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Most Popular Wedding Bands You Can Choose for Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

#122047 257 14K White 5 mm Asscher Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting|#122047 257 14K White 5 mm Asscher Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting|#122047 257 14K White 5 mm Asscher Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting|#122047 257 14K White 5 mm Asscher Solitaire Engagement Ring Mounting

Solitaire Engagement Rings are a type of engagement ring that is considered timeless, classic, and traditional. This gives a minimalistic setting that helps the ring keep the center stone the main attraction, and fortunately that is one of the main aspects of buying it for our dream engagement ring.

But what about if we want an extra little sparkle for your band? In the market, you will find a variety of wedding sets where the rings are perfectly matched together, but when it comes to choosing a band for your solitaire engagement ring, you have the chance to get more creative to give it a unique look. Here in this article, we will provide you with some options for the most popular wedding bands you can choose for diamond solitaire engagement rings. The options we will be showing will give you more courage to get a more creative feeling and more inspired.

Here down below, there is a variety of suggestions for the best combinations paired with the solitaire engagement ring. Having the options will help you to make the best solitaire engagement ring according to your preference. Fortunately, when you can have a fun wedding band, even if you have to take off your engagement ring, you still have the option to glam it up with a flashy band. Moreover, keep in mind, that your rings don’t need to match either, style the way you seem best for you.

What does Wedding Band Mean?

The wedding band symbolizes the married couple’s perfect unions as well as eternal oneness. When the couple pledges their love to one another, the bands or rings act as s purpose to seal these vows as well as a perpetual reminder of their commitment to each other “till death do us part.”

Moreover, it signifies the number of important elements in a couple’s life which are: eternal love, devotion, commitment, fidelity, honor and respect, and the bond of unity. It represents a legally binding agreement between husband and wife. Since the wife becomes subordinate to her husband, the husband swears with his life to protect his wife no matter what. This type of band not only provides a materialistic meaning but is more about spiritual bonding.

Most Popular Wedding Bands 

Here are some of the best options your can use for your solitaire engagement rings –

1. Amore Vintage Wedding Band 

The Amore is an Italian word that means “love”. Amore vintage wedding band is a very beautiful looking wedding band with 0.10ctw Lab-Grown Diamonds in a delicate milgrain band. For Amore Vintage Vintage Engagement Rings, this wedding band is the perfect fit. Moreover, it looks great as a fashion brand. In addition, it looks more astonishing when worn by itself or as a set.

2. Heroine Accented Wedding Band

It is a classic style made to be a perfect match for the Heroine Engagement Ring. The setting of this band is approx. 0.27ctw prong-set Lab-Grown Diamonds going almost three-quarters down the shank. When it is worn by itself or as a set, it looks magnificent. Since it matched perfectly with the Heroine Engagement Ring, you can easily buy this band alone or full set with the engagement ring. It is best recommended to put on a band or either side for ultimate sparkle.

3. Lilac Stackable Wedding Band

It is a thin delicate ring accented with 0.21ctw Lab-Grown Diamonds held by a shared prong style of setting. Lilac Engagement Ring is the perfect match for this type of band. Moreover, this band looks very beautiful when it is worn itself or with a solitaire engagement ring. It is a popular choice for many buyers.

4. Criss Cross Lab-Grown Diamond Band

It is a stunning crossover-style ring set with 0.50ctw Lab-Grown Diamonds in crossing bands. When you are thinking of gifting yourself or a loved one, this ring looks fantastic when it is worn alone or with any other piece of jewelry. It is widely available in 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold.

5. Idyllic Stackable Band

This type of band is set with 0.15ctw Lab-Grown Diamonds going halfway around the shank with smooth flat sides. The best part is it pairs perfectly with the Idyllic Engagement Ring. However, it looks great even if it is worn by itself or stacked with other bands. 

6. 11 Stone Lab-Grown Diamond Band

This type of band is perfect for everyday wear as a complement to an engagement ring or worn alone. It uses a secure basket style setting to portray 11 G/H colors VS/SI round cut lab-grown diamonds. It looks stunning when it is worn with another ring. The diamonds are extended slightly in between the fingers. It is recommended for 5 to 7 stone styles if this is not your preference.

7. Milgrain Eternity Lab Grown Diamond Band

This type of band has a channel set of diamonds going all the way around the band, with beaded edges. This ring doesn’t have the option for resizable. This band looks stunning when worn by itself or with other rings. The ring size for eternity bands goes from 4-8.5 and anything outside that range is custom.

8. Arctic Wedding Band

It is an eternity wedding band that is accented with 0.78ctw to 0.96ctw (0.03ct each). This marvelous piece is set with two prongs in between each stone. This band looks astonishing with yellow or rose gold for a contrast in color. It is recommended to suit with Tracie or Dior Engagement Rings the most.

9. Flux Wedding Band 

This type of eternity band is accented with 0.90-1.10 ctw recycled diamonds in an elegant shared prong setting. If you are looking forward to taking off your engagement ring for work or other activities then Flux Wedding Band is the perfect option since it represents a stand-alone band that glorifies and shows off your bling.

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