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Guide to Proposing During the Holidays

By September 30, 2020February 6th, 2022No Comments

There’s something about this time of year that is perfect for a proposal. The streets are decorated with twinkly lights, everyone is heading home to see their families, and there’s a wonderful feeling of joy everywhere you go. There’s no better way to add to that joy than with the excitement of an engagement and an upcoming wedding. If you’re thinking of popping the question this holiday season we’ve got some tips for you to make sure everything turns out perfect!

Get the perfect ring

First things first, you need a ring to propose with! The holidays are already known as a time of overspending and indulgence, so it’s important to set a clear budget and stick to it. To avoid the ring purchase from cutting into your holiday gift budget, you may want to consider a low-interest engagement ring loan to finance the cost. Then there’s the matter of picking out the perfect ring she’ll love. Since it’s already engagement season, try bringing up an innocent conversation about others you know who have gotten engaged recently. It’s a great sneaky way to get her opinion on rings!

Get your families involved

This season is full of family time and being home for the holidays, so involving your family in this exciting event will be easy. Even if your families won’t be present for the actual moment you pop the question, there are plenty of ways to get them involved. Ask her parents to host a small celebration that you can head to after she says “yes!”. Or you could ask your own siblings for help ring shopping, especially if they’re already engaged or married. Getting your families in on the excitement will also help you embrace the fact that this is about more than just you two as a couple. Two families will soon be coming together in a big way and that’s something to celebrate too!

Private vs Public?

Luckily the holiday season has plenty of proposal options for either a public or private scenario. If your future fianceé loves the spotlight you could pop the question at a town tree lighting, during a special family gathering or even on a group trip to cut down Christmas trees. If you’re looking for an intimate proposal, activities like decorating your tree, a snowy walk in the woods or cuddling by the fire are all perfect low-key opportunities to ask the big question. Just make sure you figure out which type of proposal your sweetheart would prefer and then take advantage of all the fun and festive events that happen during this time of year!

Take time to celebrate privately

With all of the excitement the holidays bring, they can sometimes overshadow the thrill of your engagement. Even if you have a public proposal with family and friends, plan something small and private to keep the celebration going with your new fianceé. A romantic dinner or a quick getaway are great options to spend some quality time together and soak in the moment with just the two of you.

Plan ahead

The holidays are not the time to throw together a proposal at the last minute. Between holiday parties, travel, family gatherings, shopping and more, your engagement could easily be postponed without some proper planning. If you want both of your families to be in town you’ll need to make sure you double check their travel schedules. Keep a close eye on your future spouse’s schedule too. You don’t want to plan an engagement when she’s already scheduled to bake cookies at her grandmother’s house. Planning ahead is essential to make sure your proposal goes off without a hitch and to ensure this special moment gets the attention it deserves.

Avoid the actual holiday

While the holidays are a great opportunity to propose to your fiance, scheduling the event before the actual date of the holiday isn’t necessarily a bad idea either. With all of the hustle and bustle happening to prepare for your families arrival this holiday season, an engagement may be just a little too much going on. There are plenty of other days that fall during the season that will give that same joyful feeling to your proposal. Plus, the holidays have a much greater meaning to many people and some of your family members might not appreciate all of the attention being diverted to your engagement and away from the reason for the season if it’s on the actual date.

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