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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

By June 23, 2021July 14th, 2021No Comments
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Why princess cut has so much popularity

There has always been huge importance for princess cut diamond engagement rings. There are two famous actresses Emily Ratajkowski, and Kate Bosworth, and both of them have one thing in common. They both have princess cut diamonds, and they are huge stars in the fashion world. But both of them do not have the same setting. Bosworth has a setting with a vintage-inspired. In comparison, Ratajkowski has a pear diamond cut. The reason for a pear diamond cut is that it has a modern look which has to look perfect when it comes to the engagement ring. But it does not matter which setting you are looking for; the princess cut Diamond Engagement ring, everything looks great. No matter what, the versatility of princess cut diamonds looks elegant. So for this reason, for an engagement ring princess cut diamond is always preferred.

The look of princess cut diamonds

A princess-cut diamond has a pyramid base with pointed corners, and the diamond is a square-cut diamond. The length and width of this princess cut diamond are around 1.05 – 1.10:1. Although the diamond looks larger in size, it fairly looks like a square. In the shape of a bunch of diamonds, the brilliant round cut is the most popular one. The reason why brilliant round Cut is desirable because the princess cut diamond looks fire. Also, the round-cut diamond has a timeless and boasting look along with a silhouette that has a modern geometry. The inner look of the princess cut diamond doesn’t look exactly what it seems. The top facet on the princess cut diamond is way bigger than that of the round cut diamond. But for that, there is also an advantage to it. For the stone to appear, look whiter and brighter is as more light falls on it.

Advantages and disadvantages of a princess cut diamond

The reason why most people love princess cut diamond is that it has a combination of multiple cuts, which are put in a single style. There is a modern look on the princess cut diamond which also has a chic and is considered as an alternative to the round brilliant cut diamond. Also, if you want to make a diamond engagement ring within a certain budget, the princess cut diamond has a cost advantage. It is less costly as it is almost similar to the shape of a rough diamond from which it is derived. So that is why there required less diamond which goes as a waster by gem cutters.

Certain counterparts potentially appear smaller for princess cut diamonds. It is seen that for princess cut, the maximum weight lies in the pavilion, which refers to the underside of the diamond. Also, the size may appear smaller than other diamonds shape consisting of the same carat weight. There is one slight disadvantage, and that is the Cut appears smaller than other shapes. However, there are some debates disregarding this disadvantage, but some people find it inconsequential. They are thought to favor sparkling more than size, so to eradicate these fluctuations, the best and smooth way is to decipher by choosing the right diamond by looking it closely.

Things to look at in Princess Cut Diamonds

For everyone, the princess cut has always been a favorite choice. But there are certain things that are necessary to look in a princess cut Diamond.

Settings that fit best with princess cut diamonds

It is important to choose the right setting, which is the prong style that adds extra protection for the corners. For the princess cut setting, the best option for protecting the stone of the princess cut is using a V-prong setting. But it is not obvious that you will like the setting from the first look. So for that, there are also other settings that you can look for in the princess cut diamonds.

The cost of a princess cut diamond

There are other brilliant cuts that are certainly priced higher than the princess cut. But for princess cut the price per carat is comparatively lower. The cost is basically saved for the cutting process as the rough stone are saved during the Cut, and it happens for the design of the princess cut. The advantage of this design allows covering all the inclusions and imperfections that come on naturally as they are deep and faceted.

The most important among four C’s for princess cut diamond

Among all the four C’s of a diamond, the most important part is the Cut. For diamonds, the Cut is very important as it brings out most of the details and brings the diamond’s sparkle. Since the GIA sets an overall cut grade for princess cut, there are some illegal cutters who take advantage of selling diamonds of lesser quality just to get a higher yield. So before purchasing a princess cut diamond, you need to pick carefully and thus make sure that you are getting the correct thing for your money.

Some stunning pieces of princess cut engagement ring

If you are looking for princess cut engagement rings with the best style, then they are below:

  1. Tiffany Soleste Princess cut Halo engagement ring: It has a bead-set seamless diamond halo bend for giving an overall sparkle. All eyes will be focused on the beautiful center cut stone.
  1. Porter Gulch Sophia ring: Consisting of a 0.5ct princess cut diamond with an angle of 45 degrees tilted. Marquise diamonds have a radiation look for every corner.
  1. DB classic Pave Princess Cut Solitaire Ring: A 2mm wide platinum pave band shapes round brilliant and equal proportion distributed in every corner of the ring.
  1. Brilliant Earth Nouveau Diamond ring: The pave band having a chevron shape dips to over glow the princess cut and substantially supports claw prongs. There are four metals available for this piece with a unique style.
  1. Bario Neal Custom Heirloom Princess Cut Diamond Cluster Ring: It is a star-like unique heirloom-style engagement ring and is a responsibly mined engagement ring. 
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