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Things to Look for in Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

It is an exciting time in life when you are shopping for engagement rings.  You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you want a token of that love that you can wear forever. You obviously want to find a style of ring that fits your personality, but there are some practical things you will want to take into consideration as well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for wedding rings:

    • Comfort – Because you will be wearing your ring every single day, it’s important that it not only look pretty, but that it be comfortable to wear. You may be drawn to certain designs that, in reality, would be difficult to wear from a practicality perspective, so be realistic when trying on different designs.
    • Size – You want the size of the ring to be proportionate to your finger, so it doesn’t feel crammed on your hand or, conversely, like it could fall off. This also applies to the stone itself and whether you opt for a raised stone or one embedded into the ring design. You want to show off the diamond, but you also don’t want to risk damaging the setting by it being prone to scratching against things.
    • Shape – The shape of the diamond is one of the most important things to most people. Square cut and round diamonds tend to be the most popular, but there are many other cuts to consider, including pear-shaped and oval.
    • Color –Colored diamonds are popular among people who want to stand out with someone unique. Diamond colors range from yellow to pink and many other colors in between.

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What to expect during your visit to Diamond Exchange Dallas

When you come into our office you will see all of the diamond cutting tools and machines we use to cut and customize diamond jewelry. Also, we have many high powered microscopes that we will let our customers use to get a closer look at their diamond goods. As diamond buyers in Dallas TX we can use your current wedding band or diamond jewelry at the Diamond Rxchange as a trade in to upgrade or purchase your next diamond piece. Keep that in mind versus flat out selling to us. If you would just like cash for your diamond jewelry then that is what you will get! We hope to see you soon at Diamond Exchange Dallas. GIVE US A CALL TODAY @ 214-755-1806

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