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How to choose an engagement ring

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Having so many shops and companies near you may be confusing for someone to choose from where to get the best engagement ring and which ring will be perfect for you. As this is one of the most significant purchases of your life, then you need to think twice. The ring is a very precious item, and also, it is costly. So you need to do your research and find the best ring and the best store for purchasing your ring. Otherwise, you will not get the right ring of your choice, and you might even get faked. So taking the right decision is the only thing you need to do. The fact about the ring is not only the money you need to spend on your purchase, but also you need to think about your partner if she will love it or not. So considering these two facts, you need to make a proper decision so that no one gets disappointed. While searching for rings, if you get exhausted from not finding the right one, don’t worry; we are here for you. We are here to provide you the best service so that you can get a satisfactory product of your right choice. The diamond expert team of Diamond Exchange Dallas is very efficient, and hence you will get a lot of benefits. You don’t need to take extra stress for your ring. So in order to get the perfect ring for your loved ones and definitely within your budget Diamond Exchange Dallas is the best place for you.

diamond education

The necessary diamond education

Getting a perfect ring is not easy. So there are a few things you need to learn before making the necessary purchase. Diamond education is what you require, but you don’t need to worry as our expert team and customer service are always there for you. So there are a few critical aspects in order to find the right one for you. An engagement ring is a one-time and a lifetime investment for most people, so if you consider your other assets, you need to be knowledgeable and confident with your decision. So, in that case, a little education is what you need. Also, you may feel overwhelmed before picking your ring. So it would be best if you had someone to guide you in the right way and thus our company is always at your service. But before you start, there are a few things you want to know about diamonds and rings. The styles, four Cs, and ring sizes are the basic knowledge for choosing the perfect ring.

The most important ring setting

Firstly you need to set the ring setting. So the ring setting is the first thing you want to consider before choosing your ring. The most attractive part is the center ring, so the way you want to mount your center diamond is determined by the rings setting. So the setting is essential as it will build your ring’s personality. Be traditional or modern, your ring setting will obviously reflect your personal style, and other than that, there are various prevailing options. So there are endless options for you.

Additionally, if you want to keep the ring for a surprise, we also provide that option. Our recommendation for the setting is to select a diamond and simply mount it in a solitaire setting. Solitaire holds a variety of shapes and they are very reasonable as they hold any budget. And afterward, you can tell your loved ones about their choice. So in this way, you can also surprise without even knowing the ring, and that’s why you need an expert team to guide you. So we will definitely work for your word and give you the best service.


Choosing the right metal for you ring

Metal is significant, and after setting your diamond in your ring, you need to think of the metal. There are varieties of shapes and colors for metals. The metal of a ring glorifies the adjacent gem in the diamond and adds a great personality to the design of the ring. Among various popular metals for a ring, there are a few rundowns you may consider. Platinum is among the top when it comes to choosing metal. It is thirty times stronger, and the reason for it being expensive is it is rarer than Gold, and the purity level is also at the top. The purity level is 90-95%, and thus it does not react and cause allergic reactions. So, in fact, it is safe to have platinum metal for your ring. Afterward comes Gold. Gold is very famous for its long term presence, and it is considered one of the most precious metals in the world. Twenty-four-carat gold is not so rare, and it is so expensive that eighteen-carat Gold is a much better option for your engagement ring. The eighteen-carat Gold is not full Gold. It is basically the combination of seventy-five percent gold and twenty-five percent other alloys. So the mixture of Gold and alloy determines the color of the ring. The natural color after the mixture is yellow, which is considered to be rich in color in the case of Gold. Being softer than Gold it is more wanted, and also, as not everyone can afford platinum, it is quite affordable and also available. The most wearable metal among other metals is the fourteen-carat Gold and which has the approximate mixture of Gold and alloy in the ratio of fifty-eight to forty-two. So for that, it makes fourteen-carat Gold more durable and moderate in color and price. So from the description of various metals, you can definitely assume your desired metal for your ring.


The four very element factors for your ring

After choosing the right metal, you need to move forward to the next step, knowing about the four Cs. The critical element of an engagement ring is the cut, color, clarity, and the carat weight. Now you definitely need to have an idea about each of the C’s as the C’s are essential for getting a perfect ring. Now the priority for each shopper is different. So some shoppers give higher preference in color, and some share in other elements. But it does not mean it will provide you with a perfect ring. We find that our clients have not been so much knowledge about the four C’s from our previous experience. But sooner or later, they contacted us, and thus we gave them the proper knowledge about each of the crucial elements for finding the perfect ring. Some individual shoppers show interest in getting the perfect cut and not showing importance to other inclusions. But that’s not the case for us. We ensure that each element is in the right proportion, so you can get the exact and perfect ring for your loved ones. But we don’t definitely pressurize our customers. We firstly listen to what they say and which elements are more important to them. Then afterward, we pitch our opinion, and we brainstorm our ideas, and thus, we move to the next step. So both of us get a satisfactory result at the end.

First on the list comes CUT. After listening to the word cut, our first impression is thinking about various shapes related to it, such as round, oval, heart shape. But this is actually not the case. There is so much into the diamond cut that it is much more important than other elements. The cut is done in many ways, and now modern machines are available for getting the perfect cut. But some people still want it to be human-made, and thus cut determines the ability of a gemstone, and it gives a natural reflection to the ring. The cut provides a good sparkle, and each of the corner shapes is so much visible that it gives a perfect result and in the right proportion. In this way, the cut is so much more important than other elements, and thus we have the best craftsman to give the perfect cut for your diamond that reflects the whole personality of the ring. The cut provides a clear idea about the impression, and it also represents the person who is wearing it.

The color of the ring is not so specific for some customers. The color actually refers to the amount of visibility of the diamond. The colors are categorized in such a way that it is graded on different scales. The finest color grade is the D grade, which is considered to be the exclusive color scale among all the other colors. Other diamonds have yellow or brown traces, which are in the least shade of the colors. Some other fancy colors are graded afterward. But the astonishing fact about diamond color is the most expensive, and the rarer diamonds are the colorless ones. But still, people want the yellowish tone in the diamond so that it sparkles, but some intelligent customers get the colorless one to get the perfectness of the diamond.

The level at which the diamonds are free at each tiny deck, and it handles any external blemishes and inclusions to any extent, is the clarity. There are no imperfections in the highest grade of a diamond. Specific qualities determine the exact concept of a diamond. And we are very much sensible in this matter, and thus we have our master craftsmen who are dedicated in their work to provide you the best clarity for your diamond. The clarity of a diamond is determined under ten magnifications by an expert. An expert diamond grader trains the clarity and under absolute supervision—the perfect clarity of a diamond, the higher the diamond price. The diamond’s clarity determines the diamond’s real internal reflection, and for that, the ring gets perfection.

Carat weight is the last element for taking into consideration before buying a ring. The carat weight actually depends on each person’s choice. The standard unit for measuring carat weight is the metric carat. One metric carat equals 0.20 grams. This is the standard measuring unit for both diamonds and some other gemstones. The carat of a diamond is divided into a hundred points, and each point equals 0.01 carat. So that means 50 points of a diamond means 0.50 carat. So in this way, the carat weight is determined, and thus you can have a piece of useful knowledge from here before buying. Other than that, some people have specific choices about their desired weight for their ring. So not everyone wants 24-carat gold or 0.92-carat diamond. It depends on their desired amount, and accordingly, we make it.

Now comes the most critical part of the ring to wear on your finger. The size of the ring is also significant when buying a ring. Assize determines the ring’s smoothness when put in your finger, and it should be a little resistant so that it does not come off while you are wearing it. The ring size needs to be perfect; otherwise, it will not look suitable on any of the fingers. We definitely provide our clients with specific size charts for our customers, so in that way, no one gets the wrong size. We also consult with our clients several times about the size so that there remains no gap. Other than that, if you are giving a surprise, then we can provide you with the standard size. And in case if you want to keep it as a surprise and also want to keep it off perfect size, then you can measure it when your partner is asleep, or you can ask her close friend about the ring size. Also, you can go to her previous jewelers and ask for the size.


Fixing proper budget

After all, the matter is considered before your purchase, and you need to fix your budget. Now selecting the value for an engagement ring may seem challenging. In fact, many people find it very hard to set their budget, but actually, they do not consult with experts with us. Our expert and consultation team has been continuously working to provide a friendly and affordable budget so that no financial problem arises while you purchase your ring. The average price of a diamond engagement ring is around three thousand dollars. But the price always fluctuates as the market always goes up and down. The diamond cost does not remain stable as, like Gold, it also changes from time to time. So considering that case, you can consult with us in our store or even contact us before a few weeks you buy. We always keep regular updates about the prices of all kinds of jewelry, and thus we can tell you the exact cost of the diamond on that specific day. Now coming to us, we Diamond Exchange Dallas always provide you the best pricing in the market you will ever get. In case you want to purchase multiple rings, we have special discounts that can give you a major cut on your purchase.

Moreover, our diamonds are GIA certified, so there is no additional tension for you to think about whether our diamonds are fake or not. We always provide the best and highest quality diamonds, and we guarantee you the perfect product. Our company is one of the largest suppliers of wholesale diamonds. In this position that we have now, we have our oath to maintain consistency till the end of the journey. Over the past few years, we have provided our clients with the best jewelry pieces, and we are also providing consistent service to our clients—any type of treatment needed for the diamond we are continually giving it. We also have our signature diamonds, which are of limited stock. 

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Our various flexible options

We have flexible options for any kind of jewelry. You can choose an engagement ring for a woman from our website. Not only that, but you can also choose an engagement ring for a man too. You can separately choose a diamond for an engagement ring. Moreover, you can choose an engagement ring quiz. So we have various options that can give you the best diamond engagement ring. We always contact you before you find the ring. Choosing an engagement ring may seem challenging. But we can quickly get your demands for your ring and choose the best engagement ring for you. Our company Diamond Exchange Dallas is always efficient in providing the best service. We never let down our customers. We still work hard to find a suitable ring for our clients and also you can choose any kind of diamond to put in the ring. Offering multiple options is not something familiar you may find in other companies, and local jewelry stores are also costly. So in order to get the perfect ring for your loved ones, you can easily rely on us. We assure you to give you the highest quality of engagement ring.

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