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Popular Diamond Ring Trends for Engagements

By September 30, 2020No Comments

When you reach that time when you start thinking about diamond engagement rings, it’s an exciting endeavor full of lots of options. Some women are more classic and traditional, while others are more edgy and modern. Finding a ring that matches a woman’s personality is the most important thing.

To help educate you on the many different options out there, below are a few popular diamond ring trends for engagement rings:

  • Floral – If your woman loves nature or has a bohemian personality, tiny floral details around the ring can add the perfect touch. There are many ways to add intricate accents of flowers, petals, and small buds.
  • Double halo – Adding a halo ring around a diamond makes it pop. It looks more pronounced and enhances the visual. Adding a second halo doubles the impact, making the diamond stand out on your finger even more.
  • Colored diamonds – Diamond rings usually incorporate white diamonds, but did you know that diamonds also come in colors? They range from yellows and pinks to even blues and reds. If you’re looking for something traditional with a twist, colored diamonds are a great option.
  • Twisted band –Instead of the usual straight band, this style has an intertwined band that offers a braided or twisted visual. It looks good with both traditional and modern styles.
  • Mixed metals – Don’t settle for just one type of metal on your ring. Mixing and matching metals creates unique textures and tones that instantly make the ring a statement piece. There are many metals to choose from, including gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and palladium.

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