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Chic Engagement Ring Ideas for Spring 2017

engagement ring ideas spring 2017
If you are planning your fairy-tale wedding in the spring of 2017, the journey can surely start with finding the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the ideal engagement ring is certainly a big decision! Diamond Exchange Dallas is here to help you pick up the perfect diamond jewelry for wholesale prices. An engagement ring is the symbol of your forthcoming union and chances are high that you will be rocking it for the years to come. Let the experts at Diamond Exchange Dallas help to make your dreams come true.

Engagement rings – like wedding trousseau – fall prey to the trends. Sure, the bigger the better, however, you might want to make sure that the ring is classy and timeless.

To acquaint you with the styles du jour, we have rounded up our favorite engagement ring ideas that promise to be trendy yet classic enough to be forever in style.

From Edwardian-inspired intricate designs to stunning intertwined bands, rest assured to discover “the one” that is perfect for you.
Engagement Rings Spring 2017

Unique Halos

Halo settings have been enjoying the limelight for quite some time. And you can see why! A row of luminous setting around a glorious center stone draws attention to the focal point while making it look bigger, too!
In spring 2017, we can expect a more remarkable take on this trend – everything from vintage-inspired, intricate designs to blinged-out geometric halos. Going retro with your halo is the keyword.
And this takes us to our next engagement ring idea.

Colored Accents

Colored stones have ruled the roost in 2016 and they will continue to be a chic and totally covetable trend this year too… but with a fascinating twist. Instead of focusing on a single colored gemstone, 2017 has ushered in gemstone accents – a sparkler featuring a pop of color and effervescence. Diamond Exchange Dallas is known for it’s custom designs and ability to make on of a kind jewelry.

Think a diamond and emerald duo or pink diamond radiance. The look and charm of a two stone ring certainly doubles the fun! Simply fall in love with spectacular colored engagement rings – an apt tribute to your bond and life together.


Old school and classic – the combination never fails to impress. Much beloved for their femininity and intricacy, engagement rings from the Edwardian era include hallmarks of tons of diamonds, platinum, colored gemstones, and intricate details. Whether you are choosing a vintage-inspired or a handmade antique design, you will be captivated by the unique charm and delicate artistry of this era.

Black Diamond

There is no better way to stand out from a crowd of lucent bling than flaunting a statement black diamond. The edgier look of this dark stone has drawn non-traditional brides to its glamorous and mystifying depths. Beyond this visual appeal, black diamonds are the symbol of passion and certainty.

Intertwined Bands

The romantic perception of a twisted band beautifully sums up the eternal intertwining of your love. Stunning and symbolic, this popular on-trend design signifies coming together of two lives and becoming one.
Interlaced bands of pavé diamonds and a halo around the center stone create a luminous sphere of sparkle. We simply cannot take our eyes off this beauty!
Now that we have done the work of charting out the finest engagement ring ideas for you, all you need to do is say yes! Diamond Exchange Dallas has 100’s of wholesale diamonds and engagement rings to choose from. We also can customize any engagement ring that you can dream of.

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