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Our newest engaged couple at Diamond Exchange Dallas

By September 30, 2020February 7th, 2022No Comments

We want to give a shout out to our newest engagement couple from Diamond Exchange Dallas: David and Kendra! Below are the pictures from the actual proposal on the beach front. By the emotions seen in the pictures below, Kendra is one happy women. We are glad that we could help David find an awesome halo engagement ring with an oval center diamond as his choice of engagement ring to give to her. Oval diamonds are a very popular and elegant shape of diamond right now. When David first came to us he knew exaclty what he wanted to get her and we were able to help him. David has a very positive, upbeat personality and his presence was a joy everytime he came into our office. We wish them the best on many years to come.

Here are some pictures from David and Kendra’s engagement:


What our customers are telling us about thier engagement ring shopping experience-

Consumers are becoming very educated on the goods and services they purchase because of the internet. Engagement ring shopping is no exception. A customer should want to get the best bang for their hard earned buck. Diamond Exchange Dallas is one of dozens of choices available in Dallas when shopping for engagement rings. However, due to our experience in this industry our customers feel we offer the best value.

Many well known jewelers such as Robbins Brothers, Kay’s,  Halzbergs, and others simply cannot compete with our products and prices. This statement is not coming from us; it is coming from our customers. Our customers tell us- “After shopping around at 5 different places, You guys offer the best diamonds at the best prices”.  At Diamond Exchange Dallas, we greatly appreciate a savvy customer. We encourage our customers to shop around for diamonds and engagement rings so they will know they got an excellent deal. Customers are also telling us that we “have better prices than other so-called wholesale diamond dealers”. One thing that sets Diamond Exchange Dallas apart from other diamond dealers is that we physically cut loose diamonds on-site. When people  buy diamonds and engagement rings from us they do not pay an outrageously marked up retail cost. Because our overhead is so low we are able to offer below wholesale costs directly to the consumer.

If you would like to find out more about the different types of engagement rings we offer at Diamond Exchange Dallas then visit our engagement rings in Dallas page.

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