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6 Fun and Different Ways to Propose

By September 30, 2020February 6th, 2022No Comments

Some episodes in our lives are like a small film. We would often want to set the rewind button to recollect and relive those moments. They are those moments which you would be narrating to your parents, your friends, your relatives and later to your kids. One such special episode is an engagement proposal.

A romantic and unique proposal does matter. Whether you wish to make it a low-key affair or something elaborate and extraordinary, it can be an overwhelming experience. Popping the question which you have been for long preparing in your mind is itself a daunting task and coupled with that you also need to think about the perfect engagement ring . So much to ponder over yet, it cannot be denied that your special someone deserves a special engagement proposal, an episode which will remain dear to her heart the rest of her life and an episode which she will never be tired to narrate to the people around.

Make your proposal memorable

There are an endless number of ways to pop the question . All you need to do is make your’s original and memorable. Of course, it depends on your individual likes and dislikes, but remember an engagement proposal is the most awaited moment for her. It is a day she will always hold close to her heart, a day she will treasure for the rest of her life. Hence, it goes without saying; that even if you are against few of those proposal ideas, making her feel on cloud nine should be your top priority. The smile of happiness and the tears of joy in her eyes will make you feel that every trouble you undertook for her seemed small and was worth it. Following is a compilation of six very unique ways to propose:

  1. A Custom Proposal Website for Her: A very creative idea! You can custom create a whole website with the help of a ‘web designer’ friend. With the sole purpose of proposing, post all the photos of you together from the time you met, pour your heart out in beautiful writings and at the end put up your proposal. It will surely be a pleasant surprise for her, a surprise which she can keep alive till the rest of her life. Yes, the very website can be kept updated with all your future memories too. It will not just be a romantic gesture, but something absolutely out of the box.
  2. A Proposal via Her Favorite Pet: If she is a pet lover and has always been yearning for one why not surprise her with her favorite pet at her door with your proposal and engagement ring round its collar? That is sure to make her go ‘aw’ and considering the fact that you have been so thoughtful about how to surprise her, it is sure to be the most amazing moment in her life. You can further augment the moment by hiring a musician to sing her favorite song or include a huge gift hamper comprising all her favorite things. Needless to say, the basket containing her much desired pet, is enough to move her heart!
  3. On-Air Proposal: How about proposing her above 35,000 feet? That is sure to be the biggest surprise of her life. Have a ring ready, plan ahead with your flight attendants and use the plane’s loudspeaker system to deliver a small speech of your love for her, or maybe even sing her favorite song and finally pop the question. This can be better executed if she is unaware of your presence on the same flight. Maybe she is flying soon, you can seek the opportunity and unknown to her, get your tickets done for the same flight.  Of course, you have to be extra careful while going through the security check-ins as you have to make sure she does not see you around. In addition, you also have to make sure you do not end up getting a seat next to her’s in the flight. It has to be a well-planned as the slightest mistake can ruin the whole thing.
  4. Flash Mob Proposals: Flash mobs are a rage now and over the last few years, the flash mob proposal has been garnering much attention. Not much effort is needed from your end in this case. All you need to do is submit your desire for a flab mob proposal to the concern agency and on the appointed date and time take your girlfriend to the appointed place. You can bring in your friends and family to join the mob too. Of course, you can customize it by including banners, her favorite songs, gift hampers and the like.
  5. Treasure Hunt Proposals: The treasure will of course be the engagement proposal! How about an elaborate one day affair? Think of few special places for her, like her favorite salon, her favorite boutique, her favorite restaurant, her favorite ice-cream parlor etc. You can include few of her friends or family members as well and along the way have notes or cards delivered to her describing the significance of each of those stops or places and lead her to the next set of surprises. Let her unravel the mystery by hopping from one surprise to another till she gets to the romantic place where you plan to propose her or to a buried box with the note ‘Will you marry me’? It can be customized as per her likes and dislikes, but the idea is to give her a surprise proposal at the end, after all the huntings.
  6. A Proposal Book: If you have a knack for writing, a good and unique idea would be to write a book about your love for her, reasons you want to spend the rest of your life with her and about how you want to spend your life with her. Of course, the book needs to be thick and should contain every possible detail of the love you share. You can further enhance it by adding pictures of you together. It can be hand written in a beautiful diary or properly printed. It will be the best and most memorable novel she would read her entire life, a book she will never want to part with!

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