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How much to spend on engagement ring

By October 24, 2020November 3rd, 2020No Comments

engagement ring


Getting an engagement ring is indeed a challenging job. Primarily when you think of a budget, then the first obstacle that comes with the budget is the overpricing of some companies. The cost of an engagement ring definitely varies from place to place, from companies to companies. The problem with the companies is that they are not reliable anymore. They often cheat customers by giving them a false ring and also fake diamonds. So it is obvious that you choose the right company to get your desired ring. Hence you can come to us. We Diamond Exchange Dallas will assure you the best quality ring and also will provide you a lifetime service. Starting from Diamond Engagement Rings to any kind of special ring of any stone, we have all of the best collections that you will not find in other stores and companies. 

Possibilities of the range for a ring

People are always very excited when they are about to purchase their engagement ring. Some people are very careful and attentive also. When they think of their purchase for the first time, they think it’s very easy to purchase an engagement ring. But little do they know that they are about to fall into a misconception about it. The change of mind occurs when they see the different types of shape, size, and color of the ring. Also, especially when they price. You know Diamond Ring is a serious investment. According to various studies and statistics, it is seen that the average cost for a Diamond Engagement Ring is about $5900. But this average investment is not made by everyone. There are people who spend $1000 to $2000 on an engagement ring. And surprisingly there are also some people who spend more than $10,000 on getting a ring. The recent statistics show that about ten percent of people spend around $1000 on their engagement ring.

So, there may be a question in your head about what ring you will purchase. Which rings are popular among couples? So, our expert team carried out their research and found that about seventy-five percent of people are purchasing a new ring. And around forty percent of people are buying those rings which are popular in the market. And the rest, twenty-five percent of people are buying customized rings. Though Sapphires and emeralds have a great significance in history, the era is ruled by the supreme diamond. Among all other gemstones, couples are highly interested in diamonds. In fact, about eighty-five percent of the couples are choosing Diamond as their center stone. All these clearly indicated the importance of a diamond in an engagement ring. Other than that, there are some alternative stones popular among couples. Among some of the precious gemstones, Moissanite, a special gemstone, is indeed very famous. The statistics say that popularity has been doubled in the year 2017. About fifty percent of the rings were made from this stone, and they were around one to two carat. From our previous year analysis, around fifty percent of rings were round cut while some were halo around one fourth.

The thing is, engagement is not only about the stones. The metal choice is also a very important part of the ring. And it is not a surprising matter that gold is, in fact, a wonderful choice for an engagement ring. More than fifty percent of shoppers prefer gold as their metal for their engagement ring. Also, another famous material was rose gold. Around fifteen percent of people selected rose gold as their preferred metal for their ring. So, rose gold engagement rings are also very popular. Engagement rings are not something you will bargain for. People always choose and purchase it once in a lifetime, and thus they usually don’t get bothered with the prices. You will obviously give your partner the best ring for her choice. But you don’t need to worry at all. Our company Diamond Exchange Dallas will guide you by following some important factors that you need to take into consideration. But we always give our clients a comfortable way to purchase their engagement ring. We suggest our clients not to remain in major debt for the ring.

Fixing a budget is the first and primary step to spend not much for an engagement ring. From our experience of our previous clients and also to the recent statistics of the market, almost eighty percent of the customers set their budget beforehand. And that the budget is mostly determined by the proposer. A few percent of around six percent of couples set their budget together. The one thing we found that people sticking with their budget don’t spend the exact or less amount on their ring. They obviously go over their budget. And this happens mainly when they go to the wrong store or take information from the wrong company. But it is not the case for us. We are always very caring about our clients. We definitely look upon the customer budget. And within their budget, we try to give them their desired ring. Sometimes, when it’s not possible to give them within their budget and when they need to go over their budget, we provide them with flexible payment options and don’t burden themselves with debt.

You are now coming to what you should consider before buying your engagement ring. Firstly you need to see the sensing style of your loved ones. As everyone has a different taste, so it is rather an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration while you are purchasing a ring. Then comes the usability. Normally we see married people wear their ring every time. So that means the durability of the ring is also an important factor here. The more rough one will use, the more durable the ring should be purchased—one thing to be mentioned is that we also offer a simple engagement ring, but that does indicate bad quality. We ensure the best quality irrespective of the price range. Any low priced ring is also of the best durable quality. Afterward, you need to see that if your partner needs to have an attractive ring. Also, if the requirement is a glossy and shiny one, all these factors are very crucial when considering to buy an engagement ring.


engagement ring

The maximum and the minimum budget

You are coming to the proper budget. When setting your budget, you need to think about your minimum and maximum price range. If you have to bring the exact amount of money, you may fall into a situation where you need more money to buy the ring. So you need to fix two ranges for your ring. Now the scope of your engagement ring is dependent on your salary. According to many experts, the minimum budget should be around $600. This minimum budget is regardless of your compensation. Now there’s a saying about the maximum budget. The phrase is something like if you, by any chance, lose your ring, then how much funding can you cope up with in your everyday life. Well, these are two points to be taken into consideration. Now the thing is that you don’t need to look cheap. Any time of ring would be great for you as an engagement ring is never a reasonable purchase. Whether you spend $600 or $10,000, it is always a big purchase for you. As you always consider your budget when buying, so it really doesn’t matter at all.

The factors to be considered in this case are buying the ring with cash or financing through any other way. If you are funding with a credit card, you definitely need to check the interest rates when buying. Sometimes you will see very high-interest rates. So this is definitely a critical factor. If you finance through a credit card, then you need to think about the return of debt. You need to believe that if you wait for some more time, then you can get better purchases. So in the last case, we can definitely help you with the up to date information about the current market rates of each and every ring of our collection. You can check our website or even call us directly to know the detailed prices of any jewelry, whether it be an engagement ring or diamonds, or any other gemstone. Spending on a gemstone or an engagement ring is a very luxurious purchase. So for the best deals, please visit us. We have the best engagement ring in Dallas. You know engagement rings connect emotion, so purchasing an engagement ring may be very sensitive for you. It’s definitely overwhelming.


engagement ring

Types of engagement ring 

There are various types of engagement rings. Among them, the first one, as earlier mentioned, is the rose gold engagement ring. The vintage engagement ring is also a very popular ring. The vintage ring has a milgrain, which has a beaded edge. It also has hand engraved details, and it is very delicate. This type of ring is often featured as pave diamond rings. Each vintage ring has an exclusive assortment, and it is a very durable and lifetime ring. Sometimes people don’t want a small engagement ring. In that case, we suggest that you can go with the oval engagement ring, which is a halo style. It is a widespread ring as it can maximize the size. The halo setting with this style brings an additional sparkle to the ring, and thus it looks bigger and brighter. This oval halo ring has a vintage shadow, which will make anyone look gorgeous.

 Black diamond engagement rings are also very famous and wanted in the market. This type of ring is usually small, which means the stone of these rings is small, and it is eye-catching. This type of ring comes in multiple sets of side stones. Among them, mentionable are Tapered baguettes, especially the unique ones, pave diamonds, which falls in the trail of delicacy, and the bold sapphire ones. As people always want unique things to not fall in the standard rings, there is a style of uniqueness in the unique engagement rings. The best-smelling essence of this type of ring will definitely encourage you to go in your own way, and it definitely helps during the proposal time as it’s your unique love story. So don’t hesitate this moment is unforgettable and thus this ring can, in fact, help you. Afterward, there is a gold engagement ring. This type of ring is also wanted, and it is a side to side competition of a diamond engagement ring. A gold engagement ring is mostly preferred in the Middle East and Asia. But there is some order we got from the USA, and we are the best seller all over the world. Also, we are the best in Dallas, especially.

The engagement ring is both for men and women. But taking into consideration and according to the statistics from the previous years, we see that engagement rings for women are more sold than men engagement rings. Apart from an engagement ring, men also buy customized rings, so the ratio keeps fluctuating. Moreover, some people don’t buy a single engagement ring. There are people who buy engagement rings sets. These types of customers are very rare. But we have some of our previous clients who purchased a whole bunch of engagement rings and not any cheap ones; the collection included many precious rings. We also find some customers who go with a cheap engagement ring. And not astonishing, around forty percent of people go for the cheap ones. We can also suggest you buy loose Diamond from us and then our expert team can guide you and then our master craftsmen will work for the best ring that they can prepare for you and finally we will provide you the best offer you will get in the market. We always focus on a high-quality cut. You can definitely check in the naked eye whether you see the details or not, even in sunlight also. So, come to Diamond Exchange Dallas.

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