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Where to sell diamonds

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sell diamond


The widespread sentiment that “Diamond forever” is mostly set aside by many people as they give up diamonds for selling. The dialogue may be stable and observable by some people. But at the end of the day, many people sell their diamonds. Some people buy new ones, some people save money. But selling diamonds is very common, and people always want to get the best deals when selling. Most of the time, companies have a fixed rate, so any kind of diamond they have a fixed selling price for it. The local retail jewelers don’t have a fixed rate but their starting rate to offer for your diamond is significantly less. So most of the people don’t show interest in selling their diamonds to the local jewelers. Our company has vast experience in this field of selling diamonds. When it comes to selling, we always put the best offers for our respective clients. We also respect their pricing. We definitely offer them excellent and reasonable prices which satisfy both of us. We don’t give radical and illogical prices that make our clients uncomfortable. Some of the companies disturb the customers by asking vague prices. 

When people buy diamond jewelry, they always purchase keeping in mind that it has much importance for them. Even diamond jewelry can represent something. Sometimes it can be a memory for someone. It can be a reminder of the past for someone. Selling a diamond is not as simple as it looks; it is not an easy transaction as the gold of sale. So it may seem lucrative while selling your diamond. Gold has different criteria that need to be taken into consideration while selling it. But in the case of a diamond, the requirements are additional. Gold has a melt value that is quantifiable, but in the case of a diamond, there are many sets rather than one objective measure. So definitely, the Diamond value does not depend on carat or its weight. It roughly depends on it. And the price will remain unchanged for that set of criteria. But other factors such as cut, clarity, and durability or any kind of treatment done to it will affect the pricing of the diamond. The more time the diamond has been used, if there’s no treatment done to it or if there is not any kind of scratches, then the price will not drastically come down. It will mostly remain the same. So, we will match some set of criteria before we buy your diamond. And we always have comfortable standards so that our clients don’t get disturbed and can freely sell their diamonds.

Now, if you may feel easy and comfortable going to the local jewelry store, the problem you will face is with the trust issue. They are not as trustworthy as you think. As they are into a retail business and being local, finding some confused clients about a diamond’s price, they cheat the customers by giving them low prices. They show them the diamonds’ various faults, such as they will tell that the color is not popular, so the price goes down; they will also say that the diamond has scratches. So in this way, you will face a problem in selling the diamond, and they will also not give an excellent offer to you. Even if you are very close to the local jewelry shop, they will not offer you high prices, and you may even lose money as finding a single buyer is challenging in the case of a local pawn shop.

On the other hand, if you come to Diamond Exchange Dallas, you will find that people are in competition for your diamond. They are bidding for getting it, and eventually, you can get a reasonable price, a higher price than your local jewelry shop. So, if you are finding potential buyers for your diamond, Diamond Exchange Dallas is the best place for you as no matter what is going in the market and no matter where you are, you will surely get the best deal for your diamond here.

The BBB and GIA certification

Now when you sell a diamond, you need to be very confident with your offer. You need to definitely make sure that your provider has a good rating, especially the Better Business Bureau, which is also known as BBB. Now, this is a critical rating that you need to look for while you sell your diamond to a buyer via the provider. Diamond Exchange Dallas has an excellent rating, which is a BBB rating, and it also holds a first-hand Dealer’s license, which is issued by the consumer affairs department of New York City. Moreover, we also deal with the best diamonds, which have GIA certification. Now when you choose us for selling your diamond, we can be a hundred percent assured you are selling your diamond following the US government’s standard rules.

Moreover, we don’t have any hidden charges. We are very crystal clear with our work and thus our transparency evident for our company growing so fast. We only do some evaluation and estimation, and the reason we do it honestly so that we can provide accurate information to both you and the buyer who is bidding on it. The value is set after the proper evaluation is carried out by the network of diamond buyers who are very professional in this matter.


sell diamond


Our optimal process to carry out

We work very smoothly and efficiently, following some specific steps. Firstly if you buy online through us, we will provide the utmost security for your diamond to pick up. Your item will be shipped in time, and it will be done through the medium you choose. FedEx is a common medium to choose from for shipping. Once your item comes to our office, we put it in screening, and we always keep tracking it. Firstly we clean the diamond so that any type of dent and spot is removed. Then we take beautiful shots of it with our expert photographers. We do our best so that it gets the highest bid during the auction. Then the central part, which is the inspection of the diamond. If your diamond has not been previously certified, if it has not been graded from GIA, IGI, or GSI labs, then you don’t need to worry at all. We will definitely assure the certification from our side. We will provide you with all certificates that are required for selling purposes. All types of certification are also adequately checked by the Dallas Diamond committee, and only with their approval, we go to the next steps. After that, we take more beauty shots and complete lab grading, and finally, we create an auction listing. After that, we set a price taken from you, meaning we set your reserve price, or the price is set manually by a manual setting. After that, we will gradually start the auction. You don’t need to worry at all about the payment. After the auction is finished, we will pay you the amount subtracting our commission. So we make the payment very fast and always let our clients feel comfortable.

You know diamonds are really attached to emotion. Sometimes people find it hard to let go of their diamonds. It is more precious to them than other jewelry. For your sentiments, you always hope to get a higher price, but the people who will buy are not with ideas, so in that case, we are the ones who can keep you, and the buyer satisfied. We will definitely help you choose a price that suits the market value and meets your needs. The sentiments are not there for the buyers, as it is a material thing at the end of the day. So if you are ready to sell your diamond, then you are definitely away from your emotion: the most noticing thing and the crucial part of the market. The market always fluctuates, so as a result, the price of the diamond ever changes. So, before you sell, we will obviously put an accurate price so that there is no loss of quality and value. This is the first thing we do after you send your request to sell a diamond. The only thing you need to do is give us a brief description of your diamond that you want to sell, and you can also use our smart calculator provided on our website to compute the value of your diamond and also to get an idea of the current resale value of the market. This way, before coming to us or before sending us the request to sell your diamond, you can do the steps to make the process faster.


sell diamond


The four important factors before selling

The value of the diamond also depends on some other factors too. The determination of the value is done, and the price also changes, considering some factors. They are very popular in determining and known as the 4 C’s. They are Cut Clarity, Color, and Carat. The cut is the most important one. The more proper cut and the perfect one, the higher price you can get. Modern diamonds have immaculate cuts, and thus also they are not antique, so as they are unique so having a perfect amount in the new diamonds makes the price higher. Clarity indicates the blemish if done to the diamond.

Now buyers are very much concerned about the clarity of the diamond. If the spot or any scratch is deep and also if there is a lack of flaws, then the price will definitely go down. But obviously, you can get a higher price if there are less blemishes. The majority of people believe that diamonds are not entirely colorless. But actually, diamonds have colors. There is a shade of yellow or sometimes brown.

But on the other hand, there are colorless diamonds also. In fact, colorless diamonds are more pricey, which means colorless diamonds get a lot higher value than colored diamonds. The colored diamonds are graded according to the color, and the prices also depend on colors. There is an evaluation scale that they maintain. Finally, there comes the carat. Jewelry owners typically know the carat weight of their diamonds. They know that the bigger stone size refers to more carat weight. And you can also guess the more significant the size, the higher price you will get.

Our company has always performed its best when it comes to selling your diamond. We have sold million-dollar diamonds. We have also purchased a lot of antique jewelry and have been working for more than twenty years in this field. With the best review you will see in the market, our expertise has gained a lot of popularity in the world. If you want to sell your Diamond in Dallas, we are the best dealers to sell diamonds in Dallas. Also if you’re going to sell a diamond ring then without any hesitation, you can come to us. So if you think what the best place to sell diamonds near me is, Diamond Exchange Dallas is the best way to sell a diamond ring. People tell us to sell my diamond ring. We consider that as our main motive to provide the best service we can as we have global sales, which is unparalleled, so it is self-evident that you will receive the best and the maximum value for your diamond. We don’t worry about financial problems; we also try to give our best financial resources and make the payment as immediate as possible. We are based in Dallas, but still, we have our people all over the world selling diamonds through us on a virtual basis. If you order online, we will send you a free shipping kit that will give your diamond our safety insurance. And for payment options, you will find various flexible payment options to pay, and we also always with you until your payment is completed. We will provide the best communication and plan to you so that you never face any hesitation to purchase from us. Diamond Exchange Dallas indeed believes in the best service.

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