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Everything you need to know about Round Cut Engagement Rings

By July 2, 2021July 14th, 2021No Comments
#2785-975500 1.49ct Round Brilliant Diamond J Color SI2 Clarity

There are many people around you who are recently engaged, and for all of them, they have their engagement rings. But chances are there that you may know such a person with an engagement ring consisting of a round cut diamond that means they have round engagement rings. This is the most popular jewelry style, and nowadays, the majority of diamonds sold are round. So it is not in a limited form. It is seen everywhere. The reason behind it outshining all other diamond styles is because of its sparkle. Whether it around an engagement ring, you will definitely look for something elegant and classy when you buy an engagement ring. Also, you will look for something which is one-word brilliant, and you can never go wrong with a round stone. 

What actually is a Round Cut Diamond?

When you hear about a round-cut diamond, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is round in shape. This is precisely what you will think in the first place. There are in total of 58 facets in each of the circular stones, and for that, it is exceptionally sparkling and very hard to miss. It will definitely catch the light as it is a classic shape. The reason it being circular gives it an advantage of light easily passing through it. Moreover, it can seamlessly fit into any setting. It has a classic look, along with being pretty and simple. It looks great on any finger, irrespective of size. 

Advantages of Round Cut Diamonds

Besides the fact that Round Cut Diamonds are very popular and easy to find, round cut diamonds have many other benefits, which makes them more special. Among all different shapes, round diamonds hold a brilliant shape and consist of eye-catching sparkle. One thing that you will surely expect to get is the glittering look. Round diamonds are glittering all the time. Also, round halo engagement rings have entangled sparkling. Another advantage of round-cut diamonds is that that they can grasp any form of color and make it look good. This shape is more compatible with colors when compared to other shapes. So the benefit of the round cut shape is that you will get more flexibility than different shapes. 

If the diamonds have exemplary clarity, then they will look brighter and whiter. When it comes to versatility, then they are at the highest level. Round cut diamonds look great in any setting and style. 

Disadvantages of Round Cut Diamonds

Nothing in the world only holds positive sides. So when it comes to round-cut diamonds, there’s also a slight disadvantage. The biggest downside of a round-cut diamond is that they come at a higher price. In fact, they are the most expensive diamond. As it is very demanding in the diamond world and also the fact that they will never run out of style gives the round cut shape a high price tag. Another minor disadvantage is that round-cut diamonds can appear smaller than other diamond cuts. So people who are on a budget need to think twice before getting the round cut shape or round diamond engagement rings. They need to more specific and make sacrifices by clearing out what they actually want in between clarity, carat size, and color. 

Things to look in a Round Cut Diamond

There are many things to look at in a round-cut diamond. Also, for round cut engagement rings, you to consider all the facts starting from clarity all the way to color. So before you get a round-cut diamond ring, you should consider the following points. They are:

What should you specifically look for in a Round cut diamond? 

It is important to emphasize carat weight and size when picking a round cut diamond. There are some fancy cuts in which you will not necessarily find the importance of carat weight as they don’t indicate how large the diamond will be. But there are some brilliant-cut grades; the greater the weight, the larger the size of the diamond. 

Is there any influence of cut in the look of a diamond?

The main purpose of the cut is to determine how sparkling your diamond stone will look. The thing with round brilliants is that they have a good cut grade, and that is why they look ideal in proportion. That means it is a perfect circle. So make sure that you have an excellent cut for getting the sparkling look in your diamond stone. But there are suggestions that you can get a good cut, as getting an excellent cut may be challenging. 

Which factor is most important, carat size or cut? 

Well, all of the factors are important and need to be equally considered when choosing a round diamond cut. It is essential to balance all cut, color, and carat sizes so that there remains no gap. For people who want bigger-sized diamonds, they may sacrifice the other two factors, which are clarity and color. Also, some people who want brighter and whiter diamonds may sacrifice the carat size to remain balanced. 

Caring for Round Cut Diamond

As the round cut diamond is the ultimate piece and has a great significance in your whole life, it is crucial that you keep it looking your best forever. It is vital to remain conscious of selecting the diamond where and when to wear the diamond. It may look dull and worn if used frequently. For a round solitaire engagement ring, the caring is much more. A round cut is essential that you wear diamond rings in the proper place and take it off before going to shower, sleep, or working out. Also, with the help of a soft-bristle or a soft toothbrush, you can gently clean your round-cut stone so that it holds its sparkle for a long time. You can maintain a routine to care for your ring so that it does not lose its natural look. 

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