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Engagement Ring Trends To Look Forward To In 2019

By September 30, 2020February 6th, 2022No Comments

Shopping for an engagement ring is definitely exciting whether you do it alone or take your fiancée along. However, you do need to have a concrete idea with a picture forming in your mind when you imagine her wearing the beautiful ring on her slender finger. Just thinking about something in diamond or choosing a huge rock because of the celebs will not do either. You have to think in terms of the gemstone, the setting and indeed the style before you arrive at the top jewelry store for engagement rings Dallas or login to the online shop that catches your fancy. Diamond Exchange Dallas is here to help you through the process of getting the perfect engagement ring!
It is not going to be too wise to rely on the age old designs though. You are proposing to the girl of your dreams today and that means that you have to be aware of the current trends in engagement rings. Sure, it would be based on your own preferences and possibly hers but there are a few tell-tale indications about what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’ this time and possibly throughout the year 2019. Do take a look and make your purchase wisely so that your love and commitment is showcased most spectacularly.

Some Engagement Ring Ideas to Consider:


Fancy Cuts

– A round cut will always remain in vogue, come what may. So you cannot really go wrong by choosing a completely round diamond for her. However, do leave your own mark by going for the offbeat cut this time. Oval cuts along with pear shaped ones have been highly popular of late so go ahead and grab one, if it suits your budget. You might also take a step ahead and opt for a princess cut for the princess in your life. An emerald or Asscher cut will do perfectly if you happen to lean towards practicality.

3 Stone Engagement Ring

The current focus is on engagement rings that have not one, not two but three beautiful diamonds set to perfection. The interest for engagement rings containing a classic center stone with a pair of smaller diamonds or colored gems on either side set on an exceedingly thin band of gold or platinum has piqued after the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. You do not have to order an identical ring though. A simple take on it will do just fine with fancy cuts and unique accents thrown in to grab attention.

Yellow Gold

The classic is back with a bang! Yes! It is yellow gold that will rule 2019 when it comes to engagement rings. This is definitely a metal for all seasons with the rich, gold color being the top focus of the celebs as well. Forget the cold platinum or Sterling silver when you want to give credence to the warm relationship and go all out, asking for the beautiful material that is sure to complement a huge center diamond as well as the tiny clusters of diamond. Ditto for the colored stones! You will also be able to pass on the family heirloom onto your beloved without having to tamper with the original setting crafted out of 22K yellow gold.

All in One

Putting on an everyday ring and an engagement ring plus a wedding band post the marriage is sure to be problematic. You could go ahead and do your sweetheart a favor by having the engagement fitted inside a band thereby creating a nested ring that will show off her rings in the best possible way. Why don’t you turn a single engagement ring into multiple by making it a stacked one with three different bands holding a whopping big diamond that will embrace her finger most enticingly.

Final Thoughts

That is certainly not all though. There is more to come. 2019 promises to be big with distinctive engagement rings designed with delicate halos, unique styles and organic looks leading the trend. Go on and choose wisely before you pop the question. Both you and the ring will compel her to say ‘Yes.’
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