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Popular Trends for Engagement Rings

By September 30, 2020February 7th, 2022No Comments

You have found the love of your life and you have decided to “pop the question”! Excitement run through your veins as you start working on the perfect proposal; one that invokes love, passion, commitment and that, of course lends to a “YES”! Before asking the big question, you may find yourself wonder what are the popular trends for engagement rings?

In order to find the perfect engagement ring, it is important to consider more than what you can afford. The engagement ring is the lasting symbol of your future union and should be well thought out. In considering the symbol of your love, your lasting commitment and your wedding proposal, it may be helpful to know what the most popular engagement ring trends!

Like all trends, some come and go, though some listed here are both timeless in their beauty and elegance, yet trendy and exciting. For each engagement proposal, there is the perfect engagement ring! Visit our engagement rings section to find out more about the engagement rings that Diamond Exchange Dallas offers.

Scalloped Pavé Accents and Delicate Silhouettes

One of the most popular engagement rings is the accent diamond, and many couples find the scalloped or French pavé diamonds to be both elegant and stunning beautiful. This look reduces the visible precious metal and creates an effect of pure shimmer and fire! The thin and delicate band dressed in accent diamonds is both beautiful and maintains a lasing brilliance.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings bring a fire filled center diamond surrounded by accent diamonds, as well as accent diamonds dressing the elegant band. Though this is not a new trend, it has remained very popular for many years because of the powerful effect of the multitude of diamonds accenting the center diamond, which is often round or cushion cut.

Fancy Diamond Shapes

Many of the fancy diamond cuts, such as cushion, emerald and asscher, are becoming very popular due to the increased diamond brilliance and fire. These cuts provide the classic engagement ring with a modern art deco, vintage-inspired twist. Cushion cut diamond, are quickly gaining ground on the brilliant cut round and princess diamond cuts, appealing with their romantic, yet delicate and modern styling. Emerald and asscher cut diamonds, provide distinctive facet patterns that contrast light and dark planes within each stone to encourage the best radiance and dimension.

Natural Inspired and Original Designs

Original design solitaire diamond rings are becoming very popular, due to the uniqueness and ability to be creative. Imagine helping to design that perfect, original engagement ring for your true love! This is the appeal of these one of a kind rings, though it is important to use a master diamond expert when considering original designed to insure both beauty and longevity. Many nature themed rings provide that balance between rustic and natural beauty and the elegance and brilliance of a solitaire diamond.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold provides a warmth and romance that can create a beautiful and distinguished engagement ring. The fitting is often the choice for vintage styling, yet with the modern excitement of the rose gold. In addition to rose gold, many other unique precious metal blends and combinations are becoming very popular.

It is important to get professional assistance when choosing your engagement ring because the investment is more than just money, it is an investment in your future. The certified diamond experts at Diamond Exchange Dallas are there to provide you with a large selection of high quality loose diamonds and the best prices, so you can find the perfect stone and setting; in order to place it on the perfect finger of your true love!

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