Getting married is always a momentous occasion. The only thing that matters is love for each other. However, getting wedded amidst your family and friends certainly gives a special kind of pleasure. The feeling of acceptance is appreciated and you revel at being the star for just one day. True, it requires a tremendous amount.. read more →

This is the season of romance and diamonds. And if statistics are anything to go by, many couples will make it formal in this proposal season. When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds remain the highly desirable and quintessential classic for the center stone. In any of its avatars – princess, round, cushion, radiant, marquise,.. read more →

Are you planning to get engaged during the remainder of 2017, then it is time that you start thinking about the trendiest engagement rings of the year. In fact, when it comes to choosing an engagement ring it not only means an epitome of love and union but at the same time it is that.. read more →

If you are planning your fairy-tale wedding in the spring of 2017, the journey can surely start with finding the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the ideal engagement ring is certainly a big decision! Diamond Exchange Dallas is here to help you pick up the perfect diamond jewelry for wholesale prices. An engagement ring is the.. read more →

The word ‘wedding’ conjures a pretty similar image in all our minds. Now, while there are finer points of debatable differences, it’s mostly the white wedding that we all see at first. In preparation for your own wedding any time in the foreseeable future, you can however take a sharp turn from everything classical and.. read more →

With the holiday seasons around the corner a lot of people are wonderding what kind of gift to get their loved ones. Selecting a gift requires a lot of time and concentration especially when it is for a loved one. Saying it with flowers is a great option of course, but flowers wilt and your.. read more →