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Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings – Everything you need to know

By August 21, 2021August 28th, 2021No Comments

Finding a very beautiful piece of diamond means getting the best expression of love as a couple. A diamond that contains sparkles, unique facets, brilliance, and have a shining look can bring excitement and happiness to one’s love life—making that person special and indicating that it is only yours can be done with the perfect diamond. For that, you can visit Diamond Exchange Dallas and look for their unique and attractive lab-created diamond engagement rings. Their lab-created diamonds are identical to the natural ones, and it only has handy looks that show sparkle, visual beauty, and much of brilliance. One more advantage that you can get from them is they will provide you with extra carat weight, clarity, and color, which will be beyond your thinking. It gives the engagement ring a shimmering look, a dazzling brilliance for the lab-created diamonds. So, Diamond Exchange Dallas will be the best option to get the best diamond rings and have the best possible looks for the lab-created diamonds.

What actually are Lab-grown diamonds?

There are various names for Lab-created diamonds, which are known as man-made diamonds and synthetic diamonds. But there are some myths reaching in the masses that lab-grown diamonds are not actual diamonds and for which it leaves a bad impression on some customers. But actually, that’s not the case. Lab-created engagement rings have all the essential elements, which include chemical, physical and optical properties. The crystal structure of the diamond is observed from the shape of the Earth, and it is mined from the Earth too. Their production is replicated from precisely high controlled temperature labs environments. They are similarly made naturally, which has a highly advanced technological process. But it takes some months to grow it; earlier, it used to need centuries.

Similarities between mined and lab-created diamonds

There are identical carbon atoms present in both the mined and lab-grown diamonds. Their atoms consist of the same structure of a crystal and have the same origin of both the diamond sets, although they are set apart. So, lab-created diamond comprises the same property of mined diamonds so both of them have the same chemical properties and therefore it has the same sparkle, fire, light, and shining look. Also, the progress is outgoing to create lab-grown diamonds to be more efficient and have a dazzling look. That means in the near future lab created diamond rings will have more beautiful looks, and their sell will be much higher, and it will give a joyful and happy life.

What makes Diamond Exchange Dallas the best for lab-created Engagement rings?

The lab-grown diamonds in Diamond Exchange Dallas are not only considered lab-grown they are termed as the best lab-created diamond engagement rings. They are selected for having maximum sparkle, beauty, and persistence with shining. They have their expert seniors, which have the finest laboratory and mined-grown diamonds. They also have the latest trending and have all traditional shapes in their collections. There are certain tests that are carried out to pass all the tests, including structural integrity, visual beauty, and meeting all high standards to provide the utmost quality of engagement ring for the lab-grown ones.

They are guaranteed to have a sparkling effect and shine too. You are sure to enjoy it for a lifetime, and also you are assumed to be 110% about the quality. Any kind of chipping, cracking, and loss due to any industrial fault will be considered to be repaired or changed with a new one when it comes to Diamond Exchange Dallas.

How are lab-grown Diamonds grown?

The existence of diamonds came into the Earth with a history of billions of years. They were found with other elements, which are carbon atoms and other minor elements. They were found miles under the Earth’s surface and were extracted from there, applying extreme pressure and heat. Previously there used to require High pressure and high temperature for growing diamond naturally. Similarly, each lab-grown diamonds are exposed in a temperature of 1500 degree Celsius and then pressuring it for 1.5 million pounds every square inch. The diamond seed formation starts after extreme heat is given to melt the carbon. After it has been meticulously cooled, then it will easily yield pure lab-grown carbon diamond.

Soon comes the second process of Chemical Vapor Deposition. This process starts after a thin seed is sliced from the diamond seed. A chamber of 800 degrees Celsius is filled with enriched carbon gases, and the process starts with plasma ionization technology. With the help of ionization technology, the molecular bond breaks down, which causes the carbon to produce diamond seeds and form crystallization. With time passing by, it forms a pure lab-generated diamond. The result of such an extreme process gives the output of authentic and wonderful lab-grown diamonds that persists of the same quality and composition as a mined diamond.

How does the grading of lab-grown diamond engagement rings occur?

Although both the mined and lab-grown diamonds hold the same properties, there are different gradings. For the grading of lab-grown diamonds, the gemological laboratory uses their high experience along with mastery gadgets and instruments to trace every element. The GIA and other form factors that determine the quality of diamonds for mined ones also work for carrying out the perfection of diamonds for the lab-grown ones. The lab diamond engagement rings will need to have the 4C’s as the natural diamond engagement rings. Different kinds of tests are performed to determine the defects and do potential treatments to overcome them. The assessments of lab-grown diamonds are the same, which are cut, clarity, and color. The carat weight is different for the lab-created diamond engagement rings as it depends on the particular vendor if they provide you with more carat. The GIA and GCAL firmly observe all the processes for lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

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