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5 Fun DIY Ideas for your Wedding

By September 30, 2020February 6th, 2022No Comments

The word ‘wedding’ conjures a pretty similar image in all our minds. Now, while there are finer points of debatable differences, it’s mostly the white wedding that we all see at first. In preparation for your own wedding any time in the foreseeable future, you can however take a sharp turn from everything classical and stereotypical. If you’d like your wedding to be nothing like the ones that you’ve attended so far, then here are some great ideas to gloss over. All of these 5 wedding ideas are assured unique and can be planned for without involving a wedding designer.

Hanging Pink Bushes against a Beige Wedding Canopy

If you are thinking in the direction of a different style of wedding, the first thing to forsake is the use of color white. That does not however mean that you have to count your options between blazing orange and flashing purple to make the difference. Beige is an agreeable replacement of white. So, let your wedding tent be a pretty pastel beige. But that’s not enough. Decorate the interior with hanging flower pots that are burst into pink blooms. The ensemble of fresh green, gentle pink and a mild beige will lighten up the interior just in itself.

Hot Air Balloons for Guest Transportation

Want to do something very different in your wedding? If your list of invitees is a bunch of energetic and buoyant folks, then some hot air balloons for guest transportation can be a pretty great idea. For some extra flair, pick hot air balloons that have all the shades of a rainbow on them.

Cocktail Surprise during the Ceremony

In weddings, guests do not expect any refreshment until the reception. You can surprise them sweetly by breaking the tradition by introducing pre-ceremonial cocktails. However, if you can spill-proof the entire arrangement, it will make things less messy for you in the end. Mimosas, iced teas, pina coladas or anything nonalcoholic is good to go before the reception gala.

Welcome Bags for Guests

A great way of welcoming the guests is to offer each a welcome bag of hampers or a little favor. Make the assortment with anything from mini bottles of champagnes and cheese to flowers and coffee beans. Alternately, you can pick some hotel samples to create a bag full of surprises to greet the guests when they arrive at the avenue.

A Customized Flower Station

There can never be an excess of flowers in a wedding. So, go generous in the inclusion of these pretty blooms in your wedding décor. Create your own corsages of orchids or bunches of boutonniere and place them at the flower station for the guests to pick as they wish. Decorate the bushels with colorful ribbons, pins, notes and whatever you see fit to make them look presentable.

Arrange for something special for your toddler guests, besides crayons and coloring books. Hire a baby sitter or an entertainer to keep them occupied and entertained throughout the ceremony.

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