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Picking Out a Diamond For an Engagement Ring

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Love is a treasure, and with it brings many wonderful and exciting experiences. Picking the right engagement ring is a wonderful experience, though it can come with much trepidation and fear of the unknown. You have met the love of your life, and in your heart you know that this is the love to end all love and you are ready to propose; yet, in order to take the next step of commencing a life together, you must choose the engagement ring.

Educate yourself

As a romantic and traditionalist, we want to engage upon centuries of a time honored tradition and deliver the dream of the perfect engagement, as the symbol of our dedication to love and commitment to a lasting and bonding union. But, before we say “I do” in front of family and friends, before we ask that most magnificent of questions, we first need to pick out a diamond for our engagement ring! Call Diamond Exchange Dallas at anytime for advice at .

The center diamond shape decicion

There are many important decisions we must answer along our exciting path of lifelong commitment, we must begin with the diamond! When picking out a diamond for the engagement ring you intend to place upon the finger of your true love, consider what shape best exemplifies your soon to be wed? Is she a romantic with strong classic elegance? Then consider the , where old world elegance meets modern design that enhances fire and brilliance. The cushion cut diamond works well in all settings and precious metals. Looking for a cut that demonstrates her unique beauty and style? Heart shaped solitaire or heart halo engagement rings provide the opportunity to find the one ring that encompasses her individualism while maintaining elegance and beauty. Specialty shaped diamond cuts like the heart shape look amazing with colored precious metals like rose gold. Looking for contemporary sheik that will stay fashionable and modern? Asscher cut diamond are quite trendy, yet have been popular for more than 100 years due to the combined advantages of the round diamond and the emerald cut diamond. Asscher cut diamonds have brilliance and deep fire, while maintaining that contemporary yet classic look. Settings with diamonds and other precious stones work very well with this cut of diamond.

The quality of the diamond

Next you need to consider clarity, carat and color. Clarity is generally defined as the quality of the diamond with concern to the internal characteristics called inclusions and surface defects called blemishes. The cut of the diamond plays a major part in how inclusions are seen, and consulting a certified diamond cutter can really assist in finding the best diamond for the best price. The cut of the diamond can play a major role in whether or not an inclusion or blemish detracts from the quality of refraction and fire. Carat is well known, though the cut here too is very important. Some deep cuts appear smaller due to the depth of the diamond, whereas others appear much larger based on carat compassion. Color too is a personal expression and will have a great impact of how the cut and settings are displayed.

Which engagement ring to choose is not an easy decision

is as much art as it is science. Clearly the art of choosing the perfect woman is within your grasp, though if you feel you need a little more help with the science including learning more about how cut, clarity, color and carat; choose a certified diamond cutter and specialist like Diamond Exchange Dallas. Diamond Exchange Dallas has one of the with the best prices guaranteed to help you find the perfect diamond for the perfect woman.

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