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Which Gold Buyers Offer the Best Cash For Gold Service 2022?


The online platform may feel intimidating at first but if you find buyers that offer the best cash for gold service in 2022 then you can earn a handsome amount of money upon selling your gold.

There’s never been a better moment to sell your gold for cash, whether you’ve got old gold hand-me-downs from relatives or gold pieces that are too damaged or obsolete to wear anymore. Market prices are high, and who doesn’t desire a little additional cash in the bank account to help pay off debt or save for a dream vacation?

Here we will be discussing two certified cash for a gold company that is striving in the market by providing the best quality service to the sellers. These follow- 

Express Gold Cash

Choosing cash for gold service is likely to be based on several factors, including trustworthiness, ease of use, and higher-than-usual payouts. With Express Gold Cash, you get the option to get such facilities. The facilities are given below:

Best insurance coverage

It can be observed right away that Express Gold Cash has the largest insurance coverage among cash for gold services: $100,000. Of course, the ordinary individual seeking to sell their gold for cash won’t need that much insurance, but aren’t the three items you discovered buried in your great-jewelry grandmother’s box worth much more than the $200 in insurance you’ll receive from other companies?

It doesn’t matter how much your possessions end up being worth; you can rest easy knowing that they’re safe from harm. However, please be advised that unless you choose a higher level of coverage, your Appraisal Kit is automatically insured for just $5000.

An Easy-to-Follow Procedure

With Express Gold Cash, the remainder of the procedure is a lot like any other which are mentioned below-


  1. By filling out the online “Request a Kit” form, you can wait for your kit to be delivered or you can print a free label so that you can use it for packaging.


  1. Drop off your gold and other valuables at a FedEx facility near you. You’ll be able to monitor the progress of your order at any time.


  1. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your kit arrives at Express Gold Cash.


  1. An inventory check is performed to ensure that the contents of your package match the list you gave when you sent it in.


  1. Depending on the weight and kind of material in your box, as well as the current gold price, your total monetary worth is determined. Once you’ve received an email with your offer, you have 24 hours to decide whether or not to accept. Your products will be returned to you for free if you choose not to accept the offer. Payment will be made within 24 hours if you accept. Express Gold Cash will send you a paper check if you do not accept or reject the offer within 72 hours.


Top Price Match 

It has also been discovered the greatest price match at Express Gold Cash. You may expect this service to match any national online competitor’s offer and give you an additional 10% (or $100 for anything priced at $1000 or more).


Nevertheless, when it comes to any cash for gold service, the essential issue is “Can they be relied upon?” It’s simple to see that the answer for Express Gold Cash is a resounding “yes!” when you consider the hundreds of 5-star, independently-verified customer reviews and an “A+” rating from the BBB.

Those who have sold their gold via this platform have said that the procedure was really easy, that cash was received relatively quickly, and that the sum received was more than fair. Several consumers said that Express Gold Cash paid far more than what they were promised by local jewelers and pawnshops, and we agree with them.

Top Rating 

When you can obtain the most money for your unwanted gold from Express Gold Cash, why wander about town looking for the best deal? It’s impossible to find a better option to exchange your gold for cash anyplace else. We give Express Gold Cash the highest possible score for its extraordinary service.

Cash for Gold USA

Everything from dental debris to traditional jewelry, gold solder, and more may be sold to Cash for Gold USA for cash. It is one of the biggest online gold purchasers in the world; they’ve paid out over $52 million to more than 250,000 consumers since its founding in 2005. Here are the features you will get from Cash for Gold USA-

Similar Process 

Similar to other gold-buying firms, Cash for Gold USA’s approach is straightforward which is given below-


  1. Select a method of shipping from the drop-down menu and enter the details of your shipment (USPS mailer or FedEx label).


  1. Place your gold and/or other things in the Safepak provided by Cash for Gold, attach the return label, and mail (USPS) OR print the label, attach it to your box, and drop it off at a FedEx site.


  1. Detailed tutorials are available for both methods.


  1. A professional technician will evaluate your belongings and get back to you with an offer within 24 hours. You have the option of accepting their offer or having your stuff returned to you at this moment.


Payment Within 24 Hours

If you accept the offer and decide to sell your stuff, you may be paid by check, bank wire, or PayPal, and you can have your money in as little as 24 hours if you go with the electronic payment option. Accepting their offer will result in complimentary return shipping. Rejecting their offer will result in free return shipping.

Fair in the Business

Several years ago, a FOX News undercover investigation into gold-buying websites was carried out. Payouts were found to be three times higher than their nearest rival at Cash for Gold USA. This is a positive sign that this business platform is trying to be as fair as possible when presenting its offer to clients.

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