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Should You Say ‘Yes’ To Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

By February 24, 2023February 28th, 2023No Comments

Who wouldn’t say no to someone who loves you and proposing you with a beautiful diamond ring to embark on the next step of the remarkable journey?

As for everyone, engagement rings are extremely special and signify the precious bond of love and commitment between two people. Therefore, every individual aims to get that perfect ring for their partner that would symbolize the relationship and take it to the next step. Over the years, diamond rings have emerged to be the most demanding among young couples getting engaged. 

However, in the recent phase, people have been focussing on lab-grown diamonds for engagement rings. 

Have you ever heard about lab-grown diamonds? 

As a matter of fact, there is exponential demand and popularity of lab-created diamonds in the last few years. Based on a study, it has been revealed that almost 10% of the total diamond sales of 2022 have been that of lab-grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds. The reason for such a high transformation of demand is basically due to a few factors that place these lab-created diamonds in a better option. 

Is Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds? 

Wondering if you should be investing in lab-grown diamonds?

What if they aren’t real diamonds?

Will the money be worth the hype around this type of diamond for an engagement ring?

People who aren’t aware of the lab-created diamonds hold a misconception that these aren’t real as they are artificially grown in the labs instead of being discovered in the mines, on the crust of the earth naturally. However, the fact is that lab-grown diamonds are also real diamonds and are completely identical to the ones formed naturally. The only difference is basically how they are being created as one is formed for several thousand years and on the contrary, the other one is grown in the laboratory.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are A Good Choice For Engagement Rings?

So far your doubts about the lab-created diamonds being real are over and now you might be wondering if it is a good choice for the ring that you would be proposing to your partner. Well, here are some of the chief reasons that would make you say a ‘yes’ to a lab-grown diamond engagement ring. 

  1. Less Expensive

Compared to the diamonds found in the earth’s crust, the ones created in the labs are way more cost-effective and cheaper. Therefore, you can get one without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Ethical Choice

The lab-grown diamonds are environmentally sustainable and also opting for them enables you to make an ethical choice. The origin of a mined diamond cannot be traced easily and hence the source can be non-ethical as the supply chain for diamonds is long.

  1. Looks Similar 

One of the essential reasons why diamonds grown in a lab should be your priority for engagement or any such special occasion is that even when it is real and less expensive, it looks exactly like the ones opted from the earth’s crust. 

  1. Better Clarity

Diamonds created in labs tend to be grown in a controlled environment and thus, it has better clarity than the ones found in the mines. A better clarity diamond also means shinier and hence, you get your partner a remarkable shiny ring for engagement.  

  1. Unique and Stylish

The lab-grown diamonds come in unique contemporary styles and designs that are loved by most people. These are available in different shapes and opt for the way you want be it the trending ones or even the traditional shapes. 

So, if you have been thinking of getting your partner a lab-grown diamond engagement ring in Dallas, what are you waiting for? It is definitely a great choice. However, always ensure to opt from reliable jewelry designers and sellers and make your special moments memorable.

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