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Everything You Need To know To Find The Best Engagement Rings In Dallas, TX

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Being engaged to the love of your life is the best feeling ever. You want everything to be perfect while proposing to your better half. So why compromise in engagement rings? To find the best engagement rings in Dallas, this is the perfect place for you. 

Here we offer a wide range of engagement rings with customized designs so that you can have the “The perfect ring “ you solely deserve. Here we will guide you on how to choose and select the best engagement ring and what designs are trending in the current market.

Why Choosing The Right Engagement Ring Is Important?

Proposing with an engagement ring is a bold statement of how much you love your partner. So it is important to choose the right ring. The statement doesn’t depend on how big of a stone it has on the ring but the emotional value it comes with it. So choose the ring that you feel like your partner will be happy to wear.

What Knowledge Should You Have Before Purchasing The “Perfect Engagement Ring”?

So if you live in Dallas, TX, and want to buy the right engagement ring for your partner, then here are some factors you should consider before choosing- 

Pick a budget 

Engagement rings can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the 4Cs. When you scout through engagement rings, you will find yourself with hundreds of choices to select. So make sure to pick a budget that you are comfortable spending for the big surprise. The budget will specify a range of options that you can select.

Knowing the 4Cs

Before buying your engagement ring, it is important to know the 4Cs which are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. These are the global standards that determine the quality of the diamonds and compare them to other diamonds with different grades. These four grades are described briefly here – 

  • Color: The color grade of a diamond determines the lack of color where the ranges are from D to Z.  Diamonds with less color are considered to be rarer.
  • Cut: The quality of diamonds is much dependent on the furnished and specialized cuts. The diamond will unleash better light if the cuts are more precise. 
  • Clarity: Diamond clarity denotes the absence of blemishes and inclusion. Inclusion is a small imperfection within a diamond that occurs due to extreme pressure and heat a diamond goes through when it is formed. And blemishes in diamond are a natural and common type of included scratches that occur on the surface. 
  • Carat Weight: A diamond’s worth is signified by the Carat weight. The price per carat increases as the size of the stone increases. 

If you understand the concept of 4Cs then the next step is to determine which C to prioritize more. If you are sure of which C to select then it will naturally eliminate some diamonds from your search. So make sure you choose your C wisely.

4Cs is the universal language to describe diamond quality. Being able to comprehend this language can benefit you to buy a diamond ring with confidence.

Learning the difference in diamonds shapes, cutting style, and diamond cut 

Before you start searching for the right engagement ring for your partner, it is important to understand the differences between the diamond’s shape, cutting style, and cut quality. Shape refers to the diamond’s outline when viewed face-up.

Round is the most popular diamond shape approved by many users. Besides rounds, there are many other fancy shapes which are – pear, oval, rectangle, square, heart, and marquise.

Cutting style determines the diamond’s facets arrangement. For example, round diamonds have a brilliant cutting style with a specific arrangement of  57 or 58 facets. Another type of cutting style is emerald cut, which is for square or rectangle space where the arrangement consists of four longer facets along the sides and beveled corners.

Cut quality makes sure how well a diamond’s facets interact with the light. Even with the same shape and style of a diamond cut, it can vary in girdle thickness, symmetry, polish, and table size.

Pick the right metal for the band 

What metal you choose for your engagement ring affects the overall look of the ring. White gold and platinum is widely popular in recent years for having a sleek and modern look. These are also good choices for diamonds that are graded in the colorless ranges- D though J for highlighting its colorlessness.

Selecting the setting 

A diamond in an engagement ring is held in place by a setting. The setting is for two things – to highlight the beauty of the diamond and protect it from damage. Different settings provide different levels of protection. The three summon types of settings are as follows- 

  1. Prolong: Four to six prongs which are narrow metal supports are used to hold a diamond in place. A ring is often called “solitaire” when prongs are used to secure a single piece of stone.
  2. Halo: The halo setting is done by encircling tiny diamonds around the center stone. Using the halo setting can add more sparkle to an engagement ring and makes the center stone look larger. 
  3. Bezel: Bezel is an excellent setting in protecting the center stone. A thin metal strip is used to hammer around the gem for holding the stone in place.

Pick a ring that suits the style of your partner

An engagement ring is something your partner intends to wear for the rest of her life. It symbolizes how much you love her and it should make her heart sing. So it is very important to choose the style and design that she prefers. Here are some of the ways to find out what style and designs she would like without revealing the element of surprise- 

  • Pay attention and observe what type of jewelry she wears. Especially what color metals she prefers. 
  • Ask her close or best friends who have a good taste in jewelry. 
  • Focus on her personality, taste, and likings. 
  •  Go jewelry shopping together. Pay attention to what type of jewelry she is more drawn to.
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