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Cheap Engagement Rings: How to Find a Beautiful Diamond Ring for Less

By October 8, 2021No Comments
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If you are planning to get married recently, there is a high chance that you are looking for an engagement ring. You may realize that finding an engagement ring is not as easy as you assumed. Finding the symbol of commitment for the love of your life can give raise to many complexities. It might be very stressful for you to get the desired ring. In fact, you hope that this is the only time you will be buying a ring for your love and it needs to be perfect. Many factors are to be considered while choosing such a ring. One of the most important factor of might the budget of the ring.

Let not a beautiful piece of commitment be a burden and a cause of anxiety. Most people value the thoughtfulness/gesture rather than the price. Price does play a role in the social dignity but it should not be the prime deciding factor. Here, we discuss about how you can choose a cheap engagement ring.

Why budget is important?

Budget is an important deciding factor for most of the people. You don’t have to give it all for an engagement ring. There are surely many upcoming expenses when you are starting a new family. You can have a baby coming your way. Maybe you are also getting a new home. And of course there are your expenses on your weeding. Getting the cheap ring while pleasing your fiancé as well is therefore important. To get a cheap engagement ring and also satisfy your partner, the following tips might be taken under consideration.

Don’t focus on Karat

Focusing much on the karat of the diamond and as well as the gold can increase the price of your ring. Instead, look for the setting of the ring. The setting, design and cut of the diamond is significant in a ring. Right combination of these can make your ring look expensive than originally it is. They all play a vital role on the appeal of the ring. 

A halo engagement ring can be a good choice if you are considering your budget. This is because the design of the halo engagement rings is more appealing and more compatible with its costs. The halo is set below the center stone here. The mentioned setting emphasizes the stone at the center. It gives the traditional ring a unique look and makes the stone look 15% bigger. So, you can get a bigger looking stone with less cost. It s aesthetically pleasant as well as the diamond cut reflects good amount of light and makes the stone sparkle.

In case of the diamond itself, finding 1-2 karat stone is not necessary. A well designed cut of the diamond can be very appealing and small stones can be a very good light reflector, which will be pleasant to the eyes.

Choosing Smart Setting 

Choosing setting smartly is very important. Remember, the setting of the ring will influence the appearance of the ring’s color. Getting a darker setting is an intelligent way in making the diamond appear whiter. Thus, you can be flexible in the color of the diamond, which will save you bucks. Instead of getting D colored diamond, which is obviously more costly, you can get a dimmer color and still make the diamond look whiter. 

For the whole shank part of the ring, the use of platinum is overrated. It is also overpriced in comparison to other metals used in a ring. Instead, you may choose other metals. 

If you decide to get a gold setting, the karat of the gold is to be considered as well. 24 Karat gold is overpriced and non-practical while 110 Karat gold may not give you the best look you desire. Among the 14 and 18 Karat, 14 karat is less expensive though the difference of price is not that significant. The 14 karat gold will be more durable too as it contains more portion other metal alloys along with gold in it. It is less susceptible to bending and dents. So, it will economical if you consider the maintenance cost for later on.

Stone Consideration 

The go to stone used in maximum rings is the diamond stone. Now, naturally diamond is one of the most expensive choices for the stone for an engagement ring. Instead of a diamond stone, you can very well use a gemstone. It is cheaper as well as a different choice than the conventional one.

Emerald gemstone can very well be an alternative. Emerald with its green appearance can give a unique look on the finger of your fiancé. Other alternatives can be sapphire, turquoise, amethyst, morganite, garnet, pearl, tourmaline, topaz, ruby, onyx etc. They comes with different shapes and color which will give a wide variety of choice.

Market Research

Market research is a very good way to avoid unnecessary cost. Getting into different stores and researching different websites online is a good strategy to get to know about the actual price of the ring. By comparing the prices of different store, you can choose between the best ring with minimum cost and desired design.

Online Marketing

Shopping online can give you cheap engagement rings compared to if you get it from a store. The online businessman doesnot have to bear the permanent costs of running a store. Therefore, they can offer you more cheap engagement rings.

Recycled Diamond

Getting recycled diamond can save you some bucks. Recycled diamonds are polished again has no difference than a mined diamond in appearance. They might come in a traditional design. But if you are looking for a classic vintage look, the recycled diamonds will do you double favor. You can also get newly designed recycled diamond which is still cheaper than the regular mined diamonds.

Although you may want to give your love of your life the most expensive ring, reality is a bit different. Remember, the thought and gesture should be given more priority in this materialistic world. So, use the above tips to get your fiancé the right ring at the best cost.  

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