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Where to buy diamond pendant

diamond pendant

Why are pendants considered fabulous jewelry?

Pendants are such eye-catching jewelry that is made up of multiple stones and comprised of different shapes and halos. They carry a good feeling as it is made up of unique combinations of other pieces of jewelry. The center stone has a significant impact on the whole pendant. 

So, for an attractive pendant, it is essential to have a gorgeous center stone that can glow for the entire piece of jewelry. It is a feminine piece of jewelry that a woman can own. It has an entirely bold and provocative look which is quite successful in giving a sparkling attraction. It can also convey one’s own individuality. 

What is a Diamond pendant? 

Now there are many styles and types of the pendant. Diamond and solitaire are the two most popular and demanded styles when it comes to pendant jewelry. But when it comes to Diamond pendants, there is limitless for these styles. It never runs out of fashion, and one piece of the pendant can really glorify your wardrobe.

A diamond pendant is a long-type necklace with a central diamond and is looped into a jewelry chain of metal. For most diamond pendants, the jewelry metal is precious, which can be gold or platinum. When it comes to diamond pendant price, then it is quite expensive. Usually, people look for small diamond pendant necklaces.

Pendant originated from the word pendre, which means hang down. So this jewelry is also known as hang-down jewelry but popularly known as a pendant. The diamond pendant represents eternal love, and generally, any kind of necklace jewelry replicates the symbol of love. Diamond Exchange Dallas has the best diamond pendants. The best place to buy a diamond pendant necklace is Diamond Exchange Dallas. 

Solitaire pendant-the one gemstone look

When it comes to a necklace with just one gemstone in it, which is particularly a diamond, it is termed as a solitaire pendant. The jewelry chain is generally of white gold, platinum, or yellow gold, and it is an exclusive representation of the pendant as there is only one gemstone in it. The solitaire pendant is one of a kind pendant as it has a simple look but more attractive. 

Now there are some specific carat weights for diamond pendants necklace or solitaire pendant necklace. The usual carat weight of a solitaire pendant necklace is from 0.3 carats to 1.5 carats. The platinum solitaire pendant is weighed around 0.3 carats, and on the other hand, the solitaire pendant, which comes in the white gold necklace, weighs about 1.5 carats. 

Design for Diamond pendants

Design for a Diamond pendant is necessary. The whole outlook of a diamond pendant actually depends on the design and the Cut of the jewelry. There are varieties of settings and styles for a diamond pendant. People also look for diamond gold pendant necklaces. There is diamond pendant necklace gold available in Diamond Exchange Dallas. They have chosen the best styles design for your diamond pendants which are:

The Halo Diamond Pendant Necklace comprises of-

  • White gold Halo pendant 
  • Diamond Halo Pendant of Champagne
  • Halo necklace falling edge

Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklaces are the popular ones and which includes- 

  • Simplistic white gold solitaire pendant 
  • White gold solitaire pendant consisting of princess cut 
  • Scallop basket necklace of white gold 

There are some Unique Diamond pendant necklace which is also popular-

  • Diamond pendant of Pear and Marquise shape
  • Sunburst pendant 
  • White gold Milgrain bezel 

Diamond Pendant Necklaces consisting of 3-stone 

  • White gold Diamond Necklace 
  • Rose gold Drop Pendant 
  • White gold Drop Pendant 

Occasions when people buy Diamond pendants 

For any memorable gifts and for different special occasions Diamond pendant can be a great choice. As this jewelry has a popular appeal and carries a simple look and attractive design, so Diamond pendant can be the perfect element for gifts and other occasions. If you are looking for a women’s diamond pendant necklace, then come to Diamond Exchange Dallas. Other than long necklaces, diamond chain pendants are also available. Also, some antique Diamond pendants are passed from generation to generation, and they carry great value. Diamond Exchange Dallas has a cheap diamond pendant. So the special occasion for which people mostly buy Diamond pendants are-

  • Wedding party
  • Anniversary party
  • Birthday 
  • Completion of certain milestone
  • High school, college, and university graduation
  • Promotion in job
  • Christmas gift 
  • Retirement 
  • Birth of child 
  • Wedding day gift for family members

Things to consider before buying a diamond pendant 

For any kind of pendant, whether be of Diamond or any other metal, it is important to know each and every detail about it. The combination of the diamond necklace gold chain looks exciting.

Another popular piece of jewelry is the gold diamond pendant. As for now, we will know the essential factors for Diamond pendants.

The four C’s is an important thing when buying any diamond jewelry. Cut, Color, Clarity, and carat weight are very important to consider when choosing a diamond pendant.

Cut: The maximum amount of a diamond to strike its glory and maximize its appearance is through Cut. The best-cut stones are placed as the center stone for a diamond pendant. So to flourish the style and the glamour of the pendant, it is important to give a perfect cut for a diamond pendant. You should always for the excellent Cut. 

Color: Pure diamonds are colorless. Though for pendants, it is recommended to have a white diamond that has an excellent relation to the diamond setting

Clarity: A pendant directly comes in the first eyesight for any people. The clarity for Diamond pendants is more critical than clarity in rings. This factor is so important because it is uncommon for any standard diamond to have blemishes and unwanted inclusions. So for that, it is important to have a diamond of the best clarity so that there occurs no problem or nothing gets visible in the naked eye. 

Carat weight: The weight of a diamond pendant lies anywhere from 0.3 carats to 1.5 carats. 

Certification: It is essential for a diamond to be GIA or AGS certified. This grading gives a reliable entity and helps you to get the diamond as promised. 


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