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Below are some helpful tips on how you can take care of your diamond jewelries:

By September 30, 2020No Comments
  • Have your diamond jewelry checked and cleaned by a reliable jeweler. This is to ensure that your diamond jewelry is free of any dirt or damaging substances that may be stuck inside.
  • When you’re applying your makeup, styling your hair or applying lotion, be sure to remove your ring to avoid the contact of lotions and gels on your diamond, which can dull the stone. Household cleaners have also been known to change the color of a stone or setting, so take precaution and wear gloves when doing dishes or cleaning the home.
  • Avoid exposing your diamonds to harmful chemicals. This includes some of the chemicals found in what we often use each day. There are substances in lotions and soaps we use that may make our diamonds dull. When using these substances, take your diamond jewelry off. The same applies with swimming in pools as chlorine may be damaging to diamonds.
  • Store your jewelries in a proper case. Make use of case that has a separate compartment designated for your diamond to make sure you do not misplace or damage the jewelry.
  • Refrain from wearing your diamond jewelries when doing activities that required your jewelry to be heavily exposed to the elements. For instance, do not wear your diamond ring when you garden as dirt and grime may get inside the setting, loosening the stone.
  • We also cannot emphasize enough the importance of insuring your diamond as soon as it is purchased.  All that is required is an appraisal of the ring and a call to your homeowner’s insurance company to see if they offer property insurance for your ring– if they don’t give a local jeweler a call and ask for a recommendation.  Once you choose your deductible, take photos of your ring to document proof of ownership and send your appraisal, paperwork and photos to your insurance company.
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