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How to Get My Custom Jewelry Designs Manufactured

By August 29, 2021No Comments
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It has been many times when people custom their jewelry, drooling over many designs. They want to push it to the very extent so that they can get a unique piece of jewelry. Other than that, some people even want their jewelry to get customized on a large scale. Nowadays, customizing jewelry has become so normal that people are getting more into customized jewelry than normal jewelry. It is ok important that your jewelry is custom manufactured by a massive jewelry production company. Also, there will be multiple sets of copies for getting your jewelry manufactured. In case you want to save both the amount and time for the increasing demand for your jewelry, then it is very important that you manufacture your jewelry from a reputed vendor. Also, it is the prime work to select a correct and mesmerizing design. Focusing on redesigning your old jewelry is also a very good idea.

Common ways to outsource jewelry

Before you move on to the process of customizing your jewelry, you need to outsource all jewelry manufacturers. Basically, there are three ways to outsource the jewelry manufacturing process. The most common way to create custom jewelry designs is by custom casting. Another way by which you can create outsource your custom jewelry is by giving it to a local company. The last way you can complete the manufacturing process is by finding help in locating and completing it locally. The process can be done in many ways, but some certain process enables the manufacturer to work smoothly. 

Custom casting

If you are thinking of finding the most reasonable ways of producing or manufacturing jewelry, then custom casting is the best way. Also, if you find joy in creating a unique piece of jewelry, then don’t duplicate old designs and make a new one; rather, create a custom design that will work the best. If you cast your designs, then you will find that you can save more time and promises. It returns a good impression, especially when you want to cast your popular jewelry designs. But you don’t want to do it yourself as there are many reputed manufacturing vendors that work through every kind of jewelry and cast some unique and extraordinary designs on those pieces. There are certain imperfect silver casts that you can redo yourself, but the implementation idea is not so easy. For that, you require the best casting designers who can generate unique ideas and implement them on the pieces of jewelry, as we know that creativeness endorses the quality of jewelry more and more. If you don’t have enough resources for purchasing the casting equipment, you can outsource those custom designs and make some good profit.

There are some pre-requirements before you want to outsource these options at your proposal, and for that, you need to do certain things. The main point is that you need to create the designs yourself that will be out in the production. Once you are ready with the proposals, you need to follow certain steps. They are:

Getting the exact measurements for implementing your designs

When it comes to manufacturing designs, you should give much importance to creating accurate measurements. So it is important to get the correct lineup of the measurements. You should use computer-aided methods for those pieces which need wax models and casting. There are certain software such as CAD or CAM that helps to generate 3D images by which you can surely see your designs and build them according to your wish. 

On the other hand, if you use wire wrapped or string type designs, you will require very precise measurements that can replace the 3D drawings. Also, ensure to incorporate contrast and high visual reference by using photos of high quality and resolution. 

Creating all types of list of materials

Firstly you need to decide which metal will be required for creating the necklace, earring, or bracelet. You need to choose the correct thickness and beading of the wire. Other than that, you also need to pick the correct size of chains, clasps, and crimps too. Moreover, there should be a sourcing list of items along with the style of the jewelry. 

Labor cost and overall material cost

You need to determine the total cost of all items after finishing the lists of required materials. Nothing comes free, so in that case, the labor cost should also be included in the total cost. Actually, the company from where you will manufacture the design of the jewelry will provide you the estimated labor cost. In case you have all the required equipment on your own, then you can find labor yourself. Also, if you are in the outsourcing market, you need to make a list of materials required for the manufacture. 

How to outsource the jewelry casting?

After all the process of producing the unique design from the reputed vendor, you need to look for a model builder. Just ensure that you have all the correct jewelry designs on your mind. So when you are ready, you can portray the design to an expert model builder and give your graphic design to turn it into casting. There is another benefit if you work with a model designer. You can tweak various elements for your jewelry design, including the size, diameter, thickness, and depth of the jewelry. The only work you need to do is include all types of information and process them into the files. 

After you are done with the model designer, then you need to look for a company that will cast your design. Many custom design jewelry manufacturers are very professional and engaging when casting any kind of jewelry design. Diamond Exchange Dallas can help you put on customized designs on your jewelry, which will surely make your jewelry look great. 

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