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Tennis Bracelet – History and its Origin

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If you are looking for a wrist accessory covered in diamonds for a sparkling sophisticated look then tennis bracelets are the perfect item your jewelry collection needs. Tennis bracelets are loved by all and it is a timeless piece of jewelry. Due to their simplicity, tennis bracelets have been popular for decades. It is a perfect unisex item that is worn by both men and women.

Since it is worn day and night, Tennis bracelets revolutionized the jewelry market. Here in this article, we will be discussing the history and origin of how to purchase them by matching the size.

History of Tennis Bracelet

You might wonder why it is called a tennis bracelet. We can assume the answer by just looking at the name. The name originated from the sport of tennis. However, there seem to be a few conflicting theories to identify exactly when this popular bracelet got its name. Looking at the historians, they have always referenced a specific tennis match that had led to this iconic tennis bracelet definition. During the 1987 or possibly 1978, US Open, the tennis bracelet definition gained huge popularity. The grand slam princess who is also known as Chris Evert was playing and in the middle of the match, she demanded the game to stop. She noticed that her diamond bracelet had fallen off her wrist and she wanted to stop the game to find her bracelet.

Journalists who were covering the event later referred to her bracelet as ” the tennis bracelet” and the name stuck to this date and explains why it is called a tennis bracelet. Besides Chris Evert, other tennis stars used to wear diamond tennis bracelets during the matches. The 1970s and 1980s were considered as the decadent years in American History. Due to the influence of the Disco Era opulence as well as wealth were flaunted, the most common way to show off their expensive staples is through clothing and jewelry.

Diamond tennis bracelets on the wrist became normalized day and night and not just for a special occasion. Looking at the whole thing it is evident that the sport of tennis is responsible for why it is called a tennis bracelet. And the tradition goes on. Recently, famous tennis stars such as Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are still maintaining the tradition and are often spotted with flashy wrist accessories during their intense matches.

What Does a Tennis Bracelet mean?

Now that we have covered the history of the tennis bracelet, we will move forward on the specifics of its design. A tennis bracelet is a bracelet that is covered in small diamonds or other precious gems, which are connected underneath by a thin metal material. 

The style of tennis bracelets is intentionally indicated to showcase the sparkling diamonds or other precious gems more than the thin material underneath. The metal material is used to support the diamonds. Normally, the base material of tennis bracelets can be  14k gold or 18k gold that is either white gold or yellow gold. Nowadays, it has become a trend to incorporate color in tennis bracelets such as rose gold. Wiz Khalifa who is a famous rapper was one of the first trendsetters to wear tennis bracelets that contain rainbow-colored diamonds, putting a modern twist on the classic accessory.

How to Purchase a Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

If you are looking to shop for diamond tennis bracelets, there are a few things that you should consider. The tennis bracelets do not come in a particular style. Even though tennis bracelets will showcase diamonds, there are different variations of tennis bracelets which are known as “cuts”.

These cuts indicate the way the diamonds or other precious gems are set on top of the base material. There are two main styles of tennis bracelets which are Round Cut and Princess Cut. Among these two, Round Cut is the most popular diamond cut on the jewelry market due to its simplistic design.  Diamonds or precious gems that have an exact circular shape are known as Round Cuts 

Whereas, the princess cuts are when the diamonds or precious gems have the design of a square look to them, which is completely different from round or circular. Both of these cuts are considered extremely popular and timeless as well as are the most common tennis bracelet styles

The next important part to focus on is to determine how large you want the diamonds or precious gems to appear. Tennis bracelets are offered in 3mm or 5mm styles. 3mm is thinner which goes for a lighter look. On the other hand,  5mm tennis bracelets look heavier and give a larger look.

How to Fit a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are either worn singularly, or in pairs. It is a popular fashion to stack multiple tennis bracelets on your wrist at once. Tennis bracelets are designed to be a comfortable tight fit, and not too loose on your wrist. Tennis bracelet sizes which are from The GLD Shop are crafted from 6 inches to 9 inches. It can be offered with the best range of tennis bracelet size options depending on the user.

If you are confused about what your tennis bracelet size is then you can measure your wrist first and then add 1/2- 1 inch more to find what tennis bracelet size to purchase. It is best advised not a tennis bracelet to be uncomfortably tight-fitting, the extra inch will help to add space.

When Can You Wear a Tennis Bracelet? 

The reason the tennis bracelet is so popular is that it is made to be worn for any occasion, whether it is fancy or casual. They are an elegant accessory that is perfect to elevate any outfit. It is recommended to match tennis bracelets with jeans, t-shirts, and your favorite pair of sneakers to tie your look together.

In Conclusion 

A tennis bracelet is a piece of amazing-looking diamond jewelry that is loved by almost every user. Moreover, people are so fond of this design because many of the tennis star athletes still wear it as a tradition.

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