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What is an engagement ring?

By September 30, 2020February 7th, 2022No Comments

What is an engagement ring? An engagement ring speaks to the very heart of humankind, and is a visible affirmation of intent, affection and dedication. The engagement ring is our message to the world about our love for another, and often in our excitement and jubilee, we forget the rich history that has brought us to this point where we can share our love that is so unique and brilliant in the form of a diamond placed into a precious metal setting, adoring the hand of our dearest love.

The engagement ring symbolizes ones love, but more than that, it is a symbol of commitment and intent. Throughout history the diamond has been cherished as a symbol of purity, of strength and of value. All though the standard of giving a diamond engagement ring upon proposal is considered to have started near the end of the 19th century, it is a symbol that goes back into ancient times. As humankind advanced from the times of dowries and pre-arranged weddings, love and commitment became the binding unit of marriage. This too, marrying for love is relatively recent, often considered to have become important in the 19th century as well. Interestingly, during this time the world was experiencing a renaissance of sense, for the industrial revolution was in full swing and the world was a flutter with opportunities and hope for the future. This was the first time in history when the average working person had means and opportunity to marry for love and, just as the world was developing larger and faster machines, the hearts of the world were blossoming with prospects of romance and love. To learn about our selection of engagement rings at Diamond Exchange Dallas visit our engagement rings page.
It can be assumed that the engagement ring became a standard as soon as love was the motivating factor for marriage, for endowing the one’s we love with beautiful jewelry, especially diamonds, goes back to the very beginnings of civilization. On can image the scenario of a young man in love, wondering how he might propose to his soulmate, his dearest and considering how he would demonstrate his devotion, his intent and his dedication for a lifetime of togetherness. What would he would give to his love? For love deserves beauty as well as strength in longevity! We are raised with the power of symbols, and when determining the symbol to espouses strength, love, beauty, commitment and dedication, no stone carries those qualities like a diamond.
What is an engagement ring? It is a symbol that is given as a reminder of one’s true love to another, but it is much more than that. It is a physical representation of the very qualities we hope and should carry with us into a lifetime of marriage. The diamond is pure, and filled with fire as our hearts should be to the one we love. The diamond is the hardest stone which would symbols the strength and steadfastness required, while being fragile if mishandled. Diamonds are rare, as is finding our true love; yet, they are plentiful enough that all who share a devotion filled with love can enjoy! Diamonds become a family heirloom, passed from generation to generation, much as the stories and strengths built from that love and finally, they remind us to always see past the rough and remember we are marrying a gem, one to be cherished.
An engagement ring is traditionally a precious metal band and setting, gold or platinum that maintains the central focus of diamond. They can be simple and elegant, or lavish and modern; but, the meaning is the same. It means your cherish another, and love to the level of commitment that should stand as long as the diamond. The cut of the stone, whether solitary or extravagant, is determined by choice and should be seen as the first step in a unifying bond as well as an opportunity to express the beautiful and rarity of your unique and precious relationship.
The proposal is often well thought out and deliberately planned, and the ring should be as perfect and prepared. It is important to visit a diamond professional like the Diamond Exchange Dallas, where they have loose cut diamonds to meet your needs and wants, giving you the best price for the highest quality. Enjoy having a professional help you find your perfect setting and stone, so that you can focus on the proposal and building a lifetime of joy, love and happiness.

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