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Halo Engagement Rings-The Perfect Choice for you

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#2717 1.26ct. 14K White Gold Round Halo Engagement Ring

It is very important to choose the correct engagement ring according to your budget, taste of your partner and the message you want to convey in the name of divine and eternal love. It can be tricky to find a ring that your woman/man will love. The ring style, shape, setting etc. are to be considered while choosing an engagement ring. Get to know about the most precious symbol of love for your one and only lover. Here we cover different types of engagement rings and the sub-items.

Engagement rings are one type of jewelry. It is of different types. The types are Solitaire, Vintage, three stone, Gemstone, Halo, Promise, and Unique. Each type has a particular quality, and it depends on the user when it comes to choosing. 

Let us focus on the accessory parts as well. Some of the common engagement rings look regular and are ordered by the common engagement ceremony. They are made of stainless steel, silver, and titanium, which have very low costs in the market. Expensive engagement rings are made of good quality metal.  

Engagement ring is a very big deal in the approach of marriage. The taste the desire of the bride to be(or in many cases now-a-days groom to be) should be considered. She most probably will make subtle indications for the ring she desires. Maybe she will visit a jewellery shop to try on rings or show you advertisements on the magazines. There is a big possibility that she will choose the halo engagement ring given its rising possibility.  

Halo engagement rings For Men

Wearing an engagement ring is common for all couples in most countries before marriage. They confirm their attachment initially thorough wearing the engagement ring. The inner part of the metal is smooth and plain. The couple may choose wearing a halo engagement ring in this case.

Besides, we use this Halo Engagement ring as the purpose of the wedding ring later on. One of the examples of wearing the same ring in both ceremonies is seen in Brazil. They change the position of the same engagement ring on the wedding day between hands or fingers. 

Today, world statistics says women are now involved in proposing men. Based on their mindset, lots of jewelry shops have already made rings from men. The inner side of the ring is fully plain smooth.

There has no variant on the designs of both the engagement rings. Both the halo engagement rings on the fingers of the couple can look gorgeous. It will give the couple an exceptional look. So, choosing the halo engagement ring for both man and woman is a good choice.

What exactly is Halo Engagement ring?

Halo engagement rings are popular because of its special attractive design. It has a big centered caret which makes the diamond look bigger. The centre is encircled by smaller pieces of diamond. Variants of this ring can consist of multiple halos. The metal is popularly mad of white gold or platinum. 

A question may arise, should I choose halo engagement ring. Well, let us show you some of its beneficial features. The choice is yours after that.

A hidden halo engagement ring can also give an exceptional look. The halo is set below the center stone here. The mentioned setting emphasizes the stone at the center. It gives the traditional ring a unique look and makes the stone look 15% bigger.

The setting used in halo engagement ring is suitable for any type of diamond cuts. So, halo engagement rings can be found in various shapes and designs which will give you a variety of options to choose from.

The side diamond used in the halo setting really does not interfere with the centre stone. So, it gives a bolder look to the diamond. 

Platinum, gold or other type of metals can be used with this setting. The side stones really provide an extraordinary support for metals of any color.

Different type of Halo rings

They are almost of same price and works with any type of diamond. So, it is just a matter of choice rather than budget. 

There are different types of halo rings.

  1. Oval Halo Engagement Ring: Oval halo rings give a classic and unique look to the rings. It uses an oval cut design on the ring which reflects the light in different directions.
  1. Cushion cut halo engagement rings: Cushion cut diamonds give more classic look by its square shaped cut and rounded corners. 
  1. Round halo engagement rings: Rounded halo rings are probably most popular shape. A small number of accent stones surround the larger stone at the center.
  2. Pear shaped halo engagement ring: With the special design of its pave band and halo settings, pear shaped halo engagement rings give unique sparkle.
  1. Rose gold halo engagement rings: Rose gold halo setting gives the ring a unique color look. The yellow color of the gold and white of the platinum makes up a gorgeous combination of color.
  1. Princess Diamond Halo Rings: Princess diamond rings are the second most popular type of halo rings. It has a traditional look. The princess cut gives a bit square shape to the diamond with the corners bearing acute angles. The shape facilitates its cheaper value. For this, this type of ring is so popular.
  1. Emerald Diamond Halo Rings: Emerald diamond rings comes with a unique design of stairs or steps illusion. This cut has a longer body. The combination here facilitates the use of any color. They can come with both rectangular and squared shaped.
  1. Radiant Diamond Halo Rings: The radiant cut gives the diamond an attractive look with its symmetrical appearance. It squared shape with rounded corners. The round corners may resemble emerald diamond cut, but it appears with a special rounded appearance. With the radiant cut, many color variations may be used.
  1. Heart Diamond Rings: Heart diamond rings can be a different way to express love. As, the halo setting can hold various shaped diamond, the heart shaped diamond can be easily used here.

Final thoughts about engagement ring

Engagement rings are the sign of eternal and divine love. So, the selection of it can feel like a bit of hassle. Nevertheless, people will go through any type of hassle to find the perfect ring for the “Perfect” one. So, after analyzing and considering various rings and factors like the type, shape, setting, style etc. mentioned above, you can find your best ring which suits your requirements.  

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