in the right way. If you follow these five steps, we are very confident that you can get your ring cleaned in the perfect way.

Cleaning the ring with Ultrasonic Cleaner


The ultrasonic cleaner can easily remove all the encrusted dirt from your ring, and in fact, it is indispensable to get out the dirt from your ring. Ultrasonic cleaner produces vibrating fluid, which helps to remove the accumulated grime and dirt, and the process is carried out by sending very little frequency waves of sounds with the help of a solution. But there is a risk associated with the task. An ultrasonic cleaner can loosen up the stones attached with the wedding ring, and sometimes the girdles of diamonds start to get away as they are next to each other. As it is a powerful machine, the mounted chips in a ring can fall off. So it is imperative to carry out the process very cautiously. Otherwise, you can lose your diamonds, and thus the task may not be successful. There is a restriction for using an ultrasonic cleaner, and that is, you cannot use the ultrasonic cleaner if the diamond has already been treated with a fracture filling. Apart from the risk of losing some materials from the stone, an Ultrasonic cleaner is the best machine to carry out the cleaning process without any major damage.

Cleaning with the help of a drop of Soap associated with a bowl of warm water


This process is not as efficient to carry out the process if compared to the other methods. It is the simple way of cleaning that is less expensive or the least expensive of all the procedures. The first step is to take a small bowl and pour some hot water into it. After you can mix two drops of dishwashing soap and keep the ring in that mixture for around five minutes, after the five minutes is over, you can switch that soapy solution with a fresh bowl of hot water and rinse the ring for around twenty seconds. But one thing which is very important that you need to keep in mind and be very careful about is not rinse the ring in your sink in any way. Because the ring was previously in hot water of soapy solution, it became very slippery, and thus the ring might accidentally fall in the sink, and the whole process can get messed up. So it’s better to use another spare bowl and clean the ring in this way. After you are done, to remove the spots that can be there due to water, just simply dry out the ring with the help of a soft towel or two to three spurts. So after drying out, your cleaned ring is ready to use. But this process is not as effective as the other process, but it is the most effortless process and the cheapest one.

Clean your ring with a steam cleaner


Another inexpensive process to clean your ring is with the help of a steam cleaner. You can purchase steam for your home at a very affordable price. In order to remove dirt, oil, and grime from your wedding ring and get it cleaned, steam uses high pressure. The most interesting fact about a steam cleaner is that it can take the least time to clean your ring. It takes only ten seconds to clean your ring and which is, in fact, significantly less if you compare it with another process. All you need to accomplish this process is water. But this process is hazardous as using high pressure and hot steam can cause you damage if you don’t handle out the matter very cautiously.


You don’t need to clean your ring regularly.

Now, after you know the process of cleaning your ring, you may become excited and clean your ring regularly. As you are thinking, by cleaning it regularly, your ring can get a brighter look, it may look shinier, and also, it can have a sparkling effect. All of this thinking is not correct. Using steam and ultrasonic cleaner on a daily basis can cause your ring to get damaged, and also, you may lose stones from your ring, and you can get in a mess. As you are not wearing it every day, so you don’t need to clean your ring regularly. That is why we always recommend our clients and recommend you wash your ring every two to ten weeks. If you follow this timing, then there will be no inevitable damage to your ring, and your ring will look cleaner and smooth as always. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are cleaning from a professional, don’t go more than once every six weeks. As professional steam cleaners are more powerful and work more efficiently, it is pretty evident that it will exert more force and pressure on the ring. For that reason, your ring might get damaged, and you may lose your stones too. So it is very important that you follow specific rules and procedures for keeping your ring clean and safe.

You can get your ring looked by new professionals.

If you want to get your ring cleaned with heavy tools and materials, then you can definitely go to the professional jewelers. To get such a clean that it exactly looks like a new one, some professionals are very expert in cleaning your wedding rings by using heavy technologies and more advanced ones. Sometimes, some people don’t lie to invest much in cleaning and making it look like a new one. For that, there is nothing to worry about because the charge will be relatively less if you just go for a cleaning. In order to give it a new glance, it will cost more. Be sure before you make such investments as some companies charge so much that it is not worth doing it.

 Grease is a natural element that is always attached to Diamonds like magnets. So for that, it is not easy to keep it clean all the time. The change in the metals is found when your oily finger gets attached to the diamond ring, and thus it causes the diamond to lose its brilliance. Moreover, sometimes other polluted substances get encrusted, which are microscopic particles on every side of the diamond. In that time, it actually becomes hard to clean the diamond due to a lack of stuff. You might not be able to get rid of those things.

So a straightforward solution for cleaning your wedding ring properly, you need to go to the best professional cleaner out there in the market. So for that, you can, without any kind of hesitation, come to Diamond Exchange Dallas as there are professionals who are always there to help you get your ring cleaned in the perfect way. Moreover, we don’t charge a ridiculous amount—our price for every service is very affordable. We are very marginal with our prices, and thus our previous clients have liked our work a lot and gave us a five-star rating. If you are looking to purchase, then we are the best place to buy engagement ring.

If you want to clean yourself, then you need to start with a gentle touch. Scrubbing the diamond wedding ring may vigorously damage your ring and cause various problems to your ring. And it mostly happens to old prongs, which are seen in antique jewelry or during the tension setting when the diamond is put in a shrank by applying a certain amount of pressure. So use a gentle and smooth bristle toothbrush to slowly scrub every side of your ring and complete the ring’s cleaning. After that, you can rinse your ring and finally wipe it with a lint-free dry cloth. The careful thing to remain cautious about is to close the drain of the sink if you are washing it in your sink. A lint-free cloth is the best and ideal cloth that quickly removes the film and dirt on a ring. You can find similar clothes within the local jewelry store, and also we provide the best stuff when it comes to accessories for cleaning.

Don’t use vigorous solution 

Household cleaners or any kind of toothpaste that is abrasive should never be used in the first place when you clean your wedding ring. Also, you should never use Chlorine bleach for cleaning. Otherwise, it will destroy your ring. The metals which are generally used for diamond settings, such as the alloyed gold, can be heavily damaged if aggressive chemicals like chlorine are used. Metals are susceptible to certain chemicals. Moreover, every chemical has a certain reaction of its own, which can directly or indirectly cause the ring to decay over a certain period of time.

What to avoid when cleaning your wedding ring

As mentioned earlier, it is self-evident that you can use Soap from a dishwasher or any kind of Soap to simply clean your ring. But one thing that you need to definitely avoid is using products that have moisturizers in them. And the funniest part is those moisturizers that form films, and you fail explicitly to do it as you are trying to remove the film and dirt accumulated with your ring.

In case you are drying your ring, you should avoid using tissue paper or paper towels as they are an excellent probability to scratch the metal of your ring. Instead, you can use a microfiber cloth or cotton to wipe it and leave it in the open air to dry. You can also find fabric in our accessories section that can help you to gently clean your ring. We suggest not to use household products such as chlorine and acetone. The reason is that these harsh and extreme chemicals can break down the base metals at the bottom.

Abrasive products should also be taken into consideration of not using. You should not use baking soda or any kind of powdered cleaners, which can quickly put scratches on metals, especially in gold. We use the best way to clean a wedding ring. Apart from heavy machinery, we also have our expert professionals who work day and night to ensure the best way to clean an engagement ring

We also suggest not to use harsh ultrasonic jewelry cleaners at home. As the machines work by vibration and can cause the stone to get damaged and again to fall, it is not a good option. It has very exotic pressure, which can loosen up the sparkle, which is the one you want the most.

Our advice is to clean the diamond on a weekly basis. As always, you are wearing it while roaming around different places. It is apparent that you are cleaning your diamond at least after one week. It is very complicated to wash your wedding ring on a daily basis.

In order to purchase any kind of ring, we are here to provide you the best ring in the market. You can also buy an engagement ring from us. We also offer the perfect and top quality ring, and we have a clean wedding ring. We have a massive collection of the ring, and thus we have the best Wedding ring. Diamond Exchange Dallas has been providing an excellent service for a long time, and for that, we are the top-rated seller in Dallas. Also, we have started our online shop. So in order to come to the best place to buy engagement ring online, you can easily rely on our service as we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service.

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