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Trending Rose Gold Engagement Rings Designs You Can Choose in 2022

Rose Gold Engagement Ring


Rose gold may have started as a fashion statement in the jewelry industry, but the pink-hued metal is now considered a timeless classic when it comes to engagement rings. Rose gold is created by mixing copper alloys with gold to provide a vibrant and modern look that will suit any bride’s style. When it comes to sentimental women who are looking for deeper significance in their jewelry, rose gold is the right choice for engagement rings.

Furthermore, if you are interested in checking the various designs of rose gold engagement rings then you have landed in the right place. Here we will be talking about the most trending designs of rose gold engagement rings that will awe your mind.

Types of Rose Gold Engagement Rings Desings You Can Select

Clean Origin Tapered Solitaire Ring

A 14k rose gold band with a little taper provides a subtle modern touch to a traditional solitaire ring. This ring includes a round diamond, but you may choose any other shape that you desire. It is a classic option for any bride.

Grace Lee Crown Bezel Pearl Ring

Consider a pearl ring instead of a classic diamond ring for the bride who prefers something a little different. The iridescence of the pearl is accentuated by the gloss of this exquisite 14k rose gold ring band. In addition, the octagonal, crown bezel setting with milgrain design radiates a sense of historical grandeur and drama.

Loop Serendipity Loop Hug Profile East-West Oval Diamond Solitaire

This oval diamond solitaire is beautifully set in an east-west orientation. When combined with the extended shape and the slim band set in 14k rose gold, the traditional appearance is transformed into something sleek and contemporary.

Lane + Lanae Tag You’re It Ring

Modern brides should take note: In this architectural design, the 14k rose gold band is thicker and has an asymmetrical cutaway detailing that wonderfully frames the single round diamond. This piece of jewelry is perfect for people who are unable to decide between a band-style ring and a conventional diamond ring.

Zoë Chicco 14K Horizontal Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring

Minimalist brides will like this little horizontal teardrop diamond, which is bezel-set in 14k rose gold and complements your barely-there style perfectly.

Ashley Zhang Victoria Rolling Engagement Ring

We like the interlocking bands of this rolling ring, which is excellent for trendy brides with a contemporary mindset who want something different. The ring, which is available in 14k rose gold, has a classic round diamond solitaire ring on one side and an interlaced pavé diamond band on the other.

Anne Sisteron 14K Rose Gold Emerald Diamond Maddie Ring

Consider using a vibrantly colored gemstone such as an emerald to create a really distinctive ring. With its deep green tone, this emerald-cut diamond provides a beautiful contrast to the pink in the half-pavé band. Aside from that, the contrast between the forms in this 14k rose gold ring gives another fascinating design element to the piece.

ILA Oona Ring in Rose Gold

A brilliant oval diamond is placed in an east-west setting with six prongs on a slim band made of 18k sustainable gold and studded with a halo of diamonds. It’s a beautiful alternative for those who like the color rose gold.

Aurate Large Diamond Solitaire Ring

The princess-cut solitaire diamond in this delicate ring, which is set in 14k rose gold, is a lovely touch. It’s simple and timeless, making it the ideal choice for the minimalist bride who prefers contemporary elegance. The ring price is solely for the setting.

Bulgari MarryMe Ring in 18K Rose Gold

Despite the fact that it is technically a wedding band, this 18k rose gold ring is the ideal option for any bride with a contemporary sense of style. This modern ring, which has a tiny princess-cut diamond, is sleek, architectural, and masculine in design, making it a guaranteed standout.

Allurez Diamond Halo Oval-Shape Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold

In this piece, there are so many diamonds! With a halo of round stones around the oval diamond and even more glitter in the pavé band surrounding the band, this engagement ring exudes elegance. The stones are lifted toward the center of the ring, giving it a modest lift and attracting even more attention to this sparkling beauty. The ring is set in 14k rose gold.

Diamond Nexus Timeless Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion-cut center diamond of this engagement ring is flanked by two trillion-cut stones, giving the impression of a single big, elongated diamond when seen from the side. This item, which is made of 14k rose gold, is both dazzling and elegant.

A.Jaffe Two-Tone Diamond Engagement Ring

Two-toned rings like this one are ideal for fashion-forward brides, and they also set the scene for many styling possibilities in the future. The round solitaire diamond is tastefully framed by a half pavé diamond ring with delicate milgrain borders that complements the round solitaire diamond. The band, which is made of 18k rose gold, has a delicate quilted design on the inside.

Smith + Mara Brilliant Cut Diamond Stackable Ring

If you’re a fan of the wedding-stack style, this delicate, bezel-set round diamond ring in 14k rose gold is the perfect choice for you. Combine it with your wedding ring or other simple trinkets to complete the look.

An important tip: Think about investing in a delicate stackable rose-gold ring from a modern or rising jewelry designer for a more affordable alternative. As time passes, you can always add to your ring stacks to give them a more contemporary, anniversary-inspired look.

Blue Nile Milgrain Marquise and Dot Diamond Engagement Ring

The retro style of this magnificent ring will undoubtedly raise it to the rank of compared to heirloom status. Made of 14k rose gold, the band is embellished with small diamonds that are arranged in an alternating marquise and dot design and finished with milgrain detailing. The ring price is solely for the setting.

Charles & Colvard Forever One Pear Colorless Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

Pear-cut moissanite is the focal point of this traditional solitaire ring, which is created in 14k rose gold with a bezel setting. At its best, timeless elegance is achieved.

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