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What Is The Special About Diamond For Engagement Rings?

There are some unique things in life that have become icons, for whatever the reason it might be. In the scenario of engagement and marriage, the diamond ring is one of the most important icons to keep in mind. Even if you see around, the teenagers also recognize the sparkling diamond ring as the symbol to get engaged. Why is this diamond so special for engagement and why do people go for diamonds in place of other precious stones? 

What Was The First Diamond Engagement Ring? 

Many people do not know about this, but diamonds were not used in jewelry in the earlier days. When this precious stone was discovered for the first time, they were generally used for decorations. Later, they were used to treat diseases. It is only thousands of years ago that this precious stone was used in jewelry for the first time. About 400 years later, the first man first used diamond to propose to his partner. From that, it was a custom of proposing with diamond rings, however, it was considered only for the upper class. 

Why Choose a Diamond For an Engagement Ring?

 The first diamond engagement ring was something different than the modern ones. In the past, they were the symbol of just ownership. Women were presented the gold rings by their partners. The metal rings are studded with diamond to wear at home to show that they belong to the husbands. With time, this tradition has been evolving and it is now a symbol of love and commitment. 

The Modern Day Engagement Rings With Diamond

Now, the diamond engagement ring is seen practically in all cultures. However, as time changes, people are moving further from the tradition of the past and they are accepting a new world of individualism. Though the engagement ring symbolizes ownership, nowadays, they reflect partnership, love, relationship and commitment. Now people live in a society where every kind of love is celebrated. However, people who use fancy colored diamonds are considered as the best option over traditional white diamond engagement rings. 

Why Lab Grown Diamonds Are Becoming Trending

These days, the demand for lab grown diamonds have increased as more and more people want to reduce the cost of buying diamonds. When you are buying diamonds from a shop for an engagement ring or any other purpose, you have to pay more. But, when it is lab grown, the quality remains the same but the price is very low. 

When buying lab grown diamonds in Dallas or from anywhere, you can get high quality diamonds with the same budget that you want to pay. You can upgrade the carat, clarity and customize the ring as you want in an affordable way. The lab grown diamonds are best to make engagement rings as they provide the perfect design along with standardization. 

Diamond Exchange Dallas is one of the trusted providers of lab grown diamonds. They are dedicated to find high-quality lab grown diamonds to the customers at lowest price possible. Millennial who want to save Earth, they generally prefer buying these diamonds. Buy lab grown diamonds at an affordable price from the online site now.

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