Some episodes in our lives are like a small film. We would often want to set the rewind button to recollect and relive those moments. They are those moments which you would be narrating to your parents, your friends, your relatives and later to your kids. One such special episode is an engagement proposal. A.. read more →

The graciousness of a diamond is not limited to the fire and sparkle that it radiates. It has so much to reveal, so much more than the mere brilliance it is widely associated with. A look into the history of diamonds will take you through a fascinating journey about its origin and how it eventually.. read more →

You’ve all heard of the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cook up a storm in the kitchen and you’re sure to have sealed a deal for his love. Have you ever wondered, though, what the way to a woman’s heart was? Why, diamonds of course! Diamonds: A girl’s.. read more →

While it is true that shopping for an engagement ring can often turn out to be tiresome, yet with stores like Diamond Exchange Dallas at your disposal, it can be made fun-filled and enthralling. Diamond Exchange Dallas is a comprehensive diamond store, where the old meets the new, where the variety is overwhelming and where.. read more →