With the holiday seasons around the corner a lot of people are wonderding what kind of gift to get their loved ones. Selecting a gift requires a lot of time and concentration especially when it is for a loved one. Saying it with flowers is a great option of course, but flowers wilt and your.. read more →

Your ladylove will prize any ring that you slip in her fourth finger because of the promise of love it embodies. But, that hardly is the license to go slapdash when shopping for an engagement ring. When it comes to purchasing women’s ornaments, men lack the patience of research. If you are no different, then.. read more →

It is only once in a while that we invest in expensive jewelries. They become a moment loaded with great emotional significance, a moment meant to be cherished for years to come. Buying nice jewelry is an experience that is far different from the experience of buying other big-ticket items like house, home theatre, cars,.. read more →

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Some episodes in our lives are like a small film. We would often want to set the rewind button to recollect and relive those moments. They are those moments which you would be narrating to your parents, your friends, your relatives and later to your kids. One such special episode is an engagement proposal. A.. read more →