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Exceptional Features of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Why rose gold engagement ring stands out from other rings? 

Everyone wants a unique piece of ring. They want their ring to stand out among all the rings and among all the collections. It has been a historical tradition to have white and yellow gold rings. But nowadays, the most popular and modern ring setting is white gold. There is another set that is free-spirited and fresh and also portrays distinct beauty is the rose gold. There is a specialty is the rose gold rings which is mostly seen among style mavericks and brides. Other than that, the rose gold engagement rings have a romantic, naturally warm, playful personality which is quite nice. This rose gold has such a singular impact that any type of setting looks great with it and also when it is mixed with other metals. 

What actually is rose gold?

The most common name of rose gold is blush gold or pink gold. This metal is created in a mixture of copper and silver alloy with yellow gold. The reason why pure gold is not directly used in creating jewelry is that it too soft. It is thus mixed with three other types of metals in order to increase the strength of the gold jewelry. One element which gave rose gold a characteristic hue is a copper. The color gets more reddish-pink when more copper is added to the piece of jewelry. So, in that case, the 14k rose gold is termed as blush color, being a little bold. And the 18k rose gold is termed subtle pink as it has a pinkish shade in it. 

Why is the element copper used?

Copper is a solid piece of metal. So the biggest advantage that the element copper can provide is that it can make the rose gold engagement ring more durable. Also, it fits both with the yellow rose gold and the white rose gold as copper is significantly used, which means that the rose gold is not affected by scratches and prone. So there is no possibility of getting a significant number of dents on the ring. In case you need an effective ring that can be worn every day and used roughly, then the rose gold ring will be perfect for you. Other than that, rose gold is a very precious metal and among the top. It is the second most precious metal after platinum. But the main difference between rose gold and platinum is when it comes to cost. The rose gold is way more affordable than the platinum ones.

The maintenance of rose gold is smooth

Not all the rings of any metal remain the same for a long period of time. Sometimes, the rings may get old without physical damage, and some dent and even unlikable dust can appear on your ring. So in that maintenance of your ring is very important. But if it comes to rose gold, it very smooth in maintenance and very easy going. On the other hand gold, there needs replanting as there is a rhodium coat in the case of white gold. Also, Having a Rose gold ring is tension-free too, as there is no need for tarnishing. The advantage of rose gold is that it develops patina itself. Now patina is a kind of thin coating that forms on itself over a period of time, and it is produced on the surface of the setting. For that reason, the rose gold has a vintage appearance. 

Some minor drawbacks of rose gold 

Not all ring is suitable for wearing. Actually, it depends mostly on people and how their skin reacts to that specific metal. So the issue that some people find with rose gold is that I may be skin sensitive to some people. However, the rose gold engagement ring is the least hypoallergenic among all other expensive and precious jewelry metals. The only way it irritates the skin is due to the copper element. So it is evident that before purchasing a rose gold engagement ring, you need to make sure that your skin is not irritating for copper. Having that thing in mind and a little drawback, you can get yourself a rose gold engagement ring. 

Why should a bride choose the rose gold engagement ring? 

When it comes to style, strength, and market value, rose gold is a flawless combination of every ingredient, and it is for sure discerning to a bride. It shows versatility among different ring settings, although it has some rose hues. The rose gold engagement ring fits with everything and matches well with every setting. Some of the highlighting features for which the rose gold ring gets enlightened is for the design primarily. 

Designs for a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

There are many designs across the collection of Diamond Exchange Dallas for diamond engagement rings. Same as that, Rose gold engagement ring has different favorite pieces which are exclusive too. Some of the mentionable pieces are listed below. 


The 14k gold setting has a lot of charm, providing detailed infuses and delicate milgrain. The sculpting of this unique halo diamond is done with a feminine floral motif. It is, in fact, a perfect match with a rose gold hue. 

The classical twist

The cut is more like a sport cut, delivering an understanding look to put it above another cut. There is a hidden halo in the oval engagement ring, and it provides a sophisticated look that looks tapered in rose gold. 


This shape is made with less metal, and it gives a rarer shape pairing up the diamonds. There appears a pear-shaped center stone that really stands out in the whole look. 


This design is also popularly known as free-spirited rose gold. It has a playful and joyful look which brings charm to it. It has a paved diamond setting crossed with a polished vine of rose gold and sculpted leaves around it. 

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