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Ring Suggestions for Fall Weddings and Engagements This Year

By September 30, 2020February 7th, 2022No Comments

Your ladylove will prize any ring that you slip in her fourth finger because of the promise of love it embodies. But, that hardly is the license to go slapdash when shopping for an engagement ring. When it comes to purchasing women’s ornaments, men lack the patience of research. If you are no different, then this guide by Diamond Exchange Dallas is your shortcut to avoid the hour-long staringat rows of rings that are seemingly similar and you choose to make a selection at length, by a finger cross. Whether you are planning for a fall engagement or a lovely autumn wedding, these rings make the best choice to assert romantic commitments this season.

Helical Halo

Everybody loves the halo design. Though, many a thing has been tried with this particular design, the prototype is what most people still have their heart lost to. When the halo engagement rings came up, their first appearances were made with round-cut diamonds. Recently, though it swayed towards more unconventional cuts like Asscher, Marquis and such, these ones are still around, and this fall, they have moved back to the top of the table. A perfect brilliant-cut round diamond, surrounded by a shimmering weave of cluster stones that make a sterling lining around is a catch, any day.

A Plain Pear

Pear-cut diamonds enjoy lesser popularity than princess, round and other brilliant cuts. But this particular ring is a show-stopper. You have to give it to the imagination of the designer who blended color with concept in equal proportions in this one. The ring encases a pear shaped diamond with its apex upward in a prim rose gilded silhouetting. The droplet is attached to a plain slender band that is nothing but a perfect round. A clear departure from the convention, this ring underscores sophistication and simplicity.

A String of Dazzling Diamonds

After the three and five stone engagement rings came up in popularity, the jewelers decided to do a little adlib with the designs. This one was rolled out as one of the successes of such an exercise. From the top, this ring looks like stones woven in a string. The sizes of the stones grow smaller towards the inside of the ring. A large round-cut diamond makes the crux; the accent stones on either sides demonstrate a symmetrical reduction in mass that is made up by the curve of the ring which creates an illusion of sameness. It’s a little heavy, and thereby very gorgeous.

A Miragy Asscher Cut

At a glance, this is rich. The ring uses the halo design, but with a significant difference. It has an Asscher cut diamond at the core which already has the advantage of multiple symmetrical pavilions. The stone has been sourced from a mine in Kuwait and thus, bears the natural Kuwaiti richness. The outer ring of the stone contours the shape of the diamond in its flats and angles. Stones in baguette setting line the center diamond keeping the mirage-like illusion alive throughout the table. The rest of the band uses the same baguette setting only in vertical alignment to make maximum use of the band width.

A Flush Fit Princess-Cut

This one is petite, but that is made up by the brilliance this little ring radiates. Its double-prong precision setting of the center princess-cut diamond does not interfere with the assertion of the radiance. The band is also neutralized for the most of it, except that it is inlaid with diamonds in baguette paving in horizontal pattern. The stone has a clear bow-tie effect which indicates that the stone used must not be expensive for the chunky mass. However, the bowtie looks integral to giving the finish of the design finality to perfection. The lines emerging from the corners of the stone where the clips hold it in place taper to the center creating a vertex that is the cutlet at the bottom.

A Center Stone Bloom at the Crisscross Twin Strands

Two diamond-encrusted strands of platinum cross each other at a pivot from where a brilliant round-cut diamond emerges. A simple prong setting holds the diamond in place letting the stone throw beams off its table and facets in an enigmatic chiaroscuro.

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