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Why is it called a tennis bracelet

tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelet- A jewelry encircled with Diamonds

Previously tennis bracelet was not named the same. They were called eternity bracelets, and also, there used to be another name which is diamond line bracelets. The bracelet is made with gemstones to be specified. Diamonds were used in the bracelet. The shape of the bracelet is a kind of circle which is rounds up the entire wrist. One after one, Diamonds are set side by side, or even gemstones are placed side by side and form a bracelet. This bracelet which is encircled around the finger is known as a tennis bracelet. The outlook of the tennis bracelet is very stylish. It has a sleek design and a very modern look. It adds a sophisticated look like modern-day jewelry. For that, the bracelet looks sparkling, and it brings more perfection to your look.

Why is the name bracelet named as a tennis bracelet? 

Actually, the tennis bracelet was invented a lot earlier than the invention of the game tennis. But back then, it was not known to people with the same name. They were just termed as normal bracelets and treated like a normal piece of jewelry. In the year 1987, a very famous tennis player who was American named Chris Evert lost her bracelet. Now, this bracelet was not any normal bracelet. It was a very expensive bracelet. It was made of Diamonds, and was then the diamonds were put into a single row in the bracelet. It was a US open match where she lost her expensive bracelet. Now Chris Evert got very frustrated, and thus she requested the judge of the game to suspend the game as she needs to find her expensive bracelet. So the game wouldn’t continue until the piece of jewelry was recovered.

A tennis bracelet is not any simple bracelet

So the name of this kind of bracelet was widely known as tennis bracelets since that day. It was not any kind of other bracelets. Any bracelet which was made on a sole diamond and put up in a row in a continuous manner was termed a tennis bracelet. So one event and such action from an athlete made it possible to create a new type of jewelry which is now very much popular. In any party event or informal event, this type of tennis bracelet is in great demand. People adore it and love the tennis bracelet very much.

Tennis bracelet- A great piece of jewelry

From Chris Evert’s event, it was quite clear that the tennis bracelet was not very handy back then, and that means they didn’t have a great lock mechanism. But the bracelets which are now produced are obviously ensured with proper lock mechanism so that it does not fall off the wrist in any means. They have been improved and made stronger, and it is very much clear that today’s tennis bracelets are very much safe to wear. This tennis bracelet is not only wanted and liked by women. Both men and women prefer tennis bracelets to be their best piece of jewelry, giving an ultimate look to their hands. All genders wear this tennis bracelet, and it is, in fact, a great piece of jewelry for someone who wants their hand to be covered up with an elegant piece of jewelry. This bracelet has a great look, and other than that, it can be designed the way you want, putting u certain carats. So if you want a custom tennis bracelet, it is easily possible to make a good one, and a master craftsman would do the work perfectly.

The carat weight of a tennis bracelet

For a normal tennis bracelet of one carat, there are around eighty small diamonds in the bracelet. So only from one carat can you possibly think of how great it would look. Just imagine eighty diamonds glowing at a time, and it would really give your wrist a beautiful and attractive look. Tennis bracelets can be up to 10 carats. Now, this carat weight can consist of a lot of diamonds. But a typical 10-carat tennis bracelet consists of 44 white diamonds. If you know white diamonds, you may know that they are big in shape and consist of more sparkle than any other diamonds. So one thing is for sure that that it would be a master class bracelet if you have the 10-carat tennis bracelet. The important thing to notice for such a big piece of jewelry is that the price will be very high. Actually, as it is a master class, then it pretty much sure that the amount for the 10-carat white diamond tennis bracelet would be insane.

Various types of diamonds used in a tennis bracelet

Actually, there are a lot of variations when it comes to tennis bracelets. Sometimes there is a combination of many gemstones. Sometimes there is a combination of many types of diamonds. One of the combinations is white diamonds with some variants of black diamonds. There are many other types of variations noticed in a tennis bracelet. The designs are also made uniquely that one design does not match with another. In case you want to see samples, then you can visit the Diamond Exchange Dallas or even the local jewelry store and get to see their amazing collection. Other than that, Diamond Exchange Dallas can make custom tennis bracelets which you may find very useful, and thus you can satisfy your need.

The important element for a tennis bracelet is a Diamond

The tennis bracelet is mainly based on Diamonds. So it is important to have the best diamonds so that there remains no imperfection in the bracelet. The color and purity of Diamond should be given importance as they are the ones that can judge the Diamond overall. Actually, when diamonds are extracted, all of them are not in the same shape. Some may be big, and some may be small. After that, when they are fixed in the laboratory, there remains some difference in diameters. So, in that case, it is very important to calibrate the diamonds properly so that each stone has the perfect amount of radius. All of the sides must have the same, and all the stones put into the bracelet should consist of the same shape. Now it is very important to select a very good and strong bracelet. Apart from that, it is also very important to go to the right vendor. This work needs to be done very precisely, and thus it is necessary that you go to the right craftsmen. For that, Diamond Exchange Dallas is the perfect option. They have the best craftsmen who can do the work perfectly. Each stone should be aligned perfectly, and the bracelet should be strong to get a gentle hold of the stones. If any mistake is made or the bracelet is not strong enough, there may be a risk of losing the diamond stones.

The reason why people fell in love with a tennis bracelet

Another reason for the naming of this tennis bracelet is that the love that the athlete shows for her piece of jewelry. It was not only her who was in search of all the pieces of diamond stones scattered in the field. There was stuff which was also put on work to find all the diamond stones. So her love for her bracelet showed people more curiosity towards this bracelet. And day by day the popularity gained very much. It was the most viewed event of that time, and for her action, it went more viral. This elegant jewel had a great impact on every spectator present in the gallery and all the TV viewers too as a sportswoman wore it, which is why some take it as motivation towards hard work and wear it.

Various Styles of a tennis bracelet

There are some peculiarities found between styles for the tennis bracelet. However, most of them consist of the same style. Actually, this bracelet may feel and look luxurious, but it is pretty simple and elegant. This jewelry will not go missing in any women’s jewelry box if they go to any occasion. The bracelet looks great as diamonds or any other gemstones are placed side by side, and all of them are of the same dimension. The ring shows eternal love, and that is the desire to wear it every time never disappears. When it comes to outfitting, matching the tennis bracelet matches with any kind of outfit. Taking the example of the tennis player, she wore the bracelet wearing a sports outfit so that gives a clear view that a Tennis bracelet can be worn with any kind of outfit.

Various type of cut for a tennis bracelet

The frame of the bracelet is usually made of white gold, and the diamonds there may be of various cuts. Mostly for tennis bracelets, the diamonds used are of square or round cut. Other models are there, too, which may other sophisticated cuts such as heart-shaped baguettes or rectangular cuts. So the more precise and latter cut the price is also very much as it is very hard work to put the diamonds in that certain area in small size. Diamond tennis bracelet also represents one personality, and it also has a charismatic effect too.

Choosing the perfect diamond tennis bracelet

It has become a fashion to wear a tennis bracelet on the wrist for the woman. Typically, this material gives an attraction to their look. But choosing the perfect one is an essential fact that matters a lot. 

If you like to choose with-in simple, then don’t go beyond classical jewelry. The simplest look for the diamond tennis bracelet is in the classy section of any jewelry shop. Only a classic type of tennis bracelet will make a good glow on any woman’s wrist.

The central region of this tennis bracelet is in the gems area. Selecting the original and polished gems for a diamond tennis bracelet makes it worth it. For getting a perfect diamond tennis bracelet evaluating the gemstones with better processing is required. In the end, it the only area that simplifies the whole area.

Equal distribution of color segment in a Diamond tennis bracelet is also another significant factor in choosing the perfect one. Without the proper matching of color with the tennis bracelet, the whole jewelry looks dump and worst. It’s not about putting glow colors because diamond itself has its own brightness.

The shades of the whole bracelet must match the Diamond color. Now, most of the diamond gets a white and a shiny effect on it. So, the other regions need to be adequately polished for balancing that sound effect. This determines whether the diamond tennis bracelet is worth looking at or not.

Underestimating the closure is not a good idea when it comes to visibility. Every bracelet has a hidden area that is used for attaching the other materials. In the case of the tennis bracelet, the closure part is the one that must be invisible in front of our naked eyes. So, it is a must to seal the closure properly in the bracelet. Otherwise, the consequences of continuing the bracelet will become impossible.


For choosing the perfect diamond tennis bracelet for your women, you need to select the suitable materials that go with it. The factor that goes with the perfection is the evaluation, color, and the closure. Following the three essential elements, you will find the perfect diamond tennis bracelet that suits your wrist region.

Basically, the perfect look for a diamond tennis bracelet for putting it in your wrist region is the white color. This color absorbs the sun’s rays from the atmosphere that results in the polish point in our eyes.

But you can also choose the various color of gold according to your preferences. Not all are attracted to the glow. There are a lot of women who love choosing their own color. The color yellow or pink is used chiefly after white.

The variation in color with the gold is mounted over the diamond for keeping it real. The shades are done according to that particular color. But as the diamond itself is white in nature, so most of the women select the white shades for the best matching to their wrist. 



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