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Diamond Necklace- Find The Best One For Your Loved Ones

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Diamond Necklace is the prime jewel of any woman’s jewelry collection. Nothing brings more joy than putting on a fine diamond necklace around your spouse’s or girlfriend’s neck. A diamond necklace brings added beauty to a woman making her look more marvelous and stunning.

Moreover, it shows how much you love your partner and are willing to spend any amount to make her happy. There is no denying that a diamond necklace is a must-have in a woman’s jewelry collection.

So if you want to give your partner a lovely diamond necklace but are unsure which one to choose, then rest assured. We will guide you the entire journey and recommend which one to select. 

What knowledge should you have before buying a diamond necklace?

Before you get excited about buying a beautiful diamond necklace for your partner, you must take some things into consideration. Diamond necklace comes with different designs and options, also you need to understand the Quality and its Genuity. But no need to worry, we will be covering all the mentioned topics here. Here are the few things you should give special  attention to-

Understanding the 4C’s

The first thing you have to understand is that a diamond is determined by its quality. And the quality of the diamond is determined by 4C’s which are Color, Cut, Carat, and Clarity. Diamonds are ranged from D to Z spending on the color. The cut determines how unique that selected diamond is. If the cut is perfect and refined then it will shine and sparkle perfectly too.

Clarity refers to the tiny imperfection in the diamond. The diamonds with the best clarity are generally known as flawless diamonds. Then comes the last and most basic part which is Carat. Normally, diamonds are weighed in Carat. The Carat determines the price of the diamond. So if the Carat increases, the price of the diamond will also increase.

Quality and Authenticity 

When you are buying a diamond necklace, make sure you check the authenticity and quality with standard hallmarks. This determines whether the diamond is tested from a certified laboratory or not. Some diamonds don’t have the standard hallmark so you have to be careful before purchasing the diamond necklace.

You should also make sure to check the price, shape, and weight of a diamond and check whether the price from the particular store is equal or close to the price in the current market. 

You can also compare other diamonds to check the quality of the diamond that you are willing to buy. Checking other diamonds gives you an idea of whether the diamond you are purchasing has the best quality and price or not.

Fix a budget before purchasing

It is a wise decision to select a budget before purchasing the diamond necklace. The reason is that the price of a diamond necklace starts from $500 to as much as $36,000 apiece. So choose a budget that you feel comfortable spending. When you are interested in buying a specific diamond necklace, make sure to check whether that diamond necklace falls into your budget or not.

The price of a diamond varies depending on its weight and size. So if you are planning to buy a diamond necklace, select what type and size of diamond you want. If the price of the diamond necklace is over your budget then always search for an alternative. You would be surprised how many options there are available for choosing diamonds. 

Inquire about the warranty and guarantee 

Many people neglect this part even though it is very important to consider it. That is, always make sure to check the warranty and guarantee period and keep the guarantee and warranty card safe. This will help to ask for an exchange or refund if you find the diamonds you have purchased are losing their quality and sparkling less.

Moreover, if you are purchasing online then demand a warranty and guarantee card in e-document. So even if you lose the physical card, you can have an alternative.

Various Designs Of Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklaces come in different designs and shapes. The abundance of choices will surely amaze you. But we will be discussing the designs that are trading in the market currently. The designs are mentioned below – 

Diamond Heart Necklace 

The design of a diamond heart necklace resembles the shape of a heart. The shape and design of this necklace is a timeless and moving symbol of affection.

 If you are planning to surprise your partner with a unique design then this can be a good option.

Diamond Solitaire Necklace

A solitaire pendant looks stunning and elegant with a hint of classic style. This necklace consists of one stone which is set at the end of the chain with a prong setting. 

This prong setting usually comes with four prongs but recently six prongs have become quite popular. The best thing about this design is that it matches well with just about everything.

Floating Diamond Necklace 

Floating diamond necklaces have a similar design to a solitaire diamond necklace, where a single stone is suspended from a delicate chain. The style is pretty simple but at the same time looks stunning and elegant. It works well with large or small diamonds.

Three Stone Diamond Necklace

A three-stone diamond necklace has a similar setting to a floating necklace but it is more pronounced. This necklace is set with three diamonds suspended from the chain. The setting can be either alongside each other or vertically in a ‘drop” style.

A three-stone necklace with high-quality diamond cuts can steal the show and become the center of attention to the viewers.

Diamond Tennis Necklace 

The design of a diamond tennis necklace is a bit different from solitaire or floating necklace.

A tennis necklace consists of many diamonds encrusted around the chain. Surprise your partner with a high-quality diamond tennis necklace and chances are high that she will fall in love with it instantly.

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