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Where to buy loose diamonds

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Loose Diamonds

The uniqueness of diamonds

Diamonds are never compared with any kind of other stones. It is of elite quality. There is no such stone that can be given a direct comparison with diamonds. Diamond has its own uniqueness, which clearly reflects its identity. Most people prefer diamonds as the center stone of their engagement ring. Other than gold and some other precious stones, Diamond has its own preference. That is why people buy loose diamonds and put them in various types of jewelry. The outlook of a diamond is based on the cut, color, and clarity primarily. It decides the overall shimmer of the diamond. The shape is agreed upon by the facets cut and the sparkling shine of it. The figure is a significant factor of a diamond. It decides the average size of the diamond, which is to be put as the center stone in the case of an engagement ring. Now, in the case of diamonds purchased as loose, there is an advantage of various choices because it will provide people a better prospect of choosing diamonds. Both men and women prefer multiple and divergent shapes of diamonds.

Loose Diamonds GIA certification

Diamonds are unique stones because it looks mesmerizing in any style and in fact, it shows the perfect nature of the person who wears it. Millions desire it for its charming style. Our company has loose diamonds which are GIA certified, and we offer a wide range of products in various shapes and cuts. Some of the best cuts are Asscher cut, princess cut, emerald cut, and radiant cut, and there are also some exclusive shapes such as heart shape, pear shape. Our clients always admire our delightful curves. Our previous clients always appreciate us as we offer the best deals when it comes to diamonds especially loose diamonds. We offer some more shapes, such as round shaped diamond, oval diamond, cushion cut diamond. These types of diamonds charm the clients more. We provide diamonds to purchase loose 3-carat diamonds or 2-carat diamonds for any particular shape. And the most interesting fact about our company Diamond Exchange Dallas is that our prices are meager compared to the market. Also, as we sell loose diamond wholesale, our deals are very affordable compared to other retail stores and companies.

The GIA certification is very important and lucrative because it will help the diamond to get recognized. As diamonds are very precious, so getting the genuine authenticity of the diamond is very much essential. In other words, the proper documentation of the diamond will help you to sell the diamond to any resellers. But the fact here is that if you go to local jewelers or seek GIA certification for online retailers, then they will charge you extra such as tax charge, and most importantly, as they are retail stores, they have their own retail charges. Hence if you come to us, Diamond Exchange Dallas assures you to provide the best quality diamond at the best price you could ever get.

Moreover, our clients always trust us, so we always give the best products, and it is case sensitive in case of loose diamonds, so we always show authenticity. It is very easy to check diamonds by looking at its details if there is any blemish or treatment done to the diamond for getting any extra sparkle. Online shopping is not suggested at all, as in online purchases, consumers don’t get to examine the diamond at a close view. But these are the cases seen if you purchase online from companies that are not technology sufficient. We have a very flexible chance in this matter of online shopping. We provide our customers with the highest quality of picture and a 360-degree video so that they can get the look of each and every detail of the diamond. The diamond is super zoomed, and all the details, including the 4 Cs, are clearly observed. And the clarity is infinitely observable. So, none of any problem occurs if you purchase from us both online and offline. So, buying from us will not lack any kind of quality.

Loose Diamonds

Types of loose diamonds 

There are various types of diamonds in this category. But some of them which are mentionable and most popular in the market are described in this section. The Round Cut Diamond is the first in this list, and it is, in fact, regarded as a distinguished cut because of its enlarged quality. The sparkle is produced incredibly with a little more than 57 facets, and this type of diamonds are infinite respect to time. This diamond initially gained its widespread popularity around 1920, and it is regarded as a modern diamond. For getting a sparkle perfection in a diamond, the princess cut diamond falls in the best choice. The general shape of this diamond is square, and its structure follows an antique tradition. The angles of these diamonds are sharp. The diamond was primarily developed in the 1980s, and its adherent is referred to as clean lines and charming glossiness. Cushion shaped diamonds are square and a bit rectangular shape with curved corners, vintage style patterns, and it’s a bit soft. The designs are eye-catching and dazzling. These rings are composed of oval and round shapes, and for its unique antique style, the popularity is undoubtedly increasing to a greater extent.

The ever famous beautiful emerald diamond has an inducing art design, and its shape is rectangular. The diamond has a typically extended pavilion with a big table. This diamond shape is known for its inspiration from the namesake gemstone. The emerald diamond consists of fewer facets compared to other diamond shapes. The emerald diamond is mostly famous as it has emphasized clarity over the sparkle. The cushion cut is mostly suited for solitaire engagement rings and Victorian rings. The most precious cushion cut diamond is the engagement ring of rose gold cushion cut diamond. And especially when it is designed with its pink texture. An incredible brilliance is found in the radiant shaped diamonds, and its shape is mostly square and rectangular. This diamond is made from a multiple and stunning mixture of other forms. The comparison is carried out with Asscher shapes and emerald shapes from the prospect of its cropped corners. The princess and round shaped diamonds mostly inspire the facets of radiant forms. The design of radiant shape diamond is so erudite that it can be a perfect choice for the people who have a stand out with.

The oval-shaped diamonds are admired for its beautiful oval cut, and it feels eternal, and it is best suited for vintage style rings. The diamond is rendered for tall meager fingers, and for its appearance to be bigger in size, the oval cut represents its elegance. It is a little more significant than the other rings, and it is flat shaped. The shape brings remembrance of a marquise for its elongated design. The diamond was developed around 1960, and the feel is very classy. The length is maximized in the surface area, and from our previous experience, we observe that customers who seek large diamonds go for these oval shaped diamonds. Pear cut diamonds are the customized mix of the marquise cut round cut diamonds, and that is why it is called hybrid shaped diamonds. The design is very lucrative, and it is highly preferred by females who look for diamonds with curvy delicate shapes. This diamond’s symmetrical shape is a very important feature and is a good reason for people choosing it. The Diamond shape is molded very carefully because it can lose its appeal if the curved piece is not made proportionally. The peer diamonds, which are made narrower, are size looks dazzling in earrings. It looks magnificent in solitaire rings, and it suits mostly because of its wide appearance. The tumbling perfection is seen in the gorgeous droplet shape in the pear-shaped diamonds. It has a very popular name known as teardrop diamond. The appearance of this pear-shaped diamond has a reasonable settlement on vintage and modern shaped diamonds. The cut is so brilliant that it has around 58 facets that have a lot of sparkles. It has a flattering choice, and it is very helpful for those who have an elongated finger.

This type of shape, which is known as the square emerald shape, is popularly called the Asscher diamond shape. The Asscher shape mainly focuses on the composed flashes instead of bright, sizzling sparkle. The elongated facets, which are also flat, appear mesmerizing when transparent gems are put into it. If the diamond is slightly included and if the clarity is unblemished, then it cannot be seen in naked eyes. Asscher shapes are best suited for solitaire engagement rings and also famous for three cut Asscher stone rings. It is so popular that it is also known for Elizabeth Taylor’s ring, around 33 carats. It is ironic because it has X visible in its design. The comparison of the Asscher shape type is made to the princess diamond concerning the square shape. It has excellent angles and cropped sides that definitely set its side from any other diamond shapes. The marquise is another unique shape diamond. It has a characteristic oval shape that sets it different from all other diamond shapes. It has very smooth and dazzling curves, and the ends of every side are pointed. The most interesting fact about the marquise diamond shape is that it has the highest price, which is determined per carat weight ratio. It is more expensive than any other diamond shape, and it is because of king Louis xvi, and it was initially custom-built by his majesty. For a high price, you definitely get a bigger shaped diamond. The design is so flattering that it really suits the elongated finger while it has beautiful vivacity on its facet. It has its own engagement ring style, which is the marquise engagement ring, and it’s obviously composed of marquise cut diamond. Moreover, it also suits vintage cut diamond rings. In fact, it is very much my favorite to all.

The most iconic shaped diamond that represents the symbol of love and peace is the heart-shaped diamond cut. It has an extraordinary length to length ratio and which is of heart shape. It is almost similar to the pear shape and the perfection of a brilliant diamond shape; this diamond shape is always known as the most romantic choice for everyone. It has an approximate cut of around 59 facets and has an extraordinary sparkling design. It can be of multiple shapes depending on the length to length ratio. It can be narrow or a little wide, and it definitely comes with a classic heart shape. It always symbolizes an eternal symbol for love. It is still luminous and bright. But one thing you need to keep in mind while buying a heart-shaped diamond is that if it has two halves, the diamond places symmetrically, and it is placed in a perfect place in a curved position. With heart-shaped diamond rings, earrings, heart pendants can be made. From our previous clients, we have seen that this type of diamond is given as a gift to loved ones.

Nowadays, loose diamonds are very much popular with consumers. So for many years, our sales of loose diamonds are increasing to a great extent. Experts create our loose diamonds, and we also have loose lab-created diamonds. Our company has a strict policy for certification. For that reason, we have certified loose diamonds. Very few diamond companies offer certified loose diamonds.

Along with many types of diamonds, we also sell loose black diamonds. Our company provides the best price and so that everyone can afford we also have cheap loose diamonds. If you are looking for loose diamonds near you, then please visit us. We Diamond Exchange Dallas guarantee you the best service, and we offer lifetime service, and you can get help whenever you call us or email us. 

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