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Why is it important to choose the right shape of lab grown diamond?

By February 13, 2023February 28th, 2023No Comments

A lab grown diamond is chemically, physically and also optically the same as the natural counterparts. It has the same sparkle and shine as a traditionally mined diamond you get in the market. When the diamond is grown in the lab, it is mainly made up of two processes- carbon vapor deposition and high pressure temperature. 

Both these procedures were used to make diamonds in the industries. However, in recent times, the quality of lab grown diamonds has become viable. The best part is that lab-grown diamond and mined diamond totally look similar. The wholesale lab-grown diamonds in Dallas look great and they are affordable, perfect for all occasions and they are shiny in nature. 

The lapidaries, who are also called the gem cutters, choose the right shape of any gem before they start to design the ornament. It is determined whether the gemstone is suitable for a faceted cut or not. It is quite true in case of an opaque stone but you need to have a good magnifier and light. Then the lapidary inspects the crystal structure of the diamond. 

What Shapes Are Best For Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are available in different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular shapes is a brilliant round shape that is unique as compared to other shapes. Apart from this, the oval cut is also popular among women to provide the illustration of wearing the bigger stone on finger. 

Are you looking for a lab grown gemstone that looks larger? You can also go for pear, cushion and marquise shape. These shapes need to have few stones to cut away from the original gemstone and they are economical in nature. Some of the most loved choices are marquise, princess, radiant and oval shape. 

Buying Guide For Marquise Cut

Let us first know what marquise cut is. The cut has 56 facets in an elongated shape that will end with the point on both the sides. This elongated shape of this particular cut provides the illusion of a larger cut stone. This distinctive appearance of marquise stone makes it unique for someone who is looking for something different. 

Consider Length And Width Ratio Of Marquise Cut Diamond

One of the most common width-to-length ratios of marquise cut lab grown gemstone ranges from 1.70-2.115. You can also determine the length-width ratio by dividing the length of diamond by width. The stone having a ratio of 1.75 is hard and is durable than stones with a high ratio. 1.95 diamonds are slender in nature and offer enough stability. The gemstone with ratio of 2.15 is elongated to a higher extent and also provides lesser durability than the other variants. 

Color and Clarity of Marquise Diamonds

As per general recommendation, experts advise choosing S1 or S2 to have the best value and clarity in Marquise cut diamonds. It is good for S1 and S2 to have the best value and clarity in the marquise version. The G and H variants of marquise diamonds are colorless and F and E variants are much more affordable in nature. 

Buying lab grown wholesale diamonds is growing in popularity as they are affordable, look totally same to the traditional mined gemstones and are very shiny in nature.

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