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Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – Make Your Engagement Day Memorable

By February 25, 2022No Comments

When it comes to engagement rings, the people’s ideal choice is the Solitaire Engagement ring.  Solitaire Engagement rings are a type of engagement ring that is considered the most classic of all engagement ring styles. You will feel its timeless look when you see the single classic stone is set in the center of a wedding band.

Engagement rings culturally define the beginning of a lifelong commitment and so you make sure that it is of the highest quality when you buy it for the love of your life. And if you are thinking of buying one of your partners then reading this will help you learn more about the solitaire engagement ring along with its settings and quality so that you get the best one available in the market.

What Does The Solitaire Engagement Ring Mean? 


A solitaire engagement ring is a type of ring that contains one gemstone or diamond. In the jewelry market, you get many different types of diamond jewelry like solitaire pendants and solitaire diamond studs for both men and women. But what makes a  solitaire engagement ring so fantastic is its simplistic yet less is more design.

The brilliant-cut diamond is positioned in a shining, polished precious metal and looks truly mesmerizing. It is available in various ranges of settings which is up to you to decide how you would like your diamond or gemstone to sit on the band of the ring.

Why Should You Buy A Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring?


The main attraction of a diamond solitaire engagement ring is the diamond itself. The diamond that is used steals the show because let’s face it, it is “The show”. Looking at this ring, it looks absolutely pure and striking. The ring itself looks like it was destined to be an engagement ring because it looks more special than an ordinary ring.

If we talk about the solitaire engagement ring, you will most likely invest more money in the diamond than the ring itself.

Here are some of the reasons for which you should consider a solitaire engagement ring-

  • If you are not sure what kind of ring your fiance or bride-to-be might want then the best choice is a solitaire engagement ring. This ring is completely timeless and provides the opportunity to allow the women to “dress up” the ring along with the enhancer rings or other types of ornate wedding bands.


  • A solitaire engagement ring highlights the diamond most and as a buyer, you want to emphasize the diamond in the design. That is because you are investing in a marvelous-looking diamond so surely you want to show it off.


  • The classic simplicity and elegance that a diamond solitaire ring portrays fit the personality of your future bride.


  • Your better half will most likely want a diamond-laden wedding band that will focus on complementing the engagement ring as well as avoiding too much flash.

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying A Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring


Before you decide to buy a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, you must check a few things so that you find the best in the quality. These are as follows- 

Setting Style

Setting style can be divided into four sections. Which are as follows-


A Prong Setting allows the single center stone to hold in place by using metal prongs or claws. This is beneficial for the light to hit the stone at more angles which can create more fire and brilliance.


Cathedral is the best option if you are looking for a more theatrical way to display diamonds in your solitaire engagement ring. The diamond looks more visible by mimicking the arches in a cathedral, the sweeping, thin prongs flawlessly melt into the shoulders of the ring. The gemstone or diamond is protected using the slopes on either side of it.


A Bezel Setting is used to hold the stone in place with the help of a raised surrounding for the stone encircling with a lip and overlapping the stone’s edges. This adds its richness by being complimentary in contrasting colors, such as warmer colors set into yellow gold, or a bright white diamond in rose gold. 


With the help of the setting’s metal against the stone, a Tension Setting is held by. This provides a unique and modern look that looks more secure than it looks. The tiny grooves that surround the stone’s edges are used for aiding in securing the safety of the stone.

Diamond Quality 

The quality of a diamond is all dependent on the 4C’s. Knowing the 4C’s can help you with shopping for the most ideal stone at the price that you can afford. The four main characteristics of a diamond are as follows-


Cut of a diamond basically refers to the relative angles and proportions of a faceted diamond. The cut is an important quality factor that determines value among the other 4C’s. There are various types of styles of a diamond cut, the choice of cut is mostly dependent on the personal style.


Clarity focuses on the part that relates to the existence and visual appearance of internal characteristics of a diamond which are known as inclusions, and surface defects, called blemishes. 

It’s quality metric allows the grading of the visual appearance of each diamond. Diamonds having fewer inclusions and blemishes makes the clarity grade better.


Thi part of the 4C’s determines how much color is present within a white loose diamond. In larger diamonds, color is much easier to detect. It is recommended that diamonds over 1 carat range from G-H, whereas, the range from I-J is under 1 carat.

Carat Weight 

This section of the 4C’s determines how much diamond weighs. The carat of a diamond has a heavy influence on prices. So if you see the carat of a diamond is more, then you can assume the price of that diamond is going to be higher.

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